10 Best Ink Pads For Rubber Stamping 2022 – Reviews

If you’re thinking about buying the best ink pads for rubber stamping, this guide is going to help you choose the best ink pads for your needs.

Ink pads make one of the essential supplies you’ll need for your rubber stamping hobby. However, they’re not created equally. They come in different sizes, colors, and formulations.

There are also many brands producing ink pads for rubber stamps and they can make you get quickly overwhelmed wondering which one to pick for your stamping projects.

Our research team has collected the top ink pads for rubber stamps that we have shared with you in this guide to help you compared and choose the right one for your needs.

Best ink pads for rubber stamping:

1. ExcelMark Ink Pad for Rubber Stamps

ExcelMark Ink Pad for Rubber Stamps

ExcelMark is one of the big brands in the ink pads and rubber stamps world and their produces rarely disappoint. This particular ink pad from the manufacturer is made using premium felt material which offers superb quality compared to other materials.

The ink pad is straightforward to use and delivers great crisp-clear detailed prints. This is impressive given that this pad comes at an affordable cost than most of the other pads of the same quality.

The pad comes in a standard size (measures: 2-1/8" by 3-1/4") which enables it to accommodate different sizes and shapes of stamps, including the larger models. It is compatible with traditional rubber stamps.

Don’t forget that this ink pad comes inked, so you can start using it right out of the box. The ink pad comes formulated to dry completely on paper in a matter of a minute. This contributes to the ink delivering sharp and clean impressions

You’ll like that the felt pad is even to ensure uniform ink coverage. The included hinged lid ensures the ink pad remains covered after every use. And during use, the lid simply flips over to allow for easy and fast ink pad access.

Highlighted Features:

  • Premium quality felt pad
  • Pad size: 2-1/8" by 3-1/4"
  • Delivers crisp, clear interaction
  • Variety of colors to pick from
  • Works with traditional rubber stamps

2. Lsushine Craft Ink Pad Stamps

Lsushine Craft Ink Pad Stamps

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for children, this package from Lsushine will make the perfect option and your kids will fall in love with it.

The complete package includes a set of 15 bright colors to choose from. Your kids can choose their favorite colors or use and mix the sponge inkpad. if you’re a kindergarten teacher, your students will love these beautiful colors stamped on their papers.

Each ink pad measures 2.95 x 1.97 inches. Though this is a bit smaller size compared to other ink pads, it’s still the perfect size considering you’re getting a total of 15 pads in total. The ink they come with isn’t runny or dry which translates to quality impressions.

You’ll like the great versatility offered by these ink pads in that you can apply them on pretty much any material, whether it’s paper, wood, or fabric. This makes the package a great choice for rubber ink stampers working on DIY art projects like a scrapbook, greeting card, writing letters, or wedding décor.

Besides rubber stamps, you can also use these ink pads with clear stamps and stencils on various types of paper.

All the colors come at reasonable pricing. The whole package is also incredibly easy to use and deliver impressive result. When you combine all these factors, you’re sure to get value for money with this Lsushine Craft Ink Pad package.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 15 water-based ink pads
  • Size: 2.95 x 1.97 x 0.97 inches
  • Multiple color options
  • Applicable to fabric, wood, paper
  • Stackable small cases for easy storage/organization

3. Avery Carter's Foam Stamp Pad

Avery Carter's Foam Stamp Pad

Avery Carters pack fits the definite of the best ink pads for stamping that’s non-toxic and permanent. They’re totally odor-free and safe to use for your young ones. The ink pad has a pocket-friendly price point which is a great bargain for you.

Out of the box, the ink pad feels wet and stamps excellently to leave you with bright and bold impressions on paper. The brand new pad will give you a total of 5000 impressions before you can think of re-inking them. The pad is also easily refillable, so you’ll just need to order new ink from the manufacturer once it dries out.

The ink used in this pad is high quality and dries quickly and permanently without leaving any mess behind. It cures into a beautiful matte finish that looks great on textured paper.

Regarding the size, this stamp pad comes in a standard size, meaning it's roomy enough to accommodate different sizes of stamps without any problems.

Overall, this stamp pad is designed for regular, general use. It comes with a soft foam pad to offer you hassle-free stamping. The pad is a microspore and can withstand frequent use without losing its ink freshness.

Highlighted Features:

  • Delivers bright and bold impressions
  • Up to 5000 impressions before re-inking
  • Soft foam pad for easy stamping
  • Ink dries into a nice matte finish
  • Microspore pad withstands frequent use

4. Ranger Archival Ink Pad

Ranger Archival Ink Pad

You can use this Ranger Archival ink pad for creating beautiful impressions on your scrapbook, handmade wedding/party invites, and other similar projects. The ink pad produces a crisp image that’s permanent and doesn’t bleed, unlike water-based inks, watercolors, acrylic paint, markers, and more.

The ink is also acid-free, toxic-free, and completely waterproof. It is also fade-free, weather-resistant.

This jet black ink quickly dries on a matte surface. For glossy surfaces, it might take longer to dry (up to 20 minutes) but heating can help you achieve the results faster.

The exact dimensions of this ink pad are 3 1/4 x 2 ¼ inches, so it will easily accommodate different sizes of rubber stamps.

Since the ink pads come in varying colors, selecting the color you need for your specific project would be easy.

If you’re looking for ink pads that deliver beautiful vibrant colors that are permanent and waterproof, you can’t go wrong with this product from Ranger Ink. The price is fair for the quality of the stock too.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Ink pad size: 2 x 3 inches
  • Acid-free, non-toxic ink
  • Waterproof and permanent

5. Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stamp Pad

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stamp Pad

Are you still looking for the best ink pads for rubber stamping for your kids? If yes, this Melisa & Doug product is sure to keep your kids entertained. Stamping encourages basic storytelling, motor skills, and creative expression in kids. And this stamp pad will give your young ones just that.

This stamping pad offers you great value for money. It comes with a total of pre-inked bright colors (3 primary shades plus 3 secondary shades) that will keep your kids entertained while at the same time developing new skills.

All the inks deliver highly vibrant and vivid pigmentation that keeps your kiddos interested as well as creative. The inks also feature the right moisture needed to make impressions super-clear and crisp. the 6 inks come well-spaced to keep them from bleaching into each other.

The ink is also 100% washable, unlike other inks that end up staining your child’s skin and are usually a hell of a job to clean out. You just use soap and water and the ink will get off your child’s skin easily and fast!

Keep in mind that the pads measure 2x2 inches, a perfect size for accommodating most of your kid’s small-sized rubber stamps. Since the package is made for use by kids, the cases come in sturdy plastic construction to ensure they don’t break easily if your young stampers accidentally drop them.

Get this rainbow stamp pad as the perfect gift for your young one and it will remain one of their most memorable gifts. Melissa & Doug products never disappoints when it comes to producing products that kids enjoy playing with.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multi-color pad for kids
  • Fully washable ink
  • Includes 6 bright ink colors
  • Pad size: 2" X 2"
  • Vibrant color ink

6. ExcelMark Ink Pad for Rubber Stamps

ExcelMark Ink Pad for Rubber Stamps

ExcelMark also offers you this black ink for use with your rubber stamp. It is medium-sized (measures 2-1/8" by 3-1/4") and will easily accommodate different sizes of rubber stamps

The pad is made using premium quality felt material which is even to ensure equal coverage of ink on your stamp for the best results. As usual, ExcelMark sends this ink pad fully inked and ready to stamp out of the box. The ink arrives moist, but not too moist to create smear or bleeding stamp results.

And when you apply it on paper, it dries quite fast leaving behind a crisp and clear impression. Whether you’re transferring tiny designs or logos, this ink pad will let you create super-fine detail on the standard computer paper.

Because the ink is water-soluble, it will come off easily with just a simple paper towel if it is still wet. if it has already dried, however, you can get it off using warm water and soap

Using this ink pad is easy since it doesn’t come dried compared to some pads from other brands. It will produce great results for your wedding or party favors. The price is reasonable for the quality you get with this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Black ink pad for rubber stamps
  • Pad measures 2-1/8" by 3-1/4"
  • Provides crisp, clear impressions
  • Premium quality felt pad
  • Compatible with traditional rubber stamps

7. Tsukineko SZ000031 Full-Size StazOn Multi-Surface Inkpad

Tsukineko SZ000031 Full-Size StazOn Multi-Surface Inkpad

This is the perfect ink pad for those looking for a rubber stamping ink for plastic, glass, metal, leather, and other semi to non-porous surfaces.

The no-smudge ink is easy to use. It doesn’t run after you apply and dries up fast to a hard shine. The resulting impression is deep, rich color. It is also fade-resistant and will have a higher staying power than most of the competing products out there.

If you make mistakes during the application, you can easily wipe the ink off. The manufacturer also offers you a cleaner to help you easily remove the ink when the need arises.

The stamp pad comes with a firm pad which means you won’t have to press your rubber stamper hard on it. It also arrives full of ink and not dried out.

We liked that this ink pad comes with a thin plastic cover that helps you keep close your inkpad and prevent the ink from drying up and keep it fresh and moist.

For the size factor, it measures approx. 3 x 2 inches and will handle medium-sized rubber stamps easily.

You’ll love this great ink pad for use on different surfaces. It adheres perfectly well on glass, metal, leather, and other non-porous surfaces without any problems. It doesn’t run or smear and dries quickly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Measures 3.897 by 2.651 inches
  • Comes in 25 different color options
  • Non-toxic, acid-free ink
  • Delivers crisp clear details
  • Suitable for embossing powder and chalks
  • Quick-drying, fade-free ink

8. Craft Rainbow Finger Ink Pads

Craft Rainbow Finger Ink Pads

The Crat Rainbow ink pads are also sure to catch your kid’s attention. The package comes as a set of 6 multi-color pads. These give your young one a combined total of 20 beautiful and vibrant colors to play with and express their creativity.

Not just for kids, you can also use these ink pads to add bold and vibrant colors to your scrapbooks, vacations cards, and so much more.

The pads boast high versatility and you can easily apply them to wood, paper, fabric, card-making posters, notepads, journals, etc. This makes it an excellent product for use with a wide range of projects.

This ink is water-soluble and 100% washable, making it suitable for messier projects. With just a little soap and water, you can easily wash it off your kids' fingers. You don’t have to worry about the ink staining their skin or drawing to their clothes.

Each of these pads features a convenient storage case made using hard plastic to ensure it doesn’t break easily if your kids drop it accidentally. The case also keeps the ink closed and prevents it from drying.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 multi-color stamp pads for kids
  • Up to 20 vibrant colors to pick from
  • Washable ink
  • Sturdy plastic storage cases
  • Pad size: 4 x 4cm
  • Non-toxic and acid-free

9. YPSelected Craft Ink Pad Inkpad

YPSelected Craft Ink Pad Inkpad

Our second last spot goes to the YPSelected Craft InkPad. This is a great product for those looking to make fade-resistant, smudge-free, and waterproof impressions.

The pad comes fully inked with pigment ink which delivers long-lasting deeper and darker impressions on fabric, wood, and paper surfaces.

The compact ink pad presents you with a total of 6 colors to choose from depending on your project needs. These colors include rainbow pink, orange, green, purple, blue, and brown.

It arrives in a moist and fresh state and you can start using it right out of the box. Using it is straightforward. The pad is made of spongy foam material set in evenly to ensure uniform distribution of ink on your stamp.

To prevent the ink from drying up, the pad comes with a lid that you just need to place over it.

The rubber stamp ink pad measures approx. 2.95 x 2.05 inches, which makes it a bit smaller than most of the products we have featured in this list. This reduced size might present a bit of a hassle as larger stamps might not fit in easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pad measures 2.95" * 2.05"
  • Ideal for fabric, paper, wood
  • Choose from 15 color options
  • Permanent, fade-resistant ink

10. Supply360 AS-SHI0940188 Stamp Pad

Supply360 AS-SHI0940188 Stamp Pad

The last ink pad on our list comes from Supply360. And it is quite huge—measures 5 by 7 inches—making it a great choice for those looking for a stamping pad for large rubber stamps. Businesses who want to put their large logos on their shopping bags will also find this extra-large pad a great investment.

Like all the other pads, this pocket-friendly pad also comes saturated with enough amount of ink to deliver solid distribution and make your designs show up vividly and crisp-clearly. The ink also dries pretty fast and doesn’t form any smears.

The pad is made using quality felt material that will hold up well to regular use. The pad bed looks and feels even and lies below the rim of the case to ensure easy use.

You’ll definitely appreciate that this sleek-looking pad comes with a plastic lid that enables you to keep your pad closed—a good way to keep your pad in top condition and prevent ink from drying. It even features a red latch that further ensures the top remains secured and closed, completely minimizing the chances of your pad drying out.

However, we suggest that you only get this large pad if you have larger stamps. Otherwise, there’s no point spending more money on it while you can get smaller models that cost you less and get the work done.

Highlighted Features:

  • Larger ink pad: 5 x 7 inches
  • Solid and crisp-clear color
  • Includes plastic closing cover
  • Premium felt pad with black color
  • Locking latch to keep the pad closed

Ink Pads for rubber stamping – Buying Guide

If you’re a newbie in the world of ink pads and you’re having a hard time deciding on the best ink pads for rubber stamping to buy, the following factors will help you make a more informed decision.


You should start by checking the material used to make the ink pad. The two most common materials used include felt and foam. Most folks prefer felt because its series of thread weavings help evenly distrusted ink across the pad. The foam pads also have their share of fans for their ability to ink flat and detailed rubber stamps.

Ink Pads For Rubber Stamping


How small or big the ink pad is should also help you choose the best one for your needs. Ideally, you want to get a pad that easily accommodates your rubber stamps. The bigger the stamps, the larger the ink pad you need. The flipside is also true.

Ink type

Ink pads usually come fully inked and ready to use. That said, different manufacturers use different kinds of ink. The most popular types are water soluble, oil-based, dye, and pigment-based.

if you want something that can last long and offer resistance to weather and fading, go for pigment inks. Get a water-soluble ink if you want something that you can easily wash off in case you mess up.

Remember to choose an ink that’s compatible with the surface you intend to apply it on, whether it’s paper, fabric, wood, plastic, metal, and so on.

Intended use

You should have a clearly defined purpose for your ink pad. Do you intend to use it for your craft projects like scrapbooking, card making, painting, etc.?

Or do you plan to use it in the office? Or perhaps, you’re looking for something that’s kid-friendly?

Ink Pads For Rubber Stamping

For office use, you should focus on neutral colors such as blue, red, and ink. For craft and, however, you’ll have an extended variety of colors to pick from.

How do you use ink pads and stamps?

Now that you’ve got your ink pad and rubber stamp ready to use, the next step is to start using them to create impressions on paper or any other material.

This quick guide will show you how to use your ink pads and stamps properly:

Step 1: Press the stamp onto the stamp pad to coat it with the ink.

TIP: If you’re an absolute beginner, we suggest that you first scrap on a piece of paper to see how the results look like before you can start working on your actual project.

Step 2: Firmly press the stamp down onto the paper where you want to create an impression. But be careful not to rock the image.

Step 3: Lift up your rubber stamp gently to reveal the impression you have made. At this point, you can use markers and pencil to add extra details to your image if necessary.

Step 4: Lastly, clean your rubber stamp to ensure crisp results next time you use it. Scrubbing it with soap and water will help get most of the residue out. Rubbing it with baby wipes also gets the job done.

Don’t forget to close your ink pad lid before storage to keep the ink from drying up.

Rubber stamping ideas and techniques

The best part about the rubber stamping hobby is that you’ll have a ton of project ideas to work on, whether you’re an absolute beginner or seasoned stamper.

Below, we have outlined some beginner-friendly stamping ideas and techniques that will get you started in this fun world of rubber stamping.


1. Use colored pencils

This is probably the easiest rubber stamping technique you can try as it involves using color pencils to color in your stamped design. Make sure your stamp ink is completely dry before applying this technique to prevent smearing.

Also, be sure to use color pencils in the same color family so that you obtain a coordinated design. Using contrasting colors will also help bring out detail.

2. Watercolors technique

You can also paint your image with watercolors. This technique is partly about giving your design a “homespun” look, so you don’t have to worry about being neat when using the watercolors.

When using this method, consider painting the lighter areas first to keep the dark colors fork bleeding into them.

3. Watermark & colored chalk technique

You can easily create a dimensional colored image by stamping with Versa Mark watermark ink followed by applying colored chalk over the design. This method works because the watermark ink is quite sticky and will hold the chalk in place. For this project, you should wait until your design has dried completely before touching it.

4. Choose markers over inkpads

If you want a lot of colors and also need to highlight specific details in your design, consider using markers instead of ink pads to create your design. But don’t do this with permanent markers since they can become challenging to remove from your stamp later on. You’d also want to use brush tip markers to ensure you get a little extra ink on your stamp.

Rubber stamping ideas and techniques

5. Stamp with two different colors

This is another super-easy technique, where you try stamping your design with two different ink colors. You should consider using a pair of colors in the same general family to achieve a beautifully blended appearance.

Rubber stamping ideas:

  • Make a card: most people start rubber stamping by creating their own greeting cards, birthday cards, thank you notes, Christmas cards, and so much more. Homemade cards might take time to produce but are much more meaningful than the store-bought ones that you just buy, sign, and send.
  • Create a bookmark: you can also create a personalized bookstore to gift your best friend who loves reading. You can send it alongside a book your friend will enjoy reading or a gift card to their favorite bookstore.
  • Decorate wrapping paper: you can start with plain white sacks for a gift bag or white butchers paper or brown craft paper for wrapping paper. Stamp on the sack/paper according to the purpose of the gift or holiday.
  • Stamping the fabrics: you can easily rubber stamp on fabrics with the right ink. And this brings about an extensive idea of projects you can try like customizing a t-shirt, napkins, placemats, table runner, to name but a few.

These are just a few ideas to get you started with your rubber stamping hobby. However, there are many more things you can do with your rubber stamp and ink pad. You just need to think outside the box and you’ll come up with many new ways you can use your stamps to create various items.


Q: Are distress inks good for stamping?

Absolutely! Distress inks are simply water-based ink. They feature high color stability and are great for making fun, aged effects on paper. Since they react with water, it’s also possible to combine the two to create beautiful effects. However, these inks take longer to dry than standard inks.

Q: How do you refill ink stamp pads?

Re-inking a rubber stamp ink pad when it dries out is necessary to ensure you continue using it for your stamping projects. To correctly refill your ink pad, grab the re-inker bottle and start applying fresh ink over your pad, making sure you cover edge to edge throughout the entire pad. Consider moving the inker in zigzag patterns (back and forth) instead of randomly add ink drops on the pad. And don’t forget to apply consistent gentle pressure on the inker bottle for a steady ink flow throughout your pad.

Q: What ink is used for rubber stamping?

Dye-based ink is the most popular for stamping and is even considered the standard stamping ink. Under the dye ink umbrella, you’ll find a variety of inks such as distress ink, water-based dye ink, and waterproof dye ink. These different types of inks differ in properties to suit varying user needs.

Q: How do you store ink pads?

The best way to store ink pads is to put them facing upside down. This will prevent the ink from sliding down to the end and probably leaking. This also helps keep the ink on the top pad surface for quality stamping results.

Q: Can you rubberstamp on a fabric?

Yes, it’s possible to rubber stamp on fabric. Just make sure you use ink that’s formulated to work with the fabric surface.

Q. What ink do you use for rubber stamps?

You can use any ink that is water-based and will not damage the stamp. Such as dye ink, pigment ink, solvent ink etc.

Final Verdict

Rubber stamping is a fun-filled craft hobby and can become so addictive when you get used to it. To ensure you create beautiful projects all the time, you should focus on getting the best ink pads for rubber stamping that match your specific project needs. We have just outlined the most popular ink pads on the market today to help you compare and choose the most suitable one for your needs. All the ink pads featured in this list are easy to use and deliver bold and vibrant colors that make your projects stand out.

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