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Nowadays many workers in the IT industry require short labels to organize their tool set. You can look at printers to do that job. But not all are same. Everyone is different from the other. Now we have the capability and technology to make purposeful label maker printers.

Each industry has their own needs and limitations. That is why, a Best label maker is needed in electricians, wood churner’s shack and whole IT related field workers. Sometimes, you need to label network cables in a bunch to organize them for future reference.

Connections are to be remembered by their best label. You need to label capacitors and resistors storage slots accordingly. For such tedious tasks, you need best cable labeler for your operations. Such printer sets are usually handheld devices so that you can type the desired label you want.

Just keep reading if you want to know more about these label maker products.

Our 6 Best Label Maker For Electricians

1. DYMO Sanford RHINO-5200 Label Printer

DYMO Sanford RHINO-5200 Label Printer

You rarely stumble on items that make your lives easier. Same is the aim of DYMO manufacturers. They have been making label printing devices for quite some time. It comes in a sturdy case with CD to configure your RHINO 5200 wire label maker.

This model has the capacity to make premium quality DYMO labels which are adhesive to all surfaces. Just type the name you want to print on the mini keyboard. Get the sticky label out and you are done. That is how easy it is to print a label through this maker.

Such actions allow for efficient deployment and time saving delivery in your field. You will no longer need to arrange and tie those cables up again. This time, just label them and you are good to go.

Superior quality labels with miniature sizes can be used to label your electronic equipment easily. DYMO sends this package with two vinyl rolls capacity to allow printing labels fast and easy.

Further, it comes with extra aaa batteries to give you uninterrupted production. Setting size and numbers and text might be time consuming task. Therefore, just a single press of Hot-Key makes this process run seamless and fluid.

Not even that but blaze through these tedious tasks with super speeds. Numbering can be done automatically by this RHINO 5200. Durable enough with one touch keys to withstand high performance tasks with razor sharp printouts.


  • Shrink wrap the label easily.
  • Charge in less than 30 minutes with extra battery provided for standby.
  • The key strokes make typing names easy.
  • Overall build quality resembles that of premium label printer.


  • You cannot add more space in the label name than that of printer settings. Use default single space after each word.

2. DYMO LetraTag-100H Label Printer

DYMO LetraTag-100H Label Printer

Many label makers are old fashioned, bulky and heavy weight. This is the opposite. Dymo rhino with ultralight body, more ergonomic and sturdy look and feel, LetraTag makes for an ideal paper label maker. Your device will also sleep automatically when in rest mode.

Such premium end product in dymo label maker, developing technology stands at top. Making custom labeling stickers for all your supplies and their needs. Select the type of font you want to keep for the label. Preview it on the display beforehand.

This particular set is capable of churning out these plastic labels in variety of colors. It can deliver black, white or clear plastic tapes label with stunning quality labels. That's why it's also the best label maker for teachers.

You can carry this small printer with you wherever you go. Keeping all your items organized at all times. While giving you long lasting battery, all day long. DYMO products are so easy to use, you can learn it in a day or two if you are a beginner. For professional, a must item on their arsenal.

Thus making it best label maker for electricians for its affordability and readiness. The seven print styles allow for variable naming and identifying easy. The handheld type writer with wide array of colors to choose from.

Get precise cut plastic labels from these label printer that take least space but provide for customized experience for everyone. The LCD displays all the 13 character long providing the best quality and least battery usage possible.

Wherever you get stuck, just go through the instruction manual and DYMO will surely help you out easily.


  • 3 different color pattern to be used simultaneously.
  •  Long lasting powerful battery.
  •  User friendly interface for easy typing on keyboard.
  •  Simultaneous printing does not heat up the printer.


  • Labels do not have enough sticking power to stay on plastic surface.

3. Brother P-Touch PTM95 Label Printer

Brother P-Touch PTM95 Label Printer

Scoring a high place in the ranks of best wire label maker, brother is making fabulous products. You can create super durable labels using this printer. It hold the needs of every wire. Label them to your own naming choice as brother is here known for the best label makers for electricians.

The portable design makes for excellent printer whenever, wherever needed. You can take it to name different food items in your kitchen or use it for network cables management. Now these wires will be so easy for you to manage.

Name those wires in different writing styles of your choosing. You can select up to 8 variation in fonts. These are more than enough for creating uniqueness from one another.

The LCD display show many options in terms of symbols and characters usage. Over 200 different symbols can be assembled on this tiny portable labeling print shop. Add your signature style after each entry due to its super easy QWERTY keyboard.

This creates a beginner level understanding technique which allows all to use it with efficiency on regular basis. Therefore it uses a variety of label sheets that can be used with this printer.

The best part about this model is the versatile label colors you get to run through. Make different styles, add different patterns on the label with a single charge battery. Giving you over 4 hour plus battery lifestyle.

Now get creative with those wires. Assignment different colors, different format and unique pattern to whatever you like. It all depends on your sense of customization.


  • Small enough for one hand write and print.
  •  Customization of pattern, format, letters and much more.
  •  High speed printing with perfect sized labels.
  •  No clogging of paper even at high speed.


  • Battery charge do not long last than usual.

4. DYMO Industrial Label Maker

DYMO Industrial Label Maker

This industrial label maker is very quick and easy to use. A top-quality dymo label maker for electricians which allows users to work at their best. By just putting in data, it gives out quick results. With little effort, it gives top-quality labels. Dymo rhino label maker is cost-effective as well as consists of a AA batteries which are rechargeable.

This label printer is designed perfectly for quick typing with a QWERTY keyboard. Dymo label lets you type with different text styles and minimal effort and with more ease. It is very cost-effective as well time effective. You can get maximum output within a short period of time.

You can get High-quality electricians label makers and can create multiple bar codes with them. These bar codes are available whenever you draw them, and they will be automatically saved in them. With the Hot Key feature, you can get your desired labels in no time. It comes with the Code 39, Code 128 bar codes, and with the fixed-length breaker label.

Like your computing devices such as androids, it also has a feature known as "favorite's" in its built-in software. It keeps your frequently used symbols, codes, and labels saved in it. With one touch optimization, you can quickly draw those labels again. You can also save new formats for your labels.

Whenever you feel like updating your labels into new and most advanced, you can always avoid repeating steps with a Custom key. This will help you in generating more and new labels.

It has over 150 symbols and terms in its software, the perfect and known best label maker for cables. This exquisite handheld label printer uses Flexible Nylon material for the labels, which stays longer than usual. This printer has in-built integrated rubber bumpers, which help prevent falls and on-the-job drops during label printing.


  • Larger screen recommended by the users.
  • Lithium rechargeable battery.
  • Good quality ribbon cutter.
  •  Fast speed.
  • QWERTY keyboard.
  •  150 plus electrical symbols.
  •  Memory recall for the repetitive labels.


  • Use a lot of battery.
  •  Code 39 is unable to be deactivated.

5. Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer 

Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer

Brady is known as a best label maker for electricians. It is a very nice and sturdy monochromatic label printer. It enables the users to create versatile and multi-line labels. The yellow and black color label maker adds more description to its unique and qualitative design.

This printer is the best-known electrical panel label maker. On its keyboard, there are alphabets from A-Z and numbers from 0-9. It is very simple to use and user-friendly. It has been designed with a tough exterior and is uniquely built with the molded rubber bumpers as industrial label maker.

These rubber bumpers are exquisitely designed for impact over the resistance. It has been designed to print the labels with single-colored text and comes in a 6 font size. It's tape cartridges that are present in a roll-over design. They can be of versatile width depending upon the size.

This p touch label maker is best known for its portable design, enabling the users to go anywhere with it. This minimalistic printer is designed to be handheld wherever you want to take it. It has a 6 AA batteries source.

Around 7 durable parts are available for this sturdy label maker. It has a long-lasting battery, which enables the users to draw more within a longer time span. It has been designed with an aggressive adhesive that resists outdoor toughness and maintains its quality.

The labels drawn with this printer are of versatile designs and come in many colors. These printers produce labels that won't curl off with their production and stay neat and straight. It also has many beneficial and useful specifications, which are inclusive of wraparound cable labels.

This printer has been built with top-notch high-quality material that enables the users to produce HD quality prints on the labels. These prints won't wash off easily as they are drawn from high-quality ink toner.


  • Reliable mechanism of the printer.
  • The display backlight can be used in the dimcondition, which lit the keyboard itself.
  •  It doesn't let the label go wasted from its ends.
  • Time and date are present to be mentioned on labels.
  • Best label maker for electricians on a small level.


  • Unable to print more than 4 lines on a single label.
  • Power brick is somewhat obnoxiously bulky.
  • Expensive rechargeable battery.

6. Brother P-touch Label Maker PTD600

Brother P-touch Label Maker PTD600

An ergonomically designed P-Touch PTD600. It is a smart label maker which is suitable and designed specifically for electricians. It has a large keyboard at which we can type with maximum speed and get fast results.

It creates HD quality prints on the labels with high resolution. You can get the best label prints that won't wash off in a single go. The ink will last longer than any other label maker. You can also turn it on with an AC adapter or either with rechargeable batteries.

This sturdy, designed PT-D600 maker is of a well-known top-quality brand. Brothers` has perfectly retained its name through its top-notch and high quality. The QWERTY keyboard helps in fast typing. You can use this minimalistic label maker with multiple label prints in a very short time.

This is an ergonomically compact label maker. It is also compatible with PC as well as Mac with USB connectivity, just like a photo scanner for mac. The keyboard has an angled design and direction, which is very comfortable for typing. It's a must-have label maker for electricians.

This label maker also works with versatile label tapes of high quality. These tapes are laced with thin and clear film. This coating prevents our exquisite maker from moisture. It also protects it from grease, getting faded at its earliest. It resists the temperature change whether it is cold or hot. By the way, this brands also offers top duplex scanner units.


  • Get an accurate picture of your prints and designs of labels.
  • With a little ink tank, it keeps on printing more labels.
  • Many versatile frames with more than 99 varieties.
  • Large keyboard, more space for typing comfortably.


  • Sometimes the red label tape gets jammed up.
  • Switching between the frames confuses the printer.

Buying Guide: Label Maker for Electricians

Whether you are working in a kitchen or in electrical department, you need to organize some stuff. You need to name those product so that the next time you look for those screws, bolts, chains, wires or anything, you know where they are.

Label Maker For Electricians

But sometimes some sellers might rip you off by offering you a product that has no good label printing ability. That is why, we are here with our expert buying guide to help you find out what you need to look out for before buying a handheld label printer for you.


You can always look for best label maker for electricians which offers different sizes and patterns in those printouts. Those wires can vary in size so having a diverse system is a good measure. This label maker will help you out in the long run as you can use different heat absorbing wrap labels for different needs.

Label Maker For Electricians

Sometimes you need to shrink wrap those cables because the label is big but the label is not meant for heat resistance. Therefore, look into what king of vinyl paper sheet this printer supports and you will have an easy task.

Battery Power

Some labelers come bundled with an extra battery pack so that you don’t run out on crucial printing moments. Despite their efforts, you still run out of aaa batteries again. The reason is that your particular model demands extra juice in terms of power.

You need to stay away from such as they can drain your printer out at times beyond your control. Always try to read on reviews like ours on best electrical label maker to guide you in getting the one with genuine battery and superior quality, getting your job done in record time.

Brand Reliability

Sometimes many manufacturers offer these label maker at a fraction of cost of those big brands ones. You might get those cheap one s but in the long run, these label maker, machines are not viable. They print dull, work occasionally, require constant maintenance and much more.

Label Maker For Electricians

You need to look out for those kind of product with one touch keys, which offer supreme quality, durability, replacement if it goes bad. These are the features of a reputable brand. A good quality label printing with one touch keys will go a long way and will not cause you any trouble any time soon.

Price for Technology

Some old label printers today run for the same price as that of new latest features packed one. You can see the difference in terms of high resolution display print quality, speed and performance in such speed tasks. These measures are necessary for today’s world.

You need to constantly add new ways of writing those labels so if your maker does not allow that, it will be considered obsolete. If it slow than its competitors, you will be left behind. Many latest printers are able to save the last settings saved so that you can continue without having to create new profile.

Therefore look out browser for the next one from these beforehand to be aware of any scams on the market. You will invest in the industrial labels product so this is one time headache but this printer will make you ask yourself, ”why didn’t I knew of this earlier?” so these technologies are to be noted and buy a new one instead of old.


1. How to reduce the waste to get more industrial labels with the tape?
reduce the waste to get more industrial labels

You can reduce the waste by cutting the label manually without a machine cutter. This way, you can minimize waste. But with these printers, the built-in automatic cutter lets the tape margin by ¼, which maximizes the extra-label to go waste by leaving blank label margin aside.

There's no way around it to reduce the tape going to waste. With some printers, they have options to set the margin yourself according to users` choice.

2. Do these  best label makers print bar codes?

Most of the above printers are designed in a multi-purpose manner also to print bar codes. For getting the best results, try to print them in a single-colored tone.

3. Do these printers have rechargeable batteries?

Yes, most of them have rechargeable batteries. These batteries will allow the users to work more efficiently wherever they want for as much time as possible. These batteries comes with the power adapter.

4. Can we create a label format for these printers?

Yes, these printers have versatile symbols for the electricians, allowing them to create their desired bar codes and designs for the labels. They can create the labels as well as print them.

5. What material is well suited for the Cat5-6 cables and patch panels?

The most recommended label printing material for these panels and cables are ¼ and ¾ heat shrinking tubes. ¾ is for cables, and ¼ is well suited for the panels.

6. Does the label get wrapped up by these printers?

The wrapping of a label usually depends on its quality. If the Nylon adhesive has been used with the labels, they won't roll from their borders.

Final Verdict

These electrical label printers are best known for their quality and versatility. In the modern era, where you can get many facilities and features within a small price range, these printers are the best fit. These printers are handheld, with built-in aaa batteries and can be used anywhere. These exquisite printers have been aggressively made to get protected from the harsh environment.

Our experts have reviewed the top quality label printers for the electricians for their ease. These handpicked items have many specifications as you can create, draw, print labels with the ease of typing and saving the bar codes and label designs for future use.

With the compatibility with computing devices, these portable printers must have for every small as well large business. The P-designed printers can also be connected with the PC. It enables the users to draw and create versatile labels stored on the PC from their library. You can also select Bar codes and logos with High resolution from your PC.

The curated list of this label maker for wires has in-built label designs with versatile features from which you can pick anyone with ease. These printers are cost as well as time-effective. If you are looking for economic and top-quality label makers, you are just at the right spot.

No clogging of paper, with efficient typing, automatic label cutter, Nylon material label tape makes it exquisite. All of these features are a must-have for any label maker. Get yourself a label maker with these specifications with our experts' help, and you will love, love printing even more.

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