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How To Print Onto Acrylic? Step by Step Guide

From being used for lenses and screen, to becoming a creative form of gifting and decoration; the use of acrylic sure has come a long way. Today acrylic sheets are an ideal choice for printing photos and arts, and are seen as an aesthetic alternate to the traditional photo frames.However, if you believe that photo […]

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What Does Color Fine Mean When Printing?

With almost everyone having a printer in their homes and offices, as a professional, you have to stand out and deliver exceptional work. Usually, quality printing involves more than just quality papers and a good printer; you have to know how to operate that good machine, else you’ll just be ordinary. With printers, quality is measured […]

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Avery 5260 vs 8160: Which One To Choose and Why?

Did you know that Avery started their company with only a hundred bucks and a few scrap parts? Besides that, the $100 was borrowed from someone else. Today, Avery papers are used for labeling on a daily basis and are becoming increasingly popular in commercial environments. Avery has risen to the top for its purpose, whether […]

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