The 10 Best Clay Pigeon Thrower – Consumers’ Choice

Of course, you want to be as informed and confident as possible before investing your hard-earned money in a clay pigeon thrower. That’s why we’ve taken some time to analyze and review these top 10 best clay pigeon thrower. The top clay pigeon thrower  options are easy to use, reliable, and suit your specific needs. 

Yet, with so many clay pigeon thrower  options available, it can be tough to find what’s right for your property’s setup, not to mention your aesthetic sense. This guide will help you understand what to look for when shopping and offer insights into some of the clay pigeon thrower  on the market today. 

How we choose the best clay pigeon thrower

With many options available, it can be difficult to choose the clay pigeon thrower for you. We considered the most common uses for clay pigeon thrower to start narrowing the field. Intending to appeal to a wide range of shoppers, we chose common product types to cover a range of your needs.

We rated the clay pigeon thrower based on the following factors.

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Eligibility
  • Materials 
  • Quality
  • Size
  • Design
  • Weight
  • Type
  • Durability
  • Value
  • Functionality
  • Versatility
  • Ease of use
  • Warranty and return policy
  • Customer reviews and more.

Our Picks For The  clay pigeon thrower in 2023

Bestseller No. 1
Do-All Outdoors Fowl Play Automatic Clay Pigeon Skeet Thrower Trap, 50 Clay Capacity , Orange
  • 50 clay auto feeder throws clays 55+ yards at 5 to 35 degree adjustable angles
  • One person operation with 15’ foot pedal cord for different angle shots
  • Handles standard or bio clays
  • Remote Compatible
  • Runs off of a 12V deep cycle marine battery (not included)
Bestseller No. 2
GoSports Outdoors Clay Catapult Handheld Clay Pigeon Thrower 2 Pack for Shooting Practice
  • 2 PACK: Allows users to throw 2 standard 4.5" clay targets in succession with ease to improve your shooting accuracy (clays not included)
  • FITS STANDARD CLAYS: Holds and launches any standard size clay pigeon targets, simply load clays and let 'em fly
  • RIGHT AND LEFT HANDED DESIGN: Low-impact ergonomic design for right and left-handed throwers
  • UPGRADE TARGET PRACTICE: A must have for enthusiasts, adds convenience and excitement to standard clay shooting drills
SaleBestseller No. 3
Do-All Outdoors - Clayhawk, Full Cock Trap, CH300
  • VARIATION AND VERSATILITY: The Sprocket mechanism allow you to throws clay targets up to 100 yards in all directions at any angle or plane and can quickly adapt to standard 108mm, rabbit, Midi 90mm, Mini 60mm, or battue clays and even enables you to throw all 5 targets as singles or stacked doubles.
  • STABILITY AND DURABILITY: This full cock trap is constructed from sturdy steel and aluminum and its triangular base can be stabilized with the included ground spikes to help secure trap shooter while in use. There is a 1-year warranty on the clutch and a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • EASY TO USE: Our product features effortless cocking with positive locking trigger, a quick pull release, and automatically returns to three-quarters after each shot making it simple and easy-to-use. The Hi-Viz Orange safety ring provides a great visual indicator of the throwing arm path.
  • 3 PIVOT MOUNTS: Our Full Cock Trap incorporates a patented 3-pivot mounts that enable you to throw in any angle, direction, or height.
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: The ClayHawk Full Cock Trap assembles in minutes and comes complete with an adjustable wrench and instructional DVD.
Bestseller No. 4
Do-All Outdoors Clay Cannon Clay Pigeon Handheld Skeet Clay Pigeon Thrower
  • First ever handheld clay pigeon launcher
  • Throws a mix of clay pigeons at one time in almost any direction up to 60+ yards
  • Can handle double standard clays stacked or nested, or even 2 Midi or 2 Mini clay pigeons side by side
  • Lightweight and portable weighing less than 5 lbs
  • No batteries required, just a hand pump
Bestseller No. 5
Do-All Outdoors Raven Automatic Clay Pigeon Skeet Thrower with Wheels, 50 Clay Capacity
  • ROLLING SHOOTING RANGE: The Raven has built-in wheels and a pull handle for easy carry and storage. It throw can throw clays 50-80 yards with a 2.5 second recycle time.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE MATERIALS: Arm made of aircraft aluminum with a 5 -35 degree angle of adjustment allowing for different throwing planes. Our silky smooth feeder tray provides a flawless transfer of pigeon onto the throwing arm by loading directly to the throwing arm. The Raven has a durable textured matte finish.
  • SAFE & ADJUSTABLE OPERATIONS: Safety pin ensures that the arm does not fire in an accidental release. It features an attachable safety ring guard and a food pedal release with 25 foot cord with an adjustable limit switch for timing adjustments in the field.
  • FUN & EASY ONE MAN OPERATION: The Raven will provide you a rolling shooting range that makes one man operation fun and easy while expertly launching your standard or bio clays. It handles all standard, bio’s, 108mm, and 110mm clays.
  • AMP UP YOUR SKILLS: Providing a great way to practice your duck hunting skills off season, The Raven runs off a 12V deep cycle marine battery (not included), is compatible with the Do-All Outdoors wireless remote and Wobbler, and features a low battery indicator light and On/OFF/RELEASE switch.
Bestseller No. 6
Atlas Trap Company at 50 Clay Target Thrower
1 Reviews
Atlas Trap Company at 50 Clay Target Thrower
  • Manufactured in the USA--50 Target Capacity Stainless-Steel & Aluminum Clay Target Thrower
  • Adjustable Throwing Distace of 40-65 yards
  • Direct Drive - No Chain or Sprockets
  • Dimensions: 32'' L 30'' W 37'' H
  • Includes 25' Push Button Release / Does not include clay targets / Compatible with the Atlas Trap Company Wobble Base
SaleBestseller No. 7
MTM EZ-Throw Long Range Clay Target Thrower, Red
  • Plastic clay target thrower featuring MTM's unique "power curve"
  • Throws both right and left-handed
  • The original MTM clay target thrower, plus a 35 inch handle extension
  • Will throw target over 90 yards
  • Assembled length: 50"; Made in USA
Bestseller No. 8
Atlas Trap Company AT 250 Clay Target Thrower
  • Manufactured in the USA--250 Target Capacity Stainless-Steel & Aluminum Clay Target Thrower
  • Adjustable Throwing Distace of 45-85 yards
  • Direct Drive - No Chain or Sprockets
  • Dimensions: 32'' L 30'' W 32'' H
  • Includes 75' Push Button Release / Does not include clay targets / Compatible with the Atlas Trap Company Wobble Base
SaleBestseller No. 9
Do All Outdoors Backyard Clayhawk 3/4-Cock Clay Pigeon Skeet Thrower
  • Throws clay targets up 70 yards in all directions, at any angle, on all planes allowing you to mimic the hopping of a rabbit or the flight of a duck. It allows you to use any shape or size of clay target
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Sturdy steel construction with triangular base. Ground stabilizing spikes are included to help secure trap shooter while in use
  • EASY TO USE: Easy cocking that automatically returns to three-quarters after each shot makes this simple and easy-to-use. The Hi-Viz Orange safety ring provides a great visual indicator of the throwing arm path
  • IDEAL FOR WEEKEND SHOOTERS: The ClayHawk is perfect casual backyard trap for the weekend shooter
  • VERSATILE USE: An adjustable sliding clip allows for speed and directional change. The ClayHawk can throw 5 targets sets as single or doubles
Bestseller No. 10
Ferus Outdoors Clay Thrower – MT250 Mobile Sporting Clay Target Thrower - Clay Pigeon Thrower - Skeet and Trap Thrower, Red and Gray
  • EXCLUSIVE COLLAPSIBLE DESIGN: with no tools required, it collapses in seconds for easy transport and storage.
  • CONVERTS TO UTILITY DOLLY: Easily transport coolers, clays and equipment bags.
  • PREMIUM CUSHIONED SEAT: For the best seat on the range.
  • STATE OF THE ART TRANSMISSION: Designed with a state-of-the-art transmission consisting of high-quality ball bearings, one-way needle bearing, and precision ground shaft for smooth and consistent throws pull after pull.
  • SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE: The MT250 features an exclusive lock-out trigger to prevent accidental firing as well as lock the unit when not in use. Premium hardwood handle and integrated bottle opener.

What To Consider When Choosing The clay pigeon thrower

One of the most difficult parts of purchasing a clay pigeon thrower is knowing how to choose the product that best fits your needs. When buying clay pigeon thrower, people often find it challenging to sift through the many options available and make an informed choice. You need to consider a few things before purchasing one of these.


The design has always been a very important part of the  clay pigeon thrower. No matter what it is, whether it is a toy, an clay pigeon thrower, or just a piece of item, the design should be able to make the user feel comfortable and happy with it.

Some of the best products that have ever been created were because of the great design that was put into them. You can create beautiful and comfortable product pieces with easy steps everyone can follow.


There are many size options when buying the  clay pigeon thrower. Products in different sizes can be more comfortable or easier to use. The right size for you is important, and different products suit different needs. When choosing the right size, it is important to consider your specific needs. 


There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing the clay pigeon thrower, be it an online or in-store purchase. But one factor that often gets overlooked is the quality of the product. To ensure that your purchase is of the highest quality, research before making a decision. Here are two tips for finding the best quality products:

Do Your Research:

Knowing what types of products to buy and how to measure them can be key when making a purchase. By reading reviews and checking out ratings, you can get an idea of what others have had to say about the product and whether it is worth your time and money.

Look for Ratings:

Not all products have positive reviews, so make sure you read through all the ratings before making a purchase.


There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a clay pigeon thrower, but one of the most important is performance. It’s important to ensure that the product meets your expectations and needs as a consumer.

Easy to Use:

The next thing you should consider before buying a clay pigeon thrower is its ease of use. You do not want to spend hours figuring out how to use something when there are so many other things you could be doing with your time. You want a product that is easy for anyone to use, even if they have never used it before.


A good warranty can help protect your investment in the clay pigeon thrower and ensure that you get back some of your money if something goes wrong with the item after purchase. The longer the warranty, the better chance that your purchase will last and not require repair or replacement shortly.


The durability of a product can also affect how often you need to replace it over time. If a clay pigeon thrower is durable, it will last longer than one that breaks down quickly with repeated use or exposure to weather conditions like rain or snowfall. This means fewer replacements are needed over time, which saves money on replacement costs and energy spent on replacing items instead of using them for their intended purposes.

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