10 Best OCR Scanner in 2022 – Image to Text

Sometimes, a scanner cannot read words clearly in full HD resolution automatically. Nowadays, technology is making a breakthrough in natural language processing. Displaying words that were previously discarded in scans.

That is where OCR comes in to play. A software solution built-in today's most scanners. This allows for clear word detection while scanning. So let us look into some of the best OCR scanners the market has to offer.

1. Fujitsu ix-1500 ScanSnap OCR Scanner

Fujitsu ix-1500 ScanSnap OCR Scanner

The black body shape may not seem much, but hoarding the latest and best OCR software raises some eyebrows. Now have clear text readability at your fingertips for all time with editable text options and much more.

Regarded as the best OCR reliable comrade with a 4.3-inch touch screen, Fujitsu ix 1500 allows for easy navigation. You can have your OCR scans through adobe acrobat in USB or Wi-Fi, whichever fits you best, to store on the cloud. A super elegant design model with pristine ergonomics at its core.

The programmed text to image function comes in as reliable when Fujitsu ix 1500 catalogs all such scanned documents in easy file format. Their management software is super easy in letting the user make receipts and other page scans.

Such scanning makes Fujitsu ix 1500 an easier and stress-free model for anyone to purchase. Now just put in the paper you want, and the top quality scanning is waiting for you to get clear lighting for crisp, razor-sharp documents.

This flatbed is super useful for starters and professionals alike. Simple, easy buttons control, you can make documents with efficient software management at a peak grade of 600 dpi. The wireless connection is safe, which makes for top reliability every time.


  • Automatic paper format for clear text readability at 600 dpi by using adobe acrobat.
  • The latest version makes double-sided scans to have a worry-free time.
  • Simple digital touch screen starts automatic image convert scanned up to 50 pages per minute at blazing speeds.


  • Wireless printing is occasional because of connection problems.

2. Raven Pro OCR Document Scanner

Raven Pro OCR Document Scanner

If you are searching for a smart scanner that has a multi-functional OCR and stylish LCD screen, you got one here. The scanning power is at lightning speeds with up to 60ppm. A model for all document types with a clear readability score. Just slide it in those paper and let Raven take care of the rest.

A wireless version for that cloud-link system. Now scan paper, worry-free with its connection with all the popular cloud storage like google drive and other ones.

Making this one of the best digital scanner choices for its agile performance in handling such tasks with simplicity.

These digital documents are easily categorized into file format; they are needed to be stored. This helps in keeping track of all types. You can even stack more than 1000 documents and images on the cloud, and your device will silently be doing its work.

While these small ID cards or labels require accurate scans, the ultra-sonic ocr detection system lets sorting the same sizes in a single run. Therefore, no form of hands-on human change is needed.


  • An easy touch LCD screen of 8-inch adds useful information for any new beginner.
  • PC not required. Just feed those images via cloud or mobile. Showcasing the ability to scan and store in pdf format.
  • Eliminates white space automatically from small pages like business cards using ocr technology.


  • Receipts and other pages cannot be scanned due to their long length.

3. Brother DS-40 OCR Scanner

Brother DS-40 OCR Scanner

Brother gives you a portable document scanner in this list, although being less than one-foot length-size. Now you can create files easily on one of the best ocr scanners on the marketplace. Due to its smooth optical character recognition, brother is favored over others.

Gets power through a USB cable, whether it's a power bank, and use ocr software to develop images and documents in-one-go. Brother makes its own ocr software able to send the scanned documents to the cloud when on the move.

Make multi-page scanning choice simple and flawless with this multi page document scanner. It does not compute high volume as it aims for supreme quality using ABBYY Finereader to make OmniPage ultimate results at any time.

You can find thgis portable scan option in many document scanner reviews and be relaxed to see eight times the quality as it will not wear off in any way. Delivering images at more than 600 dpi quality for home office. Also, a whole diversity of improvements in readiris actions and much more.

May it be optical character recognition or convert a scanned document or light balance, clearing background by use of accurate OCR use, all this can be done with perfection with the help of adobe acrobat support.

You can store and create an editable text document with the inclusion of cloud storage. The software does not oblige for any PC use. Sharing those beloved images with your colleagues to give you everlasting experience with utmost reliability in important sessions.


  • Rotate and adjust scanned image file format.
  • Tag along with this portable document scanner with Abby Finereader preinstalled.
  • Color scan up to 30 pages with OCR enabled.


  • Paper documents get stuck when scanning because of the charging port under the scanner.

4. Epson ES-50 WorkForce OCR Scanner

Epson ES-50 WorkForce OCR Scanner

Epson is best known for its blazing fast and lightweight features. It is a nifty carry-on document convert solution that you can carry anywhere you want. A single ocr scanner for your documents makes it an easy on-the-go device for professionals.

The single-sheet scanner provides Epson a great deal of fast scanning that works up to 5 seconds a page. It has multiple sizes of paper management, from big-sized documents up to 8.5 x 12 inches, as well as smaller ID cards and receipts.

These nifty tools can easily scan and organize documents. Epson ScanSmart Software styles it stress-free to scan. Its smart tools help in document management software and save them for later evaluation.

Epson joins with the PC via a USB port whilst requiring no batteries or external power. The scanner's top-quality is seen in images and saves them in pdf format, and later on, you can transfer those images onto the PC.

Epson Contains the Nuance OCR build-in highlights as well as lets the making of searchable PDF and editable text in Microsoft Word and Excel files. Such scan files can right away be sent to cloud storage using the software.


  • Smooth and lightweight design.
  • Cool and convenient on-the-go design models by Epson.
  • Remotely access google drive.
  • Has own cloud storage space for images with built-in software.
  • Saves a lot of space.
  • Smart OCR function


  • The slower service of one scan at a time is not efficient.
  • Tiny and less weight makes it easy for compactness, but this also raises the danger of loss and careless handling.

5. Epson Perfection v600 Document Scanner

Epson Perfection v600 Document Scanner

Arrange these files in easy pdf format; Epson perfection v600 delivers their solution. The conversion from image to text makes them highly accurate. Store those accurate scans on the cloud for easy access all the time.

The digital format makes accessing the files at home and office readily available. Superior OCR technology promises fine-looking documents. Creating editable text with crystal clear words due to the OCR engine.

The support of adobe acrobat allows for pdf files and management software for easily organized documents. Full HD scans provide accurate text recognition and remove any blank spaces automatically.

A highly regarded choice for users wanting 9600 dpi images and documents. These files are in digital format for easy attachment in Microsoft Word. This OCR solution makes Epson a leading brand in optical character recognition.

Create scanned images of a business card and read images to text with Epson. This pdf will always be the solution for generating highly accurate documents using their software. Now get those images crisp and clear.

Get the best version of those old pages restored with the help of Epson in no time.


  • An energy-efficient for longer durations of scanning.
  • Automatic removal of scars from image to provide ultimate result.
  • Edit the pdf with the help of recognition software.


  • Compatibility issues with Mac devices are a bit problematic.

6. Canon Image FORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner

Canon Image FORMULA R40 Office Document Scanner

This ergonomic and top-notch best OCR Canon R40 is specifically geared towards your home offices or small businesses. Now you can scan your documents by just pressing a button. This scanner is very compact and lightweight. You can easily put it on the desktop.

It can perform a maximum duty cycle of up to 4000 pages. It can scan your business cards and document with accurate precision. The R40 design is user-friendly and a sheet-fed document scanner. It can also give you maximum and one-touch optimization high-resolution scan.

It is very simple to set-up, and easy to use. This scanner is very efficient and most likely very intuitive as it can convert your bulk load of pages into digital data. That being said, your documents will be more organized in this way.

This is so far known as the best scanner with OCR. It is highly compatible with Ethernet and USB connectivity. You can connect it with the computer, and it will start scanning your desired documents into nice and clean digital photographs.

You can scan about 40ppm in black while 30ppm in color. It also has an automatic document feeder up to 60 sheets ADF, just like an auto feed photograph scanner. It is very reliable and durable, especially when scanning different types of documents, whether they are thin, business type, contracts, reports, or receipts.


  • Conversion of documents into JPG and PDF.
  • You can scan directly to the cloud uplink.
  • OCR helps in searching and creating organized digital documentation.
  • Automatic document feeder.
  • Duplex scanning.
  • Precision in OCR.


  • Lacks wireless connectivity.

7. CORDIS Document Camera X3, High Definition Portable Scanner for Teacher

CORDIS Document Camera X3, High Definition Portable Scanner for Teacher

Portable camera scanner that is geared with modern equipment and makes your presentation more engaging and effective. OCR document scanner, which outperforms the overhead and huge projectors. This ICODIS scanner is a must-have for video conferencing and your online classes.

It is laced with numerous modern technological techniques. It has a built-in automatic correction, filler for the document's broken ends, and the auto image segmentation system. With that being said, it is so far the best OCR scanner.

The software of this sturdy scanner is only compatible with your windows, does not support Mac OS. To install the software, a CD is present with the purchase. You need to insert in the CD and get the full package on your windows. So, if you're looking for the best portable scanner for mac, this isn't the one.

It has a built-in real-time projecting cam scanner, which brings us to the multi-functional scanner. It has a powerful 8-megapixel camera, 4 LED lights, and the coverage of A3 paper. It is the most compact and portable scanner, which comes in handy wherever you go.

The cam head is made so that it cannot be swiveled, which gives more precise scanned imaging. The arm-fixed length makes it an even more exquisite and one-of-a-kind scanner.


  • Intelligent continuous shots
  • Auto imaging
  • Real-time shooting scanner
  • Scans bar codes
  • Generate and create PDF files into digital data.
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Super-fast scanning speed.


  • Gigantic-sized scanner with no compatibility to Mac OS.

8. HP Scan Jet Pro 2500 f1 Flatbed OCR Scanner

HP Scan Jet Pro 2500 f1 Flatbed OCR Scanner

With the most wanted OCR scanner reviews, we present you with the best flatbed scanner. This multi-purpose scanner is a must-have for your office or your home use as well. With advanced technology, you can now customize your profile for recurring tasks.

This scanner is fully equipped with the TWAIN and WIA scan drivers. It is laced with modern features which allow the users to convert their documents into digital data. This conversion of the document into PDF files organizes the documents in digital media.

It is highly compatible with Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, and with much more file types. This scanner is specifically designed for your convenience. You can scan your school documents, transcripts, applications, booklets, memos, etc.

All of these features can be achieved through a simple and compact designed scanner. This scanner has built-in OCR scan speed, color scanning, custom profile, ADF, switch off/on auto technology, and much more.

You won't be needing anything else once you've got your hands upon this ergonomic scanner. It can enhance your document's visibility, automatic brightness adjustment, background removal, and one-touch optimization. You can scan to the uplinks of google drive and dropbox etc.


  • The best scanner with OCR.
  • Auto saver, once you have saved the document to the desired location.
  • You can delete, preview the scan and save them.
  • One-touch optimization with the document scanning.
  • Background removal.
  • Super-fast speed up to 20ppm, 40ipm, and 1500 ppm.
  • Automatic document feeder. 


  • You have to shut it down when an error appears on the LCD to move past that.

9. Document Camera iOCHOW S1, High Definition Portable Scanner

Document Camera iOCHOW S1, High Definition Portable Scanner

A portable HD scanner that has multi-purpose features. Among the best OCR scanners, this handheld cam scanner is a must-have. This luxurious high-resolution cam scanner is designed specifically for your daily tasks. You can scan up to the super-fast speed of one page at 1.5s.

This scanner comes with a compact disk. This compact disk contains software that helps in the connectivity and installation of the drivers. This exquisite cam scanner is only compatible with the windows.

You can scan up to A3 sheet size with the auto-document feeder. It has 4 LED fill lights that fix the broken edges and pieces of the scanned document. It has been laced with modern tech specifications, including intelligent picture shooting and auto corrector and a filler for the scanned file gaps.

An optical character recognition scanner includes video recording and scans and a real-time projector. It is well-suited for different occasions, whether at the video conference, online class, on-going meetings, etc. It will also give you quick HD scans within seconds.

It has a strong, powerful 8 Mega Pixel camera which enables it to scan with background purification, automatic and synthetic scanned imaging of the papers. A simple ye extraordinary cam scanner up to your daily requirement.

Get this most amazingly sturdy designed scanner right away.


  • Lightweight and portable cam scanner.
  • 4 LED built-in brightness adjustor.
  • Automatic document feeder.
  • Digital document organizer.
  • Conversion into PDF files with HD quality.
  • Video recording
  • Super-fast and ergonomically designed cam scanner.


  • The only thing that's concerning is its LED flashlight.
  • Refracts backs on the glossy sheet.

10. CZUR Shine500-Pro High-Speed Document Camera-Scanner

CZUR Shine500-Pro High-Speed Document Camera-Scanner

An ergonomic and sturdily designed scanner specifically for the A4 sheets. Among the others, it is known as the best OCR scanner, which has brought about the digital world revolution. Get your hands on one of the best-known cam scanners, which will make your life easy.

With this exquisitely designed scanner, your tedious tasks can be minimized to seconds. You can organize your bulk load of pages into a simple PDF file. Later on, you can also access and retrieve those files whenever you want.

This top-quality character recognition scanner is a must-have in your home offices. It has built-in powerful OCR functions. With the purchase of this one-of-a-kind scanner, you will be able to scan 100 plus languages. With the conversion of JPG and PDF format, this is so far the best scanner you've got. This is the most affordable and durable cam scanner.

With video conferencing, meetings, online Zoom Classes, this scanner can do multi-tasking. It comes in smart paging, with auto-cropping and multiple color modes. Helpful for remote teaching and schooling or business meetings. Allows you to highlight or point out the items with annotation.


  • Portable, efficient scanner with a small footprint.
  • With the coverage of A4 format.
  • Handheld cam scanner.
  • Video recording on a large scale.
  • It has a built-in two-light mode.
  • The most budgeted and cheap item with the best features.


  • Slow learning built-in programming.
  • No Ethernet connectivity.

Buying Guide: What To Look For Before Buying An OCR Scanner?

In your hunt for the best OCR scanners, you are going to get stumble upon versatile units. But need not worry. We are here to help you with that. Keep reading our expert's opinions, and you will get the hang of it. Follow along.

OCR Scanner

OCR Specifications

Modern technology has revealed some of its modest and upgraded functions. Upon which, llike 120mm film scanner, OCR has revolutionized the technological digital world. It allows the users to edit, search for the PDF, JPG file formats in digital data storage. It reduces the bulk load in managing and organizing your documents.

With that being said, this is the far best technology you must have.

Super-fast durable speed

To make your tasks effortless is to use a one-touch optimization scanner. Your task will be less tedious if your scanner goes through your documents on its own once optimized.

OCR Scanner

Automatic Document Feeder

With an automatic document feeder, you'll be tension-free as it will automatically feed your scanner with the sheets. This way, you will get your tasks done in less than a minute with effortless scanning. With this built-in specification, the scanning will be less hassle for you.


1. What does OCR mean?

This stands for optical character recognition. A new technology that helps in identifying text from documents that are ready to be scanned. You can get a clearer text with superior visibility.

It also functions as converting these pages into a format that is supported by many computing devices.

2. How can this help a scanner?

Convert pages into pdf files and other formats. Develops dull images into sharp ones. Removes any dust and spots from them. Bring back the faded colors and much more. Read and convert text from those documents and can be copied to Microsoft word.

That is how sharp its quality of service is.

3. How long does it take to get such a scan?

It depends on the type of scanner and how many words needed to be recovered in such a file. Many scanners offer 30 to 50 pages with not heating up. As a result, you will have readable text that was once considered to be impossible to recover. It takes few seconds to achieve such a result.

Final Verdict

You should invest in the best interest of your effortless scanning experience. For that reason, the above curated OCR scanner reviews with the experts` opinions have been compiled for you. With the help of this, you can get yourself a sturdy portable scanner for your home offices.

Wishing you good luck, hope you'll get the right answer to your queries. Until then, keep searching until you get one suitable OCR scanner.

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