10 Black and White Photo Printers in 2022 – Buying Guide

Whenever you want to print important documents, you run in problems where the printer might not readily available at your disposable. You came up with brilliant idea and you need to print out your design in the night and need to show it to your boss, but missing a crucial element, a reliable printer.

That problem is long gone now as we bring you the list of best black and white photo printer there is in the market. This will help you in making the best choice in getting one that best suits your needs from a printer. The need is ever more increasing because of new ideas and details that are needed around the office or your room.

This list of best b&w photo printer is curated by us with personal experiences of our readers and our own. This will help in getting you the best answers you might find scattered on the internet, all at one place. So let’s get started.

Best Black And White Photo Printer

1. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

Printing at blazing fast speeds, you will not be waiting for prints coming along, taking all day. Instead receive efficient print speed with high quality, guaranteed. Now scan, fax or make black and white prints with tension free duplex printing as Brother offers Amazon replenishment feature, making your printer never run out of supply in critical times.

These white photo printers will notify Amazon to send in ink cartridge or pages when running low so that you don’t have to go shopping yourself at the last minute. However, if those seem a bit tpp costly to you, you can always go for generic ink cartridges. The inclusion of wireless printing makes mobile captures, important documents on the cloud printing with ease and comfort of one’s mind.

Running efficient system, the Monochrome allows for scanning or having print speed more than 50 items on the slot in continuous manner silently. Putting the least amount of pressure on the machine. Furthermore, the black ink ink is also used in such a way that it makes the highest quality printouts but also save up on excess spill and using. You can count this as one of the longest lasting printer units.

The ergonomic yet sturdy design allows for small desktop space. You can achieve high level of accuracy by using good quality Photo paper. The paper does not get stuck due to high grade holding tray which makes sure you have a smooth experience while printing 250 pages at a time.


  • Super-fast simultaneous printouts with reliability.
  • Efficient use of toner and print photo paper with highest quality printouts.
  • Amazon replenishment feature allows for full-time durable printing sessions, all the time.


  • The toner cartridges developed by other third-party manufacturers cannot be used here because of chip absence. This makes it a very displeasing factor for buyer who did not have prior knowledge about this issue.

2. Brother Compact-Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother Compact-Monochrome Laser Printer

Taking least amount of space and size was the demand of many previous owners of Brother Products Thus, delivered a compact version from series of Brother Laser white photo Printers. With the addition of monochrome prints and efficient ink toner usage, this makes it a climate-friendly printer.

The paper organizing slot makes easy paper ready for monochrome prints with no clogging up the whole printer. Whether these are small card printing papers or full sized papers, you can let this printer run alongside. Now, increased print speed makes more ideas with far greater speed and least amount of space taking printer.

Printing wirelessly is the new trend among black and white printers. Which is why, Brother Compact Monochrome also comes with this feature. Thus delivering it beautifully and making live easier. Now you can directly connect a USB or print through your mobile for fast and easy access to your printer on-the-go.

The ability to print on different types of paper and their hardness with such ease, this printer sets itself apart by preferring itself to be a professional black and white photo printer. Providing highest form of reliability and commitment to their user needs. However, you can't use it as a foil fast printer. And if you decide to go for thicker papers, then check these printer for thick paper units.


  • Reliable fast printing than any other printer in the market.
  • Ink usage minimal and dual sided page printing facility allows to be less expensive.
  • Easy to setup and start printing.


  • The chip on toner cartridges does not allow any third party ink toners to work on this printer.

3. Brother Compact Monochrome-Copy & Scan Laser Printer

Brother Compact Monochrome-Copy & Scan Laser Printer

Mastering a formula and repeating it again with more added features is this black and white printer model’s aim. Equipped with flat glass bed to scan and fax documents while making high quality printouts, you cannot it at this level. It is loved by many for these amazing features at such a minimal cost. In our tests, it performed wonderfully along with the flatbed scanner for mac that we had in our facility.

The design and ergonomics make it a really fast processor of documents at blazing fast speeds of less than a minute to make monochrome prints more than 36 pages. At the same time, the high storage capacity of more than 250 pages, you won’t be running out any time soon.

Made to work with extreme efficiency and accuracy, complete scans from one corner to the next is achieved by this printer. Since all its predecessors have wireless printing in place, this model is also not so difference. Making this process much faster to connect and print photos wherever you are in your home or office.

Thus it does not require you to run to the store to buy paper and black inks cartridge as ink system replacement is already being fulfilled by Amazon to take care of your needs. This means for better efficient black and white photo printing and least time spent arranging and replacing ink trays.


  • The small yet premium quality printing photos and printer design is sturdy enough to withstand any electricity jolts thus making a user’s choice printer.
  • Scan documents with perfection in light stabilization and optimization.


  • Some users have reported to have issues connecting to apple products thus connecting with Mac or IPhone is a hassle.

4. Brother Monochrome Duplex Laser Printer

Brother Monochrome Duplex Laser Printer

The benefit of dual-sided printing not only saves you cost on fine art papers but also in ego-friendly. That is what this Duplex printer is all about. Churning out both double printed sides with high velocity and precise ink usage for optimum prints.

The high resolution paper printing allows it to become the best black and white photo printer with USB printing and wide format options. This feature allows no intervention of computer and can print directly off with a USB. The high fine art papers print and printers quality is a testament of Brother Monochrome printers. This printer worked flawlessly in our tests, where the input was provided through our multi sheet scanner.

The compact design and silent working force makes it a desk-friendly companion for printing purposes. Receiving crisp print even after delivering huge amount of documents is its specialty. The wide format printing makes it a great bargain for the amount of tasks it achieves for a black and white printer.

The ink toner saving mode kicks in when running low, making it a highly convenient printing device. The paper will never hang inside the printer because of high dense paper holding slot which holds them in place at all times. Even when working on full speeds.


  • Dual high speed prints saves up on paper.
  • Premium quality print results are of high resolution at all times.
  • Ink toner is used less and with care, at all times.


  • Absence of wireless printing feature might make it look obsolete to some users.

5. HP Laser Jet Pro Wireless Printer

HP Laser Jet Pro Wireless Printer

Bringing you the best of the bunch, HP is offering a small sized compact printer build for ergonomics and design like no other. Making it a perfect combination with your hp laptop. Thus increasing the overall décor of your room.

Being able to connect with mobile for premium quality printing photos has never been so much easier. Now, you can connect to and print on-the-go. The printer will keep running so when you come back from office, you book of 200+ pages is printed in highest quality format. For that, you just need to know how to print black and white on word.

The size of printer is 35%smaller than other HP models which make it a viable option for home desktop placement. The simple and sleek design hoards laser jet technology which makes peak quality printouts every time. Such sublime beauty is un matched with no other in its league.

The hp smart app gives lightning speeds even on wireless printing feels like you are just taking out paper directly from your mobile. It is that fast. This printer also make efficient use of ink toner so that you do not have any spills of ink on your documents. The sleek design is ergonomic for all your needs.

Never again will you need to worry about ink cartridges replacements as Amazon took care of it already. The printer alerts amazon beforehand of ink running low so that when you are producing crucial documents, you may not run to the store.


  • Small size makes it desktop-friendly.
  • Fast production session of 19 pages per minute achieved by use of hp smart app.
  • White or black toner replenishment taken care of by Amazon.


  • Cannot handle electricity surges as reported by other users.

6. HP LaserJet Pro M148dw All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M148dw All-in-One Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

One of the best black and white photo printing inkjet printers, which can make your prints, scans and fax easier than you imagines . It is the best photo printer; and best known HP laser Jet pro printer which is the best option for your regular household use or for your office desk.

It has a superfast speed for which it can contain 250 pages in a row, with the 30 pages per minute speed. It stays productive with many automatic tasks, such as an automatic document feeder. With the advanced technology this printer has been modified with the mobile connectivity.

It has automated voice connectivity from which your virtual assistant can easily get access to the documents and get them printed with one of the best photo printer for black and white photography.  It has in-built wireless system with the Ethernet connectivity, for your ease. Now you can print, wherever you want with this ergonomic design with laser technology.

As it has built-in wireless system, you don`t need an internet connection or the network for the sharing of files. You can Wi FI direct them with your smartphones. If you forget to switch off the printer, need not to worry as it has got you covered with its automatic on/off system.


  • Monochromatic printouts.
  • Laser technology.
  • Superfast printing speed up to 30ppm.
  • It has enhanced 35 sheet automatic document feeder.
  • You can scan your pictures in colors.
  • Comes with full package with toner cartridge. 


  • The printer is run by the software downloaded on the app.
  • The wireless system is very difficult to understand firsthand and not an easy setup.

7. Brother MFCL2750DW Monochrome Multipurpose Laser Printer

Brother MFCL2750DW Monochrome Multipurpose Laser Printer

The most wanted and well known among the best printers for black and white photos which you will love printing, once you get ahold of its possession. This printer can enchant your office with its nice and sturdy outlook. The black matte look offers great glossy finish to the head part. Making it a must buy for someone in love with black colored printers.

You can get multiple functions with this ergonomically styled printer such as scanning, printing and above all colored scanning of the photos. This is perfect as it has been designed your go-to essential with advanced features.

It can surpass double duplex copying. That being said, you can save time with the sharing of media with this one. Brother printers are specifically designed for your convenience. You can use WiFI direct as the wireless compatibility it can print to HD resolution. You can print directly from the smart phones and a touch screen of 2.7” inches resolution. This brand also offers vinyl sticker printer units at a competitive price.


  • Wireless networking.
  • Flexible paper handling.
  • Cost as well as time effective.
  • Its laser smart technology prints with HD quality.
  • The smart tech with this printer warns the user beforehand if they are running out of the toner anytime soon.


  • Not suitable for commercial use.
  • Misaligned crooked scanning issues.

8. Canon LBP6230dw Wireless Laser Printer

Canon LBP6230dw Wireless Laser Printer

The most stylish and Top-notch printer which has a subtle outlook of well-known Cannon brand at your dispense. With that being said, their-known Cannon Company keeps up its record for bringing most up-to date and sturdy designs with advanced features.

This printer is well known for its fast printing speed. You can get this at as low as economical budget and enjoy scanning with the monochromatic output. It has the ability to print plain paper, with smart phone compatible printing software. It can print up to 8.5×14 inches dimensional paper.

It has wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi direct, Ethernet and with the USB. This product from Canon is supported through its customer service with complete reliability and durability. It has been genuinely designed for 100 % trusted material and with advanced and improved features. It can also save energy when it is programmed for the energy saving mode.

Canon cartridge 126 has been used in this printer for the most upgraded and precise printing of the paper which has HD improved quality. It also has a toner saving setting. The software that is the part of the computer is just very easy that you can easily setup your installation and use it right after that.


  • Optimized printing up to HD resolution.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • It can print variety of the files on the go.
  • Power saver mode with the toner saving feature.


  • Not compatible with windows 10.
  • Difficulty in installation and it recurrently shows error.

9. HP Laser Jet Pro M118dw Wireless Laser Printer

HP Laser Jet Pro M118dw Wireless Laser Printer

It is the most efficient and productive printer of all times; which has black and white photography printing features. It is the most advanced type of printer which has the specification of laser printing. It has fast speed duplex printing with the high quality Laser printing tech.

It can also print up to the speed of 30 per min. you can connect your virtual assistant through mobile connectivity and can share your LCD screen for data and files from your mobile and HP voice activated software. You can print anything within just seconds. You can never go wrong with hp products. The sense of security and reliability is un parallel.

This printer has been specially designed for the benefit of users as it is also wireless and you don`t have to wait for the painful methods such as searching for a socket to plug-in your printer with the devices as well.

This ergonomic and sturdy designed LCD screen printer has solved out many problems. Now you can save time and your energy by just going through simple and easy steps. You can also use Ethernet, Wi Fi direct for this purpose. It can also print swiftly the dual two sided prints of the pages.

If you are looking for the best printer then it has beautifully in-built sharp texts and graphics, with rich dimensional grey scale by using HP 94A/94X toner. It has been known as the best photo printer for black and white prints. It also has an in-built feature that accommodates users with switch on/off automatic technology.


  • It has its own assigned email, for which you can send your documents through it.
  • Ethernet connectivity.
  • Double sided printing.
  • Automatic switch on/off features.
  • Compatible with the smart phones.
  • Fast speed printing. 


  • A bit noisy as reviewed by the customers even in its sleep mode with a humming sound.

10. Canon Image CLASS LBP6030w Laser Printer

Canon Image CLASS LBP6030w Laser Printer

It is the most wanted monochrome up-to-date best black and white photo printer laser printer which can perform with maximum print up to the latest technology with precise and fine prints. It has fine and sturdy design which compels the users towards its ergonomic design.

If you are looking for cheap black and white photo printing best printer, then it is the best option for you. It doesn`t have much speed like the above listed printers but it can print as best as 19 pages per minute.

It is portable black white printer which can fit anywhere and can perform tasks at a very fast speed. It`s a must have for your business as well as school projects. However, if you're loooking for a home color printer scanner copier, then this won't cut it.

You can do multiple tasks with this mini portable printer. It is also very sturdy and custom black and white photo printing printer. 

Canon branded printer which can yield up to 1600 pages, and uses less than 2 watts in Energy Saving mode. You can print,scan,copy anywhere, because of its wireless connectivity; it is so far the best option for you to carry it around.

This canon black and white printer product has been made with the precise specification which is user friendly as well as eco-friendly. Canon toner has been built in for the upgraded quality of the printer which gives it maximum enhanced output.


  • Portable printer for office as well household use.
  • Energy saver mode with the toner saver specifications. 


  • Not ideal for commercial use.
  • Difficult installation for wireless connectivity.

What To Look For Before Buying A Black And White Photo Printer?

We always need to check for third-party ink cartridges support. Many black and white photo printers, as well as cake printers plus commercial label printers, do not allow this but if they do, you to use some inexpensive inks when available. Always check for the installation compatibility on systems. Some black and white photo printer straight up won’t work with specific computer systems like Mac OS.

Check out for the printers whether they have wireless connectivity or not. It would be better if they are customized with the Wi Fi direct, and Ethernet connectivity. This will be a long and easy part for which users are more satisfied with it.

Black And White Photo Printers

Check for the installation processes. Sometimes these processes are a bit tough that usually the customers don`t get the hang of it, burned out completely they asks for the exchange. You can also go for the simple and portable one if you are just a student. At commercial level, check out for the black ink cartridges, because they hold the great deal for it.

Always go for a brand that has excellent customer support. When you need replacement or ink replacement, you buy from the same company so if the company has poor support, you will not have a great experience. So it goes without saying, a good quality brand has more to lose than you so they will try not to have bad customer experience.


1. Do you need an ink cartridge with the new package?

Yes, you always have a pin packed ink toner along with the new purchase of the printer. The cartridge comes as a complementary thing which keeps the users intact and after the setup, with full ink tank, you`re good to go. Now you can print,scan,copy as many papers as you want with this brand new printer with the full tank.

2. Do any of the above printers can scan the picture with the colored resolution?

Yes, above listed one of the best black and white printers are fully capable of handling print,scan,copy stuff with the full resolution and precise scan. With the Brother`s brand, you can get many options with the colored scanning such as Brother MFCL 2750 printer can do the job very well.

Black And White Photo Printer

3. Do the printers that are compatible with the network contain Wi Fi password?

You need to connect or attach a computer with the printer in order to do that.by giving your printer access to the wifi can retain the log-in credentials and you just have to go through with the simple steps. Your printer gets uploaded on the devices and you can share or exchange your documents simply by using Wi Fi direct.

4. By connecting the flash drive do you still need Ethernet cable?

Yes, in order to do that you must connect your printer with the power source. You must need to power on your printer for that process.

5. What happens if you don`t use your printer for over a month?

If you`re not suing your printer for over a month now that would be a serious problem for you. Your ink tank would dry up which will destroy your cartridge and that will result in the hinge for your perfectly ideal printer.

Final Verdict:

You must be having a hard time going through with so many options that you might think are suitable for you. Have you ever thought upon what you would like to see in your printers? The above curated items are handpicked according to the market demand and their high ratings.

These white photo printer is perfectly capable of handling load and you can use them anyway you need them to be. Some of them are multi-functional as they can perform multitasks, such as printing, and scanning with the HD resolution quality.

You can get the precise printing styles by these printers at a very low budgeted price. These printers are considered to be one of the best Black and white photo printer.

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