10 Best Photo Scanner with Feeders in 2022 – Reviews

Tired of carrying sheets one by one for scanning? You need a tray to hold that. Most of today’s scanners come built-in with feeding trays for your ease. This offers a smooth working experience while keeping you free.

Just feed them up to the scanner and the scanner will do its job one by one. While these inventions help keep all pages in order and provide comfort to the user, many scanners do not add this to their models.

These kinds of scanners with the introduction of trays serves a special purpose. They make our lives easier while we can work on other important tasks. The sheet can be scanned from both sides with autonomous flipping each side. Such is the ultimate beauty of feeding tray.

That is why, we have dug up some best portable scanner with feeder which help you do other tasks while scanner holds them in its feeding tray and help you relax. So let us jump straight into this list.

1. Fujitsu ix-1500 ScanSnap OCR Scanner

Fujitsu ix-1500 ScanSnap OCR Scanner

The black body figure may not appear much but hoarding latest and best OCR software raises some eye brows. Now have clear text readability at your fingertips for all time with editable text options, a feeding tray to hold those papers and much more

Seen as a consistent OCR trustworthy companion with a 4.3-inch touch screen and an automatic feeding tray, fujitsu ix 1500 allows for easy scanning capabilities. You can get your divine enhanced scans through adobe acrobat in USB or Wi-Fi, whichever fits you best, to store on the cloud. A fantastic elegant design model with pristine ergonomics at its core.

The document holding tray makes it so easy for different size sheets that it has compartments for each of them. Whether it is a business card or a receipt, just stack it in the appropriate holder with ease.

The automatic text to image task comes in as consistent when Fujitsu ix 1500 catalogues all such scanned documents in stress-free file format. Their management software is super easy in letting user make receipt and other pages scans.

Such scanning marks fujitsu ix 1500 a calmer and stress-free model for anybody to buy. Now just put in paper in the feeding tray you desire and top-class value scanning is waiting for you to get strong lighting for crisp, sharp documents.

Getting pristine quality scans from such a small foldable printer is a marvel on its own. No sign of slowing down. The addition of all size holding tray makes this printer super convenient with hassle-free tasks and reliable scans device.

This flatbed is super beneficial for starters and professionals alike. Modest easy buttons control, you can share documents with efficient software management at highest grade of 600 dpi. The wireless connect is with android and IOS is totally safe, which makes for assuring news every time.


  • Automatic paper feeding tray format for clear text visibility at 800 dpi
  • Latest version makes double-sided scans to have a worry-free time.
  • Simple digital touch screen starts automatic image convert scanned up to 50 pages per minute at blazing speeds.


  • Wireless printing is infrequent because of connection glitches.

2. Raven Pro OCR Document Scanner

Raven Pro OCR Document Scanner

If you are probing for a clever scanner that has a multi-functional feeder tray and fashionable LCD screen, you got one here. The scanning strength is at lightning speeds with up to 60ppm. A perfect for all document types with clear visibility score. Just slide it in those paper and let Raven take care of the rest.

A wireless type for those cloud-link structure. Now scan weekly, worry-free with its association with all the common cloud storage like google drive and other ones.

Setting this one of the best digital scanner choice for its responsive performance in controlling such responsibilities with ease. The presence of super interactive touch screen makes it a must-have item. Just put in those stacks of paper inside the feeder tray and behold its magic.

These digital documents are effortlessly organized into file format they are required to be stored. This helps in keeping track at all times. You can even pile 1000 documents and pictures on the cloud, and your device will silently be doing its work.

Such ergonomic positioning of feeding tray makes it viable for continuous scanning while you can do other important tasks. Don’t worry about jamming as scanner only allows the other sheet only once both sides are scanned.

Just scan and snap those images and take out the pages in same order as they were fed to the scanner. This durable tray is a sure feature every scanner must include.

Though these small ID cards or label want precise scans, the ultra-sonic ocr method starts arranging the identical sizes in single run. Therefore, no type of human hands-on altering is needed in this ocr scanner.


  • A user interactive touch LCD screen of 8-inch add valuable information for any new learner.
  • Computer not compulsory. Just transfer those images via cloud or mobile. Displaying the capability to scan and store in pdf format.
  • Removes white space automatically from minor pages like business cards using ocr technology.


  • Receipts and additional pages cannot be scanned because of its extended length.

3. Plustek Photo Automatic Document Feeder

Plustek Photo Automatic Document Feeder

This scanner has so many file options to pick from as to what feat you want to perform. Those activities or options are up to 255 in total to modify and the capability to scan file setting with a single touch. You can make the scanner do different jobs.

After double sided scanning the document, it is automatically transformed into searchable and editable records so that they can be used in the future for review or add-on documents.

Making all of those double sided scans may tire you up but not for plustek. You can just put it in the tray and go on with your day tasks. In a matter of minutes, those scans you required are done already. Plustek is hungry for more.

The colorful design makes for a piece of art in one person’s room. Matching such a scanner to your room décor while achieving super amazing scans is no ordinary task for anyone.

The easy button panel allows newbies to have satisfied learning sessions from this model of plustek. With features like automatic cropping and fast 2 sec delivery, you will fall in love with this in no time. 

It can also automatically classify diverse documents into 1D or2D barcode pages, conditional on how complex that document may be.

The documents are automatically scanned one by one. This happens due to an adjustable tray that scans the pages one after another, saving time and providing utmost reliable double sided scanning operations. Removing any white spaces automatically.

The presence of CCD sensors shows the ability of scanner to detect and remove any dullness from the scan itself without even alerting the user. That is how much it cares.

There is one more intelligent feature in this scanner, and that is its smart color adjustments in any image with auto rotation and clearing blank page as well with its Plustek Image Processing Technology.


  • It is established on the setting where the document is served automatically, which brands it the best document scanner for home.
  • Automatically saves the document with the clever OSR.
  • Barcode pages dependent on how complicated is the document.


  • Takes up more area than others.
  • Has no isolated space on the cloud or online.

4. Epson ES-400

Epson ES-400

Carry this small purse sized scanner with you at all times. You cannot go wrong with built reliability of Epson. The minimalistic design overcomes huge loads of scans with the help of convenient feeder tray.

This makes for continuous scans and timely delivery. Such use of step technology allows for more than 35 ppm. This is an astonishing achievement at such crisp optical resolution.

These scanning options are a great way to tell how Epson es deals with thick pages with variety of sizes. It does not disappoint. As you can scan fleet of ID cards stacked in the automatic feeding tray and chill.

The quality of scanning is utmost premium as well as that of the tray. It is designed to withstand heavy loads of stacked papers. This is seen in 1200 dpi resolution of the scanned document about how serious Epson es is about their quality.

Save them with fast USB connection to embrace beautiful quality results. Upload them to the cloud to have them wherever you go. You will be getting the best from Epson in terms of lightweight carry design which takes the least amount of space.

The compatibility with windows, Mac and other operating system allows for fast connection with all devices for wireless seamless printing. You will be getting super accurate scans in no time, just like any high-end scanners for mac.

Elegant build quality and latest features packed in this small bundle provides a mystery top new purchaser. Not to worry as Epson have dominated the market and proved their stance in making trustworthy devices for their customer base.

The tray and open and fold when not in use which is a great benefit when you are carrying this along. The dual sided scanning has never been so seamless and silent. Furthermore, using this scanner not a headache as each button on the panel is labelled for their functionality


  • High end character recognition for divine photo scans.
  • Simple button panel with noise cancellation technology.
  • Stack 5o pages on automatic document feeder for worry-less sessions.


  • Sharing scanned copies directly with drop box or Evernote is not involved.

5. Canon Image Formula-R40 Document Scanner

Canon Image Formula-R40 Document Scanner

Now you can get your forms ordered from this duplex scanner accordingly. Your dual-sided scanning sheet issue is also taken into consideration. The Canon R40 is top of all scanner categories, printing at a mighty speed of 40 plus pages per minute.

Although it may be colored or not, you will be receiving a consistent scan with strong, improved text. It promises to yield such outcomes with effectiveness such that both sides of a paper will be finished in record time.

Makes your lives easier by including a feeding tray for all your ease. Now you can do other tasks and put in 50 plus pages inside the tray and just forget about it.

Not only that, you can use different types of size documents. Say ID cards or business cards that are needed to be scanned quickly. Stack them up in this canon and fire away your worries. Get super crisp, sharp results on the cloud.

Even if it's business or ID cards, the scan will be attuned to your requests with white background removal automatically. Such complex problems are explained with a super simple setup process.

Compatible with both Mac or Windows, connect via USB cable, and voila, you are ready to scan and organize those documents. Easily store all types of scans which are organized automatically for your convenience.

The white bezel texture seems so sophisticated and the tough design makes for eternal crisp scans. These scans are automatically improved from its OCR technology. Such ease is found rarely in scanners.

Hoard those documents in the tray and let Canon R40 spread its charm. Share them instantaneously to the cloud for storage or email it; these first-class scans need not any human interference at all.

The tray is super sturdy yet allows no jamming of pages whatsoever. All types are properly arranged with no bending of feed tray, even when full. That is the durability, canon promises to its customers


  • Duplex scanning makes for a confidant choice for household and office requirements.
  • Rich image value after each scan.
  • Stress-free and simple software to go along with this scanner.


  • Colored and dual-sided scanning force slow down your entire scanning process a little.

6. Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W

Brother Wireless Document Scanner, ADS-1700W

The process to remain connected with the power source for tiresome scanning and printing has now ended with the innovative wireless document scanner. These compact designed best auto-feed photo scanner has now revolutionized the world with their fruitful productivity.

These printers are specifically designed user-friendly to save strength and time being cost-effective. Brother's has always been very intuitive in that matter, always providing customers with the best products. That said, they have presented their best Wireless Document Scanner, ADS 1700.

This ergonomically designed scanner is the most wanted one by the customers. They've longed to use this tech with multiple features. This wireless portable document scanner is compact and easy to use. With the super-fast speed, it can handle the stress and the workload by being super-efficient.

The duplex-sided scanning offers the users the max speed and eases with the bulk load of papers. It has a built-in automatic feeder, which works up to 20 pages and at a single pass of 25ppm. The busy and hectic routine with the school or office sometimes hooks you off of tiredness.

This scanner is self-optimized will let you scan your essential documents in a single go. This sturdy minimalistic Sheet-fed printer is a must-have in your offices or at home. It has been geared with modern tech that offers compatibility with multiple devices. You can save or share your scans by uploading them on Email, dropbox, cloud services, etc.

This scanner is perforated to help you optimize your business purposes with a series of functions that are also inclusive of automatic color adjustment. With that and the image rotation feature, background removal, and text enhancement, this scanner can handle whatnot.


  • Versatile scanning with the most featured connectivity.
  • Portable scanner
  • Scans up to 34” length document
  • Duplex sided scanner up to 25ppm
  • HD LCD resolution of 2.8".
  • Automatic document feeder
  • Text enhancement feature with color drop
  • Hotspot connectivity
  • Superfast scanning speed. 


  • Not able to scan to cloud services being wireless.

7. Doxie Q Rechargeable Document Scanner with ADF and Wi-Fi

Doxie Q Rechargeable Document Scanner with ADF and Wi-Fi

In the future with this exquisitely styled Doxie Q scanner has outsmarted all other scanners in the market. You will find this amazing scanner as the best photo scanner with a feeder at a good value, which is nothing in front of its features. This dynamic scanner has a built-in ADF automatic document feeder with which you won't have to sit tight for long hours to get your document scanned.

This feature can quickly turn your documents into digital data by packing them into PDF files. A very lightweight and portable scanner that performs multi-purpose. The ADF can hold up to 8 pages per scan feeding the scanner one by one.

It can scan up to 8ipm. You can print in A4 format with 8.5 inches×30 inches. The duplex scanning specifier has been fed with the automatic image rotation, image crop, ADF tray, and many others.

In an economically budgeted price range, this scanner is all that you have been craving for so long. The most intuitive fact with this top-notch scanner is that it uses a CCD sensor. This sensor is the pro version of CIS. 

We have handpicked one of the best ergonomic photo scanners with feeder reviews among the best automatic feed photo scanners. It is fully compatible with Wi-Fi, USB, SD card, Dropbox, and iCloud Drive.

It is powered to scan up to 5 color pages, up to 600dpi. It is compatible with scanning photos, receipts, and fragile items. It creates a PDF of the documents and sends them directly to the storage devices. You can also share them with whatever location you may like.

It has an in-built ability to scan up to 122 inches of paper. This ergonomic scanner can scan upon the banner paper, inkjet paper, glossy or plain paper. It can be connected to the power source as well can be used separately with the external battery.


  • Mac and PC connectivity with ABBY OCR technology.
  • Reasonably very compact
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • USB feature
  • Economical price
  • Durable importing 


  • The foldable ADF isn't of good quality, of somewhat low quality.

8. HP Scan Jet Pro 2500 f1 Flatbed OCR Scanner

HP Scan Jet Pro 2500 f1 Flatbed OCR Scanner

This ergonomically designed high-speed photo scanner with auto feeder from which you can scan up to 20 pages per minute, 40 images per minute, and 1500 pages per minute. With the built-in automatic document feeder, it is more reliable and comes with longevity.

With this one-of-a-kind scanner, you can easily send your documents, fax them to your jobs or offices, or whatever destination you may like. You can always share them on dropbox, to your emails, share points towards your multiple destinations.

You can add various papers to the scanner, from glossy paper to banners, envelopes, label printings, etc. It also supports multiple software features, like cropping of an image, automatic exposure, page size detecting feature any many more. It has a built-in background removal feature that allows users to remove unwanted content from their pictures.

With this dynamic scanner, you can scan your business cards successfully and with more precision up to HD quality. You can also scan your receipts and plastic coated cards with this extraordinary printer.

 HP brings you to the most wanted scanner with the most powerful features, which can optimize your photo quality. These scans are of High resolution, which offers you auto-orientation, straightening the picture, cleaning up, and removing the extra useless or worn-out edges.

It has a built-in switch on/off technology. This helps when you forget to turn off the switch, and the scanner will automatically shut down the system. With the up-to-date HP scans, you can also personalize your profile for recurring tasks.

It has been designed to perform multi-purpose. It can scan your transcripts, applications, evaluation, and much more with ultra HD quality resolution, super-fast scanning speed, and multiple media sizes and types.

With the editable color scanning, documentation, PDF file format, and high resonance, OCR let you do the invoices and petitions at the Government level. In short, this multi-photo scanner feeder is a must-have for your daily essentials.


  • You can customize your folder and profile
  • Preview scan, delete, or format
  • Restoration of the previous scans
  • OCR compatibility
  • Automatic Document Feeder
  • Automatic switch on/off
  • PDF file format conversion


  • The error message keeps popping up on the screen repeatedly unless you shut it off.

9. Xerox DocuMate 152i Duplex Scanner

Xerox DocuMate 152i Duplex Scanner

Black and white duplex scanner with multi-purpose technology. This ergonomic best photo scanner with a feeder is user-friendly and has been designed to accommodate the customers' needs. This duplex scanner has modest technology with the 50 page automatic document feeder.

You must be wondering about the ADF, whether it is useful or not. With the fast scanning speed, when you're in a rush, you want to scan a bulk load of documents. This ADF feature puts you out of misery by giving you an advantage with the automatic feeding of paper to the scanner.

It also helps you in organizing documentation by converting it into digital format as PDF file format. With this extraordinary feature, it helps you with every bit of work, whether it's your job-related or your passion.

It serves the users with many functions. One of the above is the HD quality document scanning, and receipts are also scanned by it. With the one-touch optimization feature, it lets the user save their documents up to their choice. They can share on their personalized custom profiles, as well on google drive or dropbox, etc.

This scanner is compatible with both Windows and with Mac OS. It has built-in ADF, which lets the users draw 50 pages scans on the spot. With the storage in your customized folders, it also lets you access them anywhere, anytime. You can format those PDF files, delete or retrieve them for future use.

The ergonomic Xerox DocuMate 152i has a faster speed with the 50ipm. With the in-built TWAIN driver, it connects with the Mac easily, through which you can command the scan or share the document on to the scanner. The best 4x6 photo scanner with a feeder that offers versatile features.

This feature also enhances the OCR precision and accuracy. It also improves the scan's quality acting as a filter for the dark spots. It complimented our workstation really well since it already had the best 120 film scanner.


  • It has a small footprint.
  • Duplex scanning.
  • Economical budgeted scanner.
  • Automatic document feeder ADF photo scanner.
  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Quick scanning
  • OCR precision and accuracy


  • Sometimes the ADF gets stuck, causing troubled scanning, which is highly unreliable. 

10. Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex Scanner with Document Feeder

Visioneer Patriot H60 Duplex Scanner with Document Feeder

Are you familiar with the best photo scanner with feeder? This duplex ergonomically sturdy scanner is all that one could wish for small business purposes. It has a duplex scanner featured with the automatic document feeder.

 This scanner is designed for desktop office use. A minimalistic-ally designed portable scanner for everyday use to scan the business cards, receipts, labels, and essential documents. 

It offers the users high speed, up to 70 to 140 pages scan per minute. It has built-in software that lets you organize your documents in digital media. You can access or retrieve that data later on for your future use or whatever you may like.

With the ADF, it can draw extra-wide sheets up to 120 continuous shots. This scanner is geared up with the Visioneer Acuity software that enhances the resolution of images and improves their quality. It also creates searchable PDF formats and improved and organized OCR texts.

With the one-touch optimization and the 9 presets, it lets the users scan their own choice by just pressing a button. That being said, you can store this file on to the cloud storage and the destination of your own choice.

A must-have scanner for almost every home office or small business. With the auto feed photograph scanner, you can perform multiple functions at the same time. It can hold up to 12.5” by 7.5" by 6.6 inches of paper.

You can scan multiple pages with its superfast speed of 10,000 pages per day. With the help of OCR, you can remove the unwanted material or parts of the photo or document beforehand. This way, you can scan up to your desired area with more enhanced quality with this multi page scanner.


  • Reliability and great durability
  • HD quality scans
  • PDF retrieval
  • Outstanding quality with superfast speed
  • 70ppm speed
  • Two-sided as well as one-sided scanning
  • 200dpi per minute with more precision. 


  • Haven't been able to find any regarding this exquisite scanner.

Buying Guide: Things To Check Before Getting Photo Scanner With Feeder

Printers sometimes get crafty, and sometimes they fade, gets rusty over time. The same goes for the printed photos. They won't stay everlasting. With their faded color, they look old and with their worn-out effects.

For that reason alone, to keep your printed photos everlasting, scanners come in handy. This curated list of handheld scanners saves you time and effort and keeps your essentials stored in your desired location. If you are out looking for the best auto-feed photograph scanner, have a look at this list. You might find something of your interest.

Optical Resolution

Optical resolution is the main part of getting the HD quality scan. With the high resolution comes a more precise and HD quality photo. If your scanners are not compatible with this feature, you won't get a clear picture from your scan.

Photo Scanner with Feeder

If you are aware of their presence, look out for up to 300dpi, which lets you take a clear look at the photo that is being scanned.

Scanning Speed

The higher the digitization speed, the more efficient and reliable result would be. For each document's conversion, you need a superfast scanner that lets you scan around 25 pages/images in a minute.

This speed is enough for a start, which will be cost as well as time-effective for you. This digitization will let you finish your workload in just minutes.

Automatic Feeder 

With the built-in feature to feed the scanner papers, one by one automatically reduces your workload, and the scanning would be more efficient that way. The same is the case for ADF. If your scanner can hold up to 50 pages or more, it is a good start for your best scanning experience.

Photo Scanner with Feeder


1. Does scanner quality diminish if it portable?

The quality of a reliable brand does not shift in any way even if it is portable or not.

Change pages into pdf files and other formats. Improves gray images into sharp ones. Eliminates any dust and spots from them. Bring back the worn colors and much more. Read and translate text from those documents and can be copied to Microsoft word.

That is how sharp it quality of service is.

2. How page feeding tray helps in keeping the scanner cool?

Smart system allows the scanner to take only one page from the tray, once it is free. You can just feed them up in the tray and it will arrange them in proper order. The tray feature allows for stacking paper along for easy double sided scanning automatically. Numerous scanners offer 30 to 50 pages without heating up.

3. Can we use scanner without the need of computer?

Some originate with a built-in Wi-Fi module, which marks most devices compatible. The software can be functioned from their website.

So you join with your mobile or extra devices and take this along on your tours for quick scanning speed.

4. What is the difference between a photo scanner and a document scanner?

A standard text document does not need great high resolution or modification. Whereas, a photo burdens greater color depth with higher resolution. You can use a photo scanner to scan both of these types.

It is not sure that the scanner will sort stained or black and white scans of those pages. Regardless of that, it will let ultra-sharp scanning of all types.

Also, the photo scanner is also clever to find handwritten from printed ones. Therefore select a future proof scanner.

Final Verdict

Suppose you are reading these auto-feed photo scanner reviews on how to keep your printed photos everlasting. This curated list is specifically made for you.

These scanners are a must-have for your business purpose as well as for your educational purpose. If you are out looking for the best auto-feed scanners, look at this list, you might find some good ideas for yourself. Until then, keep searching for the best scanner of your like. Let us know what we've missed, and we'll come back with some fresh ideas for you.

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