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It is the innate desire of every human being to get the best for him. You probably wish for a printer that would print out stickers or other labels with the best output. Well, it is not an easy task.

Finding out the best Avery label printers is a difficult task, but their requirement in homes and offices is quite high. But all devices cannot produce exceptional results, so you have to be very picky to get the best for personnel use.

Whether it for home or office use, using Avery label make our lives much easier. After getting this, you will be asking yourself, "where was this before?" That is why we are here to help you find out these Avery label for making printing easy and reliable in no time.

10 Best Printer for Avery Label

1. Rollo Thermal Fast Printer

Rollo Thermal Fast Printer

Printers are the lifeline of any workplace because their demand has increased over time. Most of the offices require a fast, efficient, and user-friendly printer. Labels are being used for printing excessively because of their use in stickering of cars, doors, and much more.

It can support almost any kind of thermal labeling, so you don't need to worry about buying an expensive printer. The most important requirement is speed, right? You would feel like riding a horse as it prints at 150 pages per minute solving your problem of high-speed labeling.

Creating your boring tasks fun and easy with the capability to make in more than three different paper styles assures this a surprising labeling device. You can deliver with a clear plastic sticker option, white plastic, or clear white paper stickers with your custom dimensions.

You can use this multi-featured printer for both stack and roll type labels, so it is best for printing at home. This printer for labels and stickers is compatible with all types of platforms and is cost-effective, so you can deem it as one for all.

Moreover, the best part of this printer is that it works thermally, so you don't need any kind of ink or toner in case it runs out. The small size makes it ideal for placing it anywhere and is easily moveable. It can be deemed as the best printer among its competitors.


  • The capability of printing multiple labels on one page
  • Super-fast printing of labels in mere seconds
  • Easy to use and a slim design for adjusting at any place
  • No need for any specific ink or toner.


  • There is no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

2. Canon Pixma Tr450 Printer

Canon Pixma Tr450 Printer

You are probably looking for a printer that you wish to use for excessive work all day long. This one is the best printer for printing labels, pages, and all types of graphical papers. It can print coloring pages as well as black and white papers.

You don't need any kind of wire to connect canon pixma tr4520 wireless printer. Rather it is wireless, so you can set it up anywhere in your room with a proper adjustable place. You can simply use your laptop or smartphone for the printing of documents.

These highlighted features the user have complete power and convenience over labeling options and dreams. Show them labels in different colors, multiple sizes, and variable lengths of your favorite style at anyplace, anytime from canon pixma tr4520 wireless. The brand also produces 12x12 printers for scrapbooking.

Such super lightweight body makes it handy and convenient for stamping up products in shop aisle, DIY stuff, and every other task’s need. At the same time, such durability makes it the best label printer due to its easiness in use.

It has a separate USB and Wi-Fi connectivity system if you wish to adjust it with your pc. So it is a wireless all-in-one printer. Furthermore, a built-in system is installed that places reorder in case ink is short. One of the best printers for duplex printing of documents.

One can print any type of graphs or colorful pictures using this printer, and it can print Avery labels you want. It covers less area for adjustment making it smart enough to place it close to your other devices. It gives the best quality results of printing on photo paper.


  • Compact and light in weight for adjusting it anywhere you like
  • Connectivity with smartphones and tablets for ease of printing
  • Wireless printing mechanism
  • Holds multiple papers for the time being.


  • In case of excessive work, the ink may run out, leading to a halt at work.

3. DYMO Enclosed Label ThermalPrinter

DYMO Enclosed Label ThermalPrinter

In need of a fast and reliable printing partner? You got it right here. Just check out this small-sized and cool-looking printer. The best feature is the quantity printing meaning that it would only print the part of the paper you want for labeling and would save the remaining paper.

Are you fed up with a printer whose ink runs out? No worries, as this one don't use any ink. Rather it is thermal printing, so the worry of ink running out is no more. You can print directly with ease. Your results would come out in no time.

Develop out those flawless labels wirelessly. The use of Wi-Fi makes such wanted labels. Modify your tagging choices to what you like. Use your imagination and thus, can add it to about anything. The adhesive bond label lets it sit for a flawless-looking fashion decoration for your daily tasks and needs of all kinds.

You can also customize your labels by using MS office and print those labels. There is additional software provided by the brand to undergo speedy printing. This software supports in creating the address of files and folders.

Although it seems like a mouse, the efficient functioning of this printer makes it the best printer for Avery label. Highlights the features of the items during printing, ensuring the print resolution of top quality.


  • High-speed printing with 51 pages in a minute.
  • Easy to use and additional software for ease of users.
  • Small in size, covering less space.
  • Don't require any kind of ink for printing.


  • Cannot handle papers of higher dimensions.

4. HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless Avery Label Printer

HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless Avery Label Printer

Nowadays, smart printers are more attractive than traditional printers. It has surpassed its previous models in all kinds of aspects. Hp officejet 5255 can be connected through Bluetooth or wireless to ensure fast printing procedures.

The capability of dual-band Wi-Fi and scan copy makes it elite among the printers of its generation. You can use it for dual-side printing and can even print scan copies. There is no limit to this printer. By the way, the brand also offers the best tabloid printer units.

Flawless for daily printing requirements, you can rest guaranteed to get the exact-sized print for accessory, thanks to its self-learning technology. Hp officejet 5255 is usable with most online stores and warehouses. Thus the printing swiftness of 150mm promises to provide reliable labels printed at all times.

You will clearly see a difference between the qualities of this printer among many other highly expensive ones. You won't regret the choice you will make with this sturdy printer. Such inkjet printer can create on crystal clear substance permitting the users to develop full HD photos. Thus, this technology is often found in printer for photo booth strips.

The HP smart app can support you in fast printing and connecting it to all kinds of devices. The exceptional feature of cloud services, along with an automatic feeder, makes this printer the best printer for Avery labeling.

It can save your email attachments, print PDF files, and other flyers. There is just no break to the features of this multitasking printer. Name it, and you will get it right away. There is a separate control panel for the manual working of the printer. Lastly, you can get this printer for cricut explore as well.


  • Two Sided at a fast pace.
  • Can handle documents of all kinds of sizes.
  • Smart app for ease of users.
  • Automatic feeding of documents with up to 35 pages.
  • Scan, fax, and smart Bluetooth capability


  • Utilizes the whole page for printing a small label leading to excessive use of paper.

5. HP OfficeJet 3830

HP OfficeJet 3830

Have you ever imagine that what if you could get a device over which you would have complete control? Could you make it work from voice control? It has an additional highlighted features device named Alexa through which you can control it from a voice like ordering to scan or print.

Hp officejet 3830 has a touch control panel so that you can control it manually. The additional HP app allows you to set up your device, and then you can scan documents from your smartphone and print it through the printer.

Giving its users ultimate proficiency by using separate twin-turbo power of two rolls used concurrently for label printing, you will accomplish your store labeling tasks from this hp officejet 3830 in no time.

You can also print documents from the cloud services to create ease for users. If it is the quality that you look for, then the printed labels and stickers has a quality similar to laser printers. The working noise of the printer is to a minimum, and you won't even notice when the paper is printed until it comes in front of you.

Join it with your computer to have a unified connection and print stylish labels. Create distinct custom labels from separate label printing holes at the same time to establish your office supplies.

Moreover, the hp officejet 3830 is like a smartphone that has a touch screen, Bluetooth, wireless with an additional feature of printing documents, labels, or stickers. It is undoubtedly the best printer for Avery label.


  • Quiet mode for least noise pollution.
  • Touch panel to enhance working efficiency.
  • Smart app for connectivity of all devices for printing.
  • Handles multiple pages at a time of different dimensions.
  • Extra ink cartridges are provided.


  • Consumes a lot of space than others of its generation.

6. Brother HL-L2300D Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2300D Laser Printer

This first one is known for its best results in label printing. As you are mainly looking for an Avery label printer, then Brother HL is what we are also going to provide you as this printer's prime feature. On a side note, this brand also offers some quality color label makers.

This not everything that it offers. Obviously, there are other highlighted features like document feeder as well as scan and copy that come in one package. Quick and easy control panel to use is something you would love to have while doing some important work, and this gives you exactly what you want.

The long-lasting brother HL rechargeable battery pack lets you use it for long undisturbed hours during the day. Even when you are running low on battery, just plug in the socket, and you are caught up to those labels. Keep making those custom labels that achieve your determination.

With a printing speed of 27 papers per minute, it gives an average of 250 to 2000 pages per month. The automatic duplex printing allows two-sided printing with a 250 sheet capacity paper tray that works as an auto document feeder.

Windows 7 and are compatible with this machine but gives a little problem when you upgrade it to Windows 10. For this, all you need is to uninstall all the drivers from 7 and 8 to re-install in Windows 10.

This laser printer for label is supported with USB. This allows the working of your office smoothly without any hitch or glitch. High-speed interface for USB connectivity that prints professional black and white labels and pages at up to 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution.


  • The machine print media envelops paper plans and labels.
  • Automatic double-sided print makes it fast and easy to use. Also saves time.
  • High speed up to 27 ppm.
  • Compatible with windows.
  • USB support.


  • USB data cable is not included in the package.
  • No WIFI connectivity.
  • Upgrading to Windows 10 needs installment for smooth usage.

7. HP Desk Jet-2622

HP Desk Jet-2622

Suppose you want the best printer for product labels. This printer does the job just fine for labels and stickers on the products like medicine bottles or simple price tagging. The glossy paper used in labels needs no such extra input. It is just this paper that, after printing, becomes Avery labels.

Printers for Avery labels do not just do only Avery's tasks. Paper printing plan, card stocks, glossy photo paper, high-resolution printing are all its highlighted feature.

The manufacturers of hp deskjet 2622 paid keen attention to its making so that you can have the best experience. Working hard to make this product your all-time favorite needs some serious commitment, and that is making the customer's life easy.

Besides the compatibility from hp deskjet 2622, you will be getting a premium quality bonding agent label of sizes ranging from 1.5-4.1 inches with ease. You can rest guaranteed as hp deskjet 2622 has no height or width restrictions. Just that now, you can send and paste your label, tension-free with no worries of adhesive coming off, anytime soon.

An in one printer with print scan and copy is a highlighted feature that makes it the best printer for printing. Also, wireless all-in-one features allow wireless printing, air printing, and much more. All this is designed for you to simplify your everyday needs.


  • Hp desk jet 2622 comes with its powerful printing app. This HP smart app allows you to print and scan your documents or photos and labels on the go from any of your smartphones.
  • You can get free delivery for ink at your home if you choose to enroll in hp instant ink.
  • Hp desk jet is the most affordable wireless all-in-one printer to date.
  • Wide range of paper size support.


  • One-year limited hardware warranty.

8. HP LaserJet Pro-M281fdw Color Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro-M281fdw Color Laser Printer

It is famously said that big things come in small packages. In this case, you can experience it yourself by giving this product a try. Known as the best printer for Avery label. This laser printer gives perfect results with fast print speed.

The fastest speed printer allows 22 pages per minute. Perfect print resolution on Avery labels. The easy print is one of the highlighted features. This makes printing so much convenient as you connect your IOS mobiles, and with using any of the USB and WIFI support, print directly.

The HP Smart app allows easy setup for a printer that helps print and scan from your smartphone. You can also print directly from google cloud print option and cloud storage for picture printing and more.

Wireless connectivity is the highlighted feature as it gives the best connection that is steady and performs best with its dual-band WIFI and ethernet capability for other wired USB support.

High-quality color and laserjet performance make it ideal for use. Also, it has more space for pages than before. The inkjet printer intelligence works smartly when low on ink and optimize to work accordingly.


  • First page out with double-sided printing.
  • You can Scan, maybe copy, or even fax, and wireless all in one feature, making it the best printer for Avery label.
  • USB port available for connectivity and a 2.7-inch LCD.
  • Churns up to 22 pages per minute of fast speeds.
  • Simple to use, connect your iOS device to the same network as your printer to print


  • One-year limited warranty for hardware.

9. Canon 2986c002 Pixma Ts6220 Laser Printer

Canon 2986c002 Pixma Ts6220 Laser Printer

Inspiring results with creativity is what you are looking for; then, friend, this is the right place. The canon 2986c002 pixma ts6220 are looking for that will impress you with their results. A printer for printing labels is not like an entirely different device.

Printing Avery labels is one of the features of any normal printer. You are not supposed to buy a separate printer for the Avery label. Likewise, stunning photos to detail also doesn't need a separate photo printer.

Maybe most of you must be confused about making this decision. Many of us don't know that almost all of our normal paper printer comes with this added feature of Avery label printer that we may have never used.

The company never compromises on printing speed. The system works tirelessly to provide the best x 600 dpi and efficient end product. With this device in hand, printing labels at home has been made so easy to use on formal envelopes you need to send.

Pick font styles whichever you want, make different writing varieties, use symbols if you want, etc. All is conceivable with the humble buttons setup and an LCD. This helps to view the final label result beforehand.


  • The PIXMA TS6220 wireless is one printer that fits perfectly anywhere in the house. Connects with USB and Bluetooth.
  • It has an automatic printing option with IFTTT that helps work with ease. No compromise on print speed.


  • Connects only with USB and Bluetooth with no Wi-Fi connectivity.

10. Dymo-450 Twin Turbo Label Printer

Dymo-450 Twin Turbo Label Printer

If you want to eliminate the need and become waste and hassle-free from sheet labels, then this printer for a label is your new best friend. Print precise quantities according to your needs without difficulty.

Print USPS and DYMO Stamps postage from your desktop as this is a specially designed printer for labels. Such Avery label machine is easier to work with as it is small and print comes out in exact size as you need. Also, it has thermal printing technology that saves wastage of ink because it is designed to works smart.

Diverse-sized tapes are recycled for this labeling machine. To meet your daily practices, you require a printer that will not jam. Therefore this print, scan, copy is here to give you total control over what character to print.

This machine prints up to 71 four-line labels per minute. These four-line addresses can later be changed as per your liking and needs. Making it compatible with Windows and Mac so that later with DYMO label software, you can edit from your PC or Mac.

You can cut time in half by generating labels straight away from writing text in Ms Word, using other services, and several multiple programs or easily print address labels from excel spreadsheet.


  • Small and compatible.
  • Make small labels that are more feasible as they create less waste and mess.
  • Best for small four-liner labels that are used to write addresses and small price tags.
  • Label printing speed is also very good.
  • Compatible with windows and mac so that Avery labels can be directly edited and text can be used from mac address books.


  • As such, no negative point is reported in the reviews.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Best Printer for Avery Labels

You probably have some factors in your mind, but certain factors are universally accepted as the main factors responsible before selecting the best printers for the Avery label or the best wire label maker. You look at the space where you require the printer, either it is for personal purpose or office use.

Printing Speed

The first and foremost priority is to look for the printing speed of the printer. Because at the end of the day, it is the speed of printing that would determine the efficiency of the printer. You can check the number of pages it can print in a minute.

Printer for Avery Label

You can go for the description of the printer or reviews by going on the brand's website. It would affirm you about the printing speed of the printer for labels.


Look for the size of the printer as it is most important after the speed of the printer. There is a high demand for printers, and the space they require for setting up tells the professionalism of the printer. The dimensions of the printer are often provided on the brand's website.


The connectivity of the device requires several built-in factors that are required for ease of users. Connectivity can be made by a USB port, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi capability. A printer having all of these highlighted features would be easy to use because it can be connected to several devices, whether it's an avery label printer or the best micr printer.

You can connect all of the devices, and then if you wish to print a document from your mobile phone via apple airprint, you would simply need to operate on the smartphone.


1. What Is The Best Printer For Avery Labels?

If you really want our opinion on this, after reading this informative article. Then DYMO label writer label printer is the best so far. All of the above are no doubt the best hand-picked options provide for you, but the specific features this printer provides are the most suitable.

2. Can I Use Any Printer For Avery Labels?

As mentioned earlier that most of the printers do come with these highlighted features in them; it is just that we sometimes ignore some of the features if we don't need them. So, you do need a printer with this added feature.

3. What Kind Of Printer Do I Need To Print Labels?

For printing labels, you do need one of these above-mentioned printers option to use as an Avery label. Any other photo printer which is not compatible with this feature will not work for you.

4. Is Inkjet or Laser Better For Labels?

Inkjet and laser printer do come with the Avery label option and are better for use as they can be used for other work as well as they have other in-build features as well.

5. How do you keep Avery labels from smearing?

Avery labels are great to use for mailing, but they can become smeared if they come into contact with any other objects. The best way to avoid this is to be careful when applying or removing the label, and to use a lint roller before sealing up the package. When you apply the label, keep your fingers dry and lay it on carefully. When you remove the label, try not to touch it too much or else it may smear.

The best way we've found is to use a laser printer; since there's no toner in the cartridge--and because toner's heavy enough that it stays in place- this eliminates almost all smearing issues. With an inkjet printer, chances are pretty good that smudging will happen sooner or later thanks to lighter inks being used which have a tendency to slide around very easily when a label has been printed onto it.

6. How do you make labels waterproof?

That depends on what you're needing it for! You can use waterproof tape on your labels to protect them from water damage. 

Here's three other ways you can use to make your labels waterproof.

  • Choose a waterproof label
  • Clear gloss overcoat spray
  • Apply an overcoat sheet

7. Why are my labels printing out of alignment?

You may be confused as to why your labels are printing out of alignment. The most common cause is that the margins are set too small on the page.

If this is the case, you will need to make sure that there is enough space between your label and the edge of the page for it to print without being cut off. This can be done by setting the margins properly.

8. Can I use any printer for Avery labels?

Avery labels can be made with any printer as long as it has the capability to print on a variety of papers. If you have a laser printer and it prints crisp and clear on an inkjet printer, you should be able to print on Avery labels.

9. Is inkjet or laser better for labels?

Is inkjet or laser better for labels? Inkjet and laser printers are both good options for labeling items. With an inkjet printer, you can print on any kind of paper that can take water-based inks. It is best to avoid using higher quality paper because the ink may smear too much. Laser printers are great for printing clear, high-quality graphics.

Final Words

We reviewed 10 of the best Avery label printers, and choosing the best one is quite a challenge. These can print labels of different sizes and types. They are also supportive of office work and personal use.

We recommend that you should first figure out your objectives for buying printers. Hope this guide has helped you in one way or maybe your browser for the next search may show you related posts that make up your mind in buying one. Thank you.

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