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How Do I Reset my Canon Printer to Factory Settings?

Canon printers are widely used throughout the globe cause of the privileges that they offer, and the features are pretty unique. The inkjet printers generate prints almost instantly with HD quality results. People who know how to print on cardstock canon pixma just can’t seem to have enough of these printers.But sometimes, it happens that […]

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How to Print a Poster-Sized Picture on a Regular Printer?

Posters are created for many purposes, including fun and business purposes. Posters are usually printed on large-sized paper. They serve various purposes ranging from banners to advertisement purposes. Posters can be printed in black and white as well as colored, depending upon the reason why you want them. You can also convert someone’s picture in […]

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How to Connect HP Deskjet 3510 to Wi-Fi?

HP Deskjet may be wired or wireless. Wireless printers give you more freedom because you do not need to attach your computer with the Wi-Fi source. It is not necessary to remain within the same room; you can move around with your laptop quickly. Whereas in wired printers, there should be a wired connection with […]

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10 Best Remanufactured ink Cartridges Reviews

Many times we need cheap alternatives to ink cartridges. For some, it can be remanufactured ink cartridges that might do the trick. Companies adopt this technique to save up on making brand new ink cassettes, and customers enjoy the cost benefits. This not only saves up on the company but on the environmental perspective too. Having […]

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10 Best Printer for Screen Printing Transparencies

If you are wondering, what are these transparencies and what kind of a printer you’ll need for them? Well, they are glossy plastic film sheets hence making it not easy to print on them. Therefore you will need a printer that is specifically designed for screen printing transparencies.There are several things to consider while choosing […]

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How To Make An Envelope Out Of 8.5×11 Paper?

Papercraft is a great skill. It involves the creation of new things from paper using the simple methods of gluing, cutting, folding, and arranging. And while many have perfected this skill to extraordinary levels, there are still ways for all of us to engage in this craft! Let’s start by learning to make the perfect envelope […]

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Cricut Projects You Can Do At Home?

Cricut is an exclusive machine that does almost everything you want to create out of any material like plastic, cardboard cardstock and wood. It is used to make daily homemade items not only for décor but also for other valuable purposes. Cricut maker can cut, carve, sew and design anything that you want. Therefore, there’s […]

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How To Print An Excel Spreadsheet On One Page?

Excel spreadsheet is an excellent tool to collect data and to analyze it using mathematical for calculations and statistical formulas. In a spreadsheet, data is contained in the form of rows and columns. As the data collection and analysis in it is easy, its printing is not so.In excel sheets, it so happens that the […]

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