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How To Create An 11*17 Document In Word?

Are you composing or drawing something on MS Word that a single letter size page (8.5*11) can’t hold and you’re not allowed to use multiple pages?In that case the most sensible solution for you comes with the switching of the page size to 11*17. The page with a wider area can meet your purpose most […]

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How To Print 11*17 On Epson WF-7720?

11*17 size paper, popularly known as a tabloid, B size sheet, or ledger, is used comprehensively by professionals. These professionals include CAD drafters, architects, and engineers. As the size is a bit unusual, it is estimated that you will be facing issues while printing out the sheet. To help you circumvent the complexities, today, we will […]

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Epson v600 vs Epson v800 vs Epson v850 Epson v550

Since its birth, Epson scanners have been a name of trust to millions of professionals for its uncompromising quality, advanced features and durability. And the most attention winning models till this day are v600, v800, v850 and v550. Their gross acceptance to people from diversified fields spurred us to explore each thoroughly. To make the mission […]

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What Size Frame For 11*17 Print?

It’s not necessary that the frame for 11*17 print must have an area of 11*17 inches. Instead, the size can vary with a significant or slight increase or decrease of length or width. Can’t understand what size frame would be suitable for your printed 11*17 picture or document? Let’s help you out with the recommendation of the […]

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What Does Collate Mean When Printing?

In general, collate means gather and combine, which refers to arranging information or data. And while printing a large document, you must have wondered about whether or not to click on the ‘Collate copies.’ So, what does collate mean when printing? Well, it’s a technique to have your multiple-page document printed according to the predetermined sequence. And […]

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How Do I Reset my Canon Printer to Factory Settings?

Canon printers are widely used throughout the globe cause of the privileges that they offer, and the features are pretty unique. The inkjet printers generate prints almost instantly with HD quality results. People who know how to print on cardstock canon pixma just can’t seem to have enough of these printers.But sometimes, it happens that […]

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How to Print a Poster-Sized Picture on a Regular Printer?

Posters are created for many purposes, including fun and business purposes. Posters are usually printed on large-sized paper. They serve various purposes ranging from banners to advertisement purposes. Posters can be printed in black and white as well as colored, depending upon the reason why you want them. You can also convert someone’s picture in […]

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How to Connect HP Deskjet 3510 to Wi-Fi?

HP Deskjet may be wired or wireless. Wireless printers give you more freedom because you do not need to attach your computer with the Wi-Fi source. It is not necessary to remain within the same room; you can move around with your laptop quickly. Whereas in wired printers, there should be a wired connection with […]

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