10 Best Document Scanner For Home Reviews (2022)

If you work at an office or run a store, you need to scan multiple documents daily at super speeds. For that reason, you will need a scanner for your essential documents so that you can arrange them, organize and scan them in beautiful, crisp, readable ones. Just read this article, and you will find one.

Whether you want to have large capacity or organize all the two sided documents or just want to save them on paper, you definitely need a document scanner because it promises to smooth-line your paper hoarding tasks.

Eliminate the need for papers when you can keep them forever on your phone storage. All these document scanners are handpicked and personally experienced. So without wasting any more time, here are the top document scanners that are not in any particular order.

Our 10 Best Document Scanner Reviews

1. Raven Pro Document Scanner

Raven Pro Document Scanner

If you are looking for a smart scanner that has a multi-functional LCD screen, you got one here. The scanning of newspaper ads operation is at lightning speeds with up to 60ppm.

A scanner for all document types with clear readability. Just slide it in those documents and let Raven do the rest.

A fully integrated wireless scanning system for those cloud-stored documents. Now scan directly, hassle-free small ads with its integration with all the popular cloud storage like google drive and other providers. Making this one of the best wireless document scanners due to its agility and performance in handling such tasks with ease.

The documents are easily classified into which ones are handwritten and which are printed ones. This helps a lot in keeping track. You can even stack more than 100 documents in it, and your scanner will quietly do its work and do it well.

Whether these are smaller ID cards or label size scans, the ultra-sonic detection mechanism allows for sorting the same sizes in one go. Thus, no need for human intervention of ordering those stacks of paper again.


  • A large touch LCD screen of 8-inch provides necessary information about operating in a very interactive manner for any new beginner
  • No need for a computer. Just sheet fed the documents via cloud or mobile. Hoarding the ability to scan and store them in the cloud
  • Removes white space automatically from the small pages and business cards using smart technology


  • Users have reported having issues scanning long documents in one-go, like recipes, etc.

2. Fujitsu ScanSnap Color Document Scanner

Fujitsu ScanSnap Color Document Scanner

Getting a complete dual-sided scanning printer for your daily needs, fujitsu reduces your scans in half. That is why Fujitsu has delivered a color scanner printer that offers an automatic document feeder mechanism of up to 50 pages, worry-free.

Rated as a perfect companion with a 4.3-inch touch screen, fujitsu allows for easy navigation. You can have your scans from USB or Wi-Fi, whichever suits you, to store on the cloud. A super sleek design model with ergonomics at its core.

The automatic white page removal function comes in handy when Fujitsu organizes all scanned documents in cropped format. The custom software is user-friendly in allowing for special cards and receipt needs.

The duplex scanning makes fujitsu much easier for hassle-free scanning procedures. Now just use the document feeder, and the premium quality scanning printer will make sure to provide superior lighting for crisp, readable documents.

The flatbed menu is super easy for beginners and professionals alike. With a simple button, you can scan documents with two sided document management at 600 dpi. The wireless connection is secure, which provides utmost reliability at all times.


  • Automatic paper cropping for clear text readability at 600 dpi.
  • Dual-sided flatbed scanning in record speed to have a hassle-free experience.
  • Simple touch screen starts automatic document feeder 50 pages per minute printing at lightning speed.


  • These flatbed scanners has some update issues with windows or mac, so you need to update your operating system before using this product.

3. Brother DS-640 Mobile Document Scanner

Brother DS-640 Mobile Document Scanner

Being less than one-foot length-wise, Brother is the smallest scanner on this list, which is why this is one the best portable document flatbed scanner on the market. Due to its sleek design, brother is loved by many users.

Just connect it with a USB power outlet, whether it's a power bank, and need to scan out images and document on-the-go. Connect Brother with its custom software to send the scanned documents to your cloud or email it to your co-worker when you are on leave.

Scan simple colorless or colored; your choice, it won't matter as the scanning speed of brother flatbed scanner at such high capacity will not slow down at all times. You can rest assured to scan 8.5 x quality as it will not depreciate in any way. Don't go on its size as this multi document scanner provides a complete range of enhancements, features, and more.

Whether it is text or color enhancement needed, removing background from the document, or detecting white space, all will be taken care by this brother model.

Store these business cards and duplex document on the cloud when you have no PC around. Email them to your friends via its software to provide you premium reliability at crucial times.


  • Image rotation and adjustment
  • The small size model makes it fits even in your pocket
  • No need to connect to a PC or specific power outlet at all times; you can use these models even on any USB power source when on the move. Delivering crisp quality prints, always.


  • The power connection is in a very awkward place underneath the scanner, which makes scanning sheet confusing and sometimes getting stuck during the operating software due to cable position.

4. Doxie Go-SE Portable Document Scanner

Doxie Go-SE Portable Document Scanner

A super compact scanner at your fingertips. You can take this with you at all times, wherever you go. That is because of its ultra-small design of simply passing the paper through scanning through it. You have to believe us when we say you will be getting speed of up to 16ppm.

Scan several cards, receipts, labels, or pages, can all be done fast and easily with its provided software. Whether you have a colored document, the sheet fed scanner will take care of it in less than 18 seconds.

At the same time, such a best handheld document scanner is battery-powered for all those critical times when you cannot find a power source. On a fully charged scanner best prints up to 400 hundred plus sheet capacity. Now that's more than flatbed scanners ones with ease.

That is because of the custom app that helps in organizing these documents on the cloud in such a way; you will automatically be using this small pocket-sized scans with a USB 3.0 for all your business needs. The wireless printing feature makes it so easy; even beginners can run it in no time.

Such clear formatting and clearing of white space is a hurdle for even the big scanners. But Doxie, being scanners with ocr capability, identify text from white space with ease.


  • No computer required; the software can scan and send it anywhere
  • Premium quality build model with long-lasting rechargeable batteries
  • Integration of memory card slot allows for 4000 pages to be scanned in one go to get the job done.


  • You cannot use your own pick or choice of SD card models, just the specific model to Doxie.

5. Canon Image Formula-R40 Document Scanner

Canon Image Formula-R40 Document Scanner

Now you can get your documents organized accordingly from this duplex scanner. Your dual-sided scanning sheet problem is also taken care of. The Canon R40 is supreme of all scanner types, printing at a blazing speed of 40 plus pages per minute.

Though it may be colored or not, you will be getting a reliable scan with clear, enhanced writing. It promises to produce such results with efficiency such that both sides of a paper will be done in record time.

Even if it's business or ID cards, the scan will be more adjusted to your needs with white background removal automatically. Such complicated matters are solved with a super simple setup procedure.

Compatible with both Mac or Windows, connect via USB cable, and voila, you are ready to scan and organize those documents. Yes, you can use this scanner for macbook pro as well. Easily store all types of scans which are organized automatically for your convenience. 

Stash those documents in the tray and let Canon R40 do its magic. Share these simultaneously to the cloud for storage or email it; these high-quality scans need not any human intervention whatsoever.


  • Duplex scanning makes for an ideal companion for home and office needs
  • Clear image quality after each scan
  • Easy and simple software to go along with this scanner.


  • Colored and dual-sided scanning might slow down your whole scanning operation a little.

6. Epson Portable Document Scanner for PC and Mac

Epson Portable Document Scanner for PC and Mac

Epson scanner is best known for its fastest and lightweight feature. It is a smart carry-on package that you can carry anywhere you want. Epson a single sheet-fed scanner for your documents that means it can take up to one document at a time. It is an easy on-the-go business partner for you.

The single-sheet scanner gives Epson a great deal of fast working beast that works up to 5 seconds a page. It has different sizes of paper handling from document big up to 8.5 x 12 inches, as well as small like ID cards and receipts.

Smart tools to easily scan and organize documents Epson ScanSmart Software makes it far easier to scan, its smart tools help in document management and scan them for later review and save them as well.

Epson connects with the PC via a USB port no batteries or external power supply is needed while using it. This scanner best quality is seen in the photos and saves them, and later on, you can transmit those images onto the PC. However, if you're looking for a fast photo scanner with feeder, then this won't cut it.

Epson Includes the Nuance OCR build-in feature as well that allows the creation of searchable PDFs and editable Word and Excel files. The scan files can directly be sent to the online storage cloud with the included software.


  • Smart and lightweight design
  • Easy and portable on-the-go design models by Epson
  • Wireless accessibility, without external power plugs
  • Has own cloud storage space for photos with in build software
  • Saves a lot of space
  • Smart OCR function


  • Can only scan one document at a time, which makes it a little slow
  • Small and lightweight does make it easy for portability, but this also raises the risk of damage and careless handling.

7. Canoscan Lid Note Book Style Smart Scanner

Canoscan Lid Note Book Style Smart Scanner

This Cano Scan lid scanner models are the best document scanner for home as it can scan documents as well as images at high resolution. It works very fast and gives the best-desired results one can ask for in terms of pictures.

When you scan large photos, you want them to be perfect, and if they are old ones, then you want them to be scanned in a way that they look good as new. These models pretty much do the job.

With its high-speed photos scanning power, it also comes with smart EZ buttons and a USB connecting cable that is used as both data and power support. You can also scan and send large file size documents directly to cloud storage services as one drive or dropbox.

You have its images scanning at high settings of 4800 x 4800 dpi resolution. The image comes out so perfectly with added extra options provided for color correction as you want with size and dimensions.

The EZ smart buttons give you the ease and freedom you want. These models have auto-scan mode that automatically adjusts the page and settings by detecting what is being scanned.


  • Fast speed with high resolution what everyone demands in a scanner
  • Smart and sleek design that allows it to work and scene while upright
  • Modern and elegant looking
  • Gives good quality high resolution for picture scene.


  • There are some complaints about its connectivity with Mac, but its solution is to unlock the travel lock at the bottom of the scanner
  • Does not have a built-in storage cloud.

8. CZUR Shine 500 Smart Camera Recorder And Scanner

CZUR Shine 500 Smart Camera Recorder And Scanner

This small office scanner is beautifully designed with advanced extra features that allow virtual learning as well. It is designed for scanning A4 size pages and small in high speed that is even less than 2 seconds per page. This device is almost perfect for scanning FLAT papers.

The custom software is easy for beginners to use. Due to its simple user interface which makes it very interactive.

This scanner also comes with a powerful smart OCR function that allows the documents to be saved in pdf word or excel form so that later it can be editable. It is also designed so that it can be used as a portable scanner. It has a top light feature that is helpful in getting clear and bright scans.

This light also helps scanner with bigger images for recording purposes for the camera as this can also be used in presentations and meetings when the document is shown on the bigger screen.


  • Lamp style stylish design. This makes it unique and different
  • Light can be adjusted from the nob at its side
  • Fast and recording camera feature
  • Works best for zoom learning and presentation purposes.


  • The light gives reflection when used for shiny documents
  • Space consuming.

9. MUNBYN Magic Wand Portable Scanner

MUNBYN Magic Wand Portable Scanner

This magic wand scanner is designed in a way so that besides its portable wand-like look, it could work in multiple ways to scan and support different size photos and documents in colored form or in black and white.

This scanner gives you three different resolution setting for the quality of scanning copy. This scanner works with 2A batteries for file transferring. The USB cable is available with the scanner and is used only for transferring files, not for charging it or anything.

This scanner gives impressive clarity to the image and pictures, and because it gives optional settings for a resolution to choose from, you can get better results from it. It has its own small storage place in the form of an SD card that allows on-the-go save options for scanned images that you can later transfer into the PC.

Such reliability is often treasured and thus Munbyn offers a premium quality product at such affordable price. The small size and portability allows for all same functionality as that of home scanner.

You can even increase the storage size on this by using bigger memory card to save scans while you do them on your card. Thus reducing the overall time and acting as an efficient portable scanner which you can use wherever you go.


  • Smart and portable, small in size, make it the best document scanner for the home
  • Impressively fast results
  • The different setting allows working with different types of document feeder action
  • The picture scan is impressively good.


  • Very small in size
  • Quality does not look reliable.

10. Plustek Automatic Document Feeder

Plustek Automatic Document Feeder

This scanner has so many file settings to choose from as to what action you want to perform. Those actions or options are up to 255 customize the ability to scan file setting with a single touch. You can make the scanner perform different tasks for you.

After double sided scanning the document, it is automatically converted into searchable and editable files so that they can be used in the future for review or add-on documents. It can also automatically categorize different documents into 1D or2D barcode pages, depending on how complicated that document may be.

The documents are automatically scanned one by one. This happens due to an adjustable tray that scans the pages one after another, saving time and providing utmost reliable double sided scanning operations. Removing any white spaces automatically.

There is one more intelligent feature in this scanner, and that is its smart color adjustments in any image with auto rotation and clearing blank page as well with its Plustek Image Processing Technology.


  • It is set on the setting where the document is fed automatically, which makes it the best document scanner for home
  • Automatically saves the document with the smart OSR feature
  • Barcode pages depending on how complicated the document is.


  • Takes up more space
  • Has no separate space on the cloud or online.

Document Scanner: Buying Guide

Before you go barging in the store searching for a double sided scanner, here are some things you need to consider before getting one, just like you did for the 120 film negative scanner.

Read The Description

Sometimes some scanners require you to use a specific power outlet, some premium level paper to be scanned, or some specific software file that is not included along. For avoiding this issue, gather and read reviews of that product and then make a calculated decision at the end.

Document Scanner

Decide Which One You Want

Some scanners may come with additional features that you may not know of. Those could be a flatbed scanner or a document feeder one because sometimes you may not need a super fancy one.

A simple, small, best scanner one might do the trick and is the perfect one for your home needs. You might not need to scan photos one because you might be operating a small business. So this process will save you hundreds of dollars.

Scanning Speeds

You need to pick a photo scanner that will provide3 you with super-fast scanning and storing results. This will make your office business requirements fulfilled if you need some papers organized in record time.

Document Scanner

So getting models that will maintain color quality while scanning capacity at lightning-fast speeds is surely a well-priced scanner for your budget.

Paper Size

You will need to understand that your office requires a automatic document feeder with scans capacity. Whether you want to scan ID or business cards, or full-sized documents, it all depends on the nature of your work.

To know which one is best suited for you, remember the large paper sheet size is 11*17 inches, the legal page size is 8.5*14 inches, and the standard letter page size is 8.5 x 11 inches.


1. How to set the settings for scanning documents?

Scanning is not a difficult process. Rather it is a smooth process once you get to know how it works without wasting a lot of time. For a document, the lowest DPI is enough for the scan text display for proper print.

But if the image is reprinted, then a slight change in setting may help in better results. Using the instructional manual provided can be super helpful in this regard.

2. Which scanner to choose for my computer?

Before buying a scanner, you should think about the space where you want to set up the scanner also how much resolution you want for your documents. Keeping in mind the budget also as to how much you can spend.

There are also two types of scanners, a flatbed, and a document fed scanner. You need to decide what kind of scanner you want and what your preferences are.

3. How to differentiate between a photo scanner and a document scanner?

A normal text document does not need any high resolution or adjustment as a photo scanner needs color and depth also with high resolution. You can use a photo scanner for scanning all kinds of papers, photos.

It is not guaranteed that the scanner will get you colored or black and white scans of those items. This will allow for super crisp scanning of all readable documents.

In addition, your photo scanner might also include features that will identify handwritten documents from printed ones. Therefore identifying one from the other is one simple process.

4. Is using a scanner without a computer is it possible?

If the scanner is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi connection, a scanner can be directly connected with all the compatible devices.

Many scanners nowadays come equipped with cloud storage options and using mobile devices to print wirelessly. This way, it is possible to use scanners without the need for a PC.

Final Verdict

In conclusion to this article, we tried our best to provide you our finest handpicked best document scanners for home use. If we compare the importance of a printer and a scanner, they both stand equal in use.

Maximizing the ability to scan and increasing scanning speed has more benefits to it and also considered as more reliable and safe for storing important data that is in bulk form.

These automatic document feeder are a necessary item in today's world. Every household needs one at its disposal. Organizing photos, documents can never be easier if the mechanism of scanning speed and storing them on the cloud was not present beforehand.

This way, we can even save tons of paper waste every year and organize all the documents in a thumb-sized USB or on the cloud. Access them whenever you want to without the need for any paper.

Regardless of your choice of the scanner is present in this article or not, we want you to get a classy product that offers you variety in terms of the scanning process. If you have any suggestions on which scanners we might have missed, be sure to let us know.

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