Best Printer for Homeschool 2022

Who would have imagined that the invention by Johannes Gutenberg would one day become the need of every home, school and office work? One of the best human supportive inventions is the printer as it has changed the thinking and working conditions for us.

So, if you are in search of the ten best printer for your homeschool, then you can get one of these. There is a chance that you might have another one in your mind, but we are sure that after looking at these recommended by us, you would have better insight for buying printers.

Best Printer for Homeschool

1. HP DeskJet3755 Printer

HP DeskJet3755 Printer

If you want to choose the best printer for your work, then this one is the best printer for homeschooling. There is no such task that this one cannot perform, and you don't need to worry about the work. Just relax and enjoy the perks and privileges of hp Deskjet 3755. We had plenty of fun pairing this up with our document scanners.

The features of this printer are superior to many others. The look of this printer is quite attractive and smooth. More to this, you can copy your documents at a fast print speed, and even if you wish to scan, you can get it right here.

No need to worry about running out of ink as the instant ink feature is there to save the day. You would never need to worry about controlling the printer as it is in your hands because its smart app allows you to control it from your tablet or smartphone. You can use the app for printing and scanning documents.

You can now even print from cloud services like google drive or iCloud. Just sync it with the smart app, and all of your worries are gone for good. There is an input tray for 60 sheets to place multiple sheets in it for use.

The ultra-compact design makes it easier to set anywhere in the room. Light in weight and compactness make it even more desirable for having a printer at homeschool. For connectivity, the wireless capability would solve your problems. The quiet mode makes it work even more smoothly.


  • The airprint system increases the connectivity
  • Alexa system provided voice control.
  • Touch panel for manually controlling the printer.
  • Exclusive silent mode for smooth working.
  • Handsome input and output sheet storage trays.


  • In the case of an electric shortfall, there is no separate source of battery.

2. HP ENVY5055 Picture Printer

HP ENVY5055 Picture Printer

Sometimes the first thing that you are looking for in a printer is its versatility based on print media. In this case, you can print colorful envelopes. A plain paper and a photo paper. The smooth finishing and shiny appearance make it more desirable.

It has surpassed its previous models based on Bluetooth connectivity as it has an even higher range of connectivity and is the best printer for homeschool. Thinking about some high-quality photo printing? You can get them right here.

Not only it's limited to printing but scanning as well. You can print black and white papers along with color printing as well. The ink for the cartridges is easily available and is delivered to your home as well. It has an additional feature that spends less ink and produces good output. Oh! You can also use this as a cricut printer machine.

No need for a buying guide as well as a user guide because hp has provided their most powerful app for this printer through which you can easily set up your printer and use the app to sync all devices for printing. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi capability for good connectivity and higher efficiency.

The duplex printing feature makes it faster to print two-sided documents at a higher speed. The 2.2-inch touch screen on the printer would help to use it manually and control the machine in case of no connectivity to other devices.


  • Higher connectivity of Bluetooth ad Wi-Fi.
  • Capable tp make prints from cloud services.
  • Touch panel for manual control.
  • Smart app for air drop printing and controlling.
  • Both sides printing of documents.


  • Sound is produced during working due to no quiet mode.

3. Brother HL-L2300D Laser Printer

rother HL-L2300D Laser Printer

For heavy printing and a higher workload, we recommend that you should buy this printer. Why do you ask? There are several features of this printer that you cannot find in ordinary printers. It seems bigger, but that is what makes it best printer for homeschooling and is highly useable. You'll enjoy using it in conjunction with your optical character recognition scanner.

Furthermore, it is compatible with Windows of your PC and its previous few versions, and an exclusive working guarantee is provided by the brand as well. Buying a printer is never easy, but this is the one you have been looking for. 

If you need a printer with a higher paper tray, then this is the best one. It can hold 250 papers in its output tray, so you don't need to stop the printer while working. Rather it would continue to work. The speed of this printer is unbeatable as it prints up to 25 sheets, which would save hours of yours while printing at homeschool.

You'll be glad to know that you don't have to fix brothers printer leaving black marks on the edges of paper frequently on this unit. The printer is almost free of that annoying issue.

Moreover, it seems bigger, but it is designed in such a compact way that when it is placed, it covers very little space. You don't need to move your paper upside down after one side printing because it is designed to undergo double sided printing.

This printer can print clear black and white papers and has a resolution of 2400 * 600dpi. It has a USB connection so that it would be easier for you to print your documents with ease. Moreover, it has an automatic double-sided printing system.


  • USB connectivity for ease of printing.
  • Large tray for holding sheets.
  • Compact and light in weight.
  • Exceptional multiple sides printing speed.
  • Laser print quality technology, so no ink is required.


  • There is no WI-FI capability in this printer.
  • Not capable of scanning documents.

4. Brother Multifunction MFCL2710DW laser Printer

Brother Multifunction MFCL2710DW laser Printer

Buying a printer for teachers sometimes is a headache, right? Why make it a headache when our guide would provide you some of the best printers for homeschool? Now, this model compensates for the lacking features of other models of Brother.

It has laser technology that prints directly on the paper. This makes the print speed process relatively fast, and there is no use of ink for cartridges. It saves you the cost of getting ink again and again as soon as it runs out.

There is an additional automatic document feeder which can automatically feed up to 50 pages at a time. So you can say that you can print half of a book with ease. The paper capacity is large as it holds almost 250 pages.

You can perform all kinds of multi-featured tasks like copying, scanning, and fax as well. So it is a one for all printer. You can handle multi-sized paper owing to the flexible homeschooling technology. There is certainly no limitation over this printer.

Furthermore, it helps you in the creation of professional-looking custom school documents. You can connect your smartphone or control it wirelessly with ease. Brother can also be connected through the wire, so it is hybrid technology. There is no need for refilling ink or papers because of its capabilities.


  • No need of wired connection of tablets and smartphones.
  • A large tray of holding papers.
  • Auto document feeding mechanism.
  • Scan, print, and fax capability
  • High printing capability up to 30ppm


  • Extra series of buttons for manual controlling leads to confusion
  • Large size is a hurdle in adjustment.

5. Brother HLL2395DW Flatbed Printer

Brother HLL2395DW Flatbed Printer

For quick printing and scanning at homeschools, this printer here is most suitable. It has a flashy appearance and is deemed as one of the perfect printers for printing at homeschool. It has excellent connectivity, for example, Mopria, google cloud, and much more.

Laser print technology is famous for its high-speed, non-stop printing, and this is the embodiment of laser technology. It has a capacity of 250 sheets at a time, so you can print a whole book in a single go.

You can insert multi-sized paper, either they are common use or legal paper. It is also compatible with mobile printing, meaning that brother is wireless, and you can control it using your smartphone.

If your homeschool work is more linked to cloud services, then be at ease because you can print and scan from the cloud as well. Brother has a clear scan glass for printing and scanning at a higher speed. If it is the two side printing you demand, then this would get you your wish granted.

An additional touch display is provided on top of the printer because sometimes you wish to get up from your chair and move around. So you can print manually. It is easy to use and yields higher efficiency than previous models.


  • Mobile device connectivity capability.
  • High-quality printing.
  • Handles paper of all sizes.
  • Fast scanning of documents owing to flatbed glass.
  • No need for ink because of leaser technology.


  • Limitation overprinting media as it only prints over the plain paper.

6. HP Plus 4155 Instant Printer

HP Plus 4155 Instant Printer

If you are looking for some awesome printers for teachers with ink cartridges that need to be filled less, then this is the right choice. You can use this printer for both-sided printing along with two-sided printing as well. It is said to have the best print speed than other of its generation.

No need to worry about the printing of pages per minute as it is a multitasking printer that can scan, print and fax as well and is best to print for homeschool. It has an instant ink supply for two-sided printing and is a new printer on the market.

Your sheets would print at a fast pace and scan within no time. It has high connectivity due to wireless capability and Bluetooth services this hp printer has provided to print directly. It has an auto document feeder for 35 sheets at a time.

You can copy and scan the documents and even send them using cloud services provided by the hp smart app. Just don't worry about the color of the picture as it has high-quality color printing. It can print multiple color pictures at a time with ease.

You can connect it through a USB port, and it is best for wireless printing at homeschool. For choosing the best inkjet printer at homeschool, we recommend you to get this one. With fast print speed you can print through the website in this browser and find ease in using it even more.


  • Fax and copy scan through mobile.
  • Easy to set up and use for color printing.
  • Cartridges are set to save ink when required.
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • High printing speed at homeschool.


  • There is no photo tray in this homeschool printer.

7. HP 6055 Printer

HP 6055 Printer

Looking for a high print quality inkjet printer? This hp printer is the most versatile printer for printing photos, color papers, and black sheets. There is no such task that cannot be done at homeschool using this printer.

Moreover, it's a wireless printer that can be connected within a specified range and is easy to set up according to its guide. There is no limitation over the number of devices connected with it as anyone can scan and print a color photo at home.

One can use glossy paper or plain paper for printing and is compatible for sided printing or printing black text on the sheet of paper. There is no specified dimension of paper as it can undergo borderless printing.

It has a powerful smart app that can be used to increase the efficiency of work and provides sharing of documents with simple steps. The increased connectivity and multifunction capability have made it highly desirable.

It is also referred to as one of all printers because of the multiple features it has. Small size and compactness make it one of the best printers for homeschool. It uses black cartridges made by hp.


  • Compact and light in weight.
  • Large ink cartridge for excessive use.
  • Self-healing connectivity of Wi-Fi
  • Print and scan from cloud
  • Manual use through the control panel on the printer


  • Not capable of handling papers of multiple sizes

8. HP ENVY Mobile Printing 6455

HP ENVY Mobile Printing 6455

The market of printers is evolving at a fast pace, right? But it is often difficult to choose a printer that could meet your expectations. It should have an ink cartridge or laser printing technology or fast printing, and much more. So figuring out the best printer for teachers at school is tiring work.

You can print school work in a matter of seconds with ease. This one comes in a variety of colors and has UI buttons for controlling it in case of sided printing or color print. An additional auto document feeder is having a large limit of 35 pages. You can use this printer for scrapbooking as well.

A simple, smart flatbed scanner is associated with it as well, in case you need to send documents or upload them anywhere. At home or schools, you often need to print, copy or scan papers or sheets for computerized access or record. This hp printers is there to create ease for yourself.

The input tray can handle almost 100 sheets at a time, making it one of the best printers for homeschool. You can create half of a book in a single go. Either it is black or color printing of text or photos.

The connection of smartphones allows you to control the entire printer in your hands. It can help you during duplex printing, and you can mark the required fields for selective printing using hp smart app.


  • Fast print speed owing to a high number of sheets in the input tray.
  • The automated system of the feeding of documents.
  • Mobile fax is possible on this printer
  • Connection of PC through USB port
  • Made from recycled plastic


  • Lack of quite a mode resulting in more sound during printing.

9. Canon LBP6230dw Color Laser Printer

Canon LBP6230dw Color Laser Printer

There are two types of the printer in today's world. One is those that are deemed as all-in-one printers but are high in prices, and others are those printers that are less costly but provide limited features. In the case of homeschool printing, it depends upon the demand from the printer.

It has a Canon print app that connects your mobile phone with the printer making it easy for canon print. Either you are looking for color printing or simple black printing of text of the white paper, you can get it through this printer.

For homeschooling, this canon print is more than enough as it easily meets your expectations. It can at a time hold 250 sheets of paper, making it a large reservoir for storage of paper sheets. Moreover, the compact size of the machine would use less space.

Further, this laser printer can print almost 25 sheets of pages per minute. So if you have to print a book of 250 pages, you can print it in 10 minutes. No wonder why this laser printer is in high demand. Plus, this is one of the easiest to factory reset Canon printer units.


  • Fast speed of printing up to 25 pages per minute.
  • The compact is size leading to consuming less space
  • Paper size up to 14 inches.
  • Easy replacement of cartridge
  • Easy to use and manually controllable


  • There is no capability of connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Lack of cloud services.

10. Epson WF 2860 Wireless Printer

Epson WF 2860 Wireless Printer

Think about able to replace different parts of the printer if any of the ports stop working? This brand solves this problem as it delivers brand-made parts of the printer if any of the parts stop working to save your money from buying an entirely new printer.

Epson has cartridges that are only compatible with their own. These cartridges can be refilled and are easily replaceable. The design of this printer is quite compact and is best for color printing photos. While we are on the subject of printing photos, check out these photo booth printer units.

Now, this Epson unit is a proven high-speed printing printer as it prints up to 100 sheets and enhances the capability for homeschooling use. A touch panel is installed in the case of using it without a cellphone or PC, and its flashy appearance has a grace of its own.

You can get high-quality printed documents with sharp black text for clear visibility and exceptional results. One of the best printers for homeschooling. No need to worry about one-sided printing as it has an auto copy, scan feature.


  • You can feed 30 sheets through document feeding mechanism.
  • Saves space due to design
  • Wireless and Bluetooth printing with a high range
  • Exceptionally fast printing speeds up to 30 pages
  • Scan, copy, and print, so one for all.


  • Limited to Epson cartridges only as another cartridge cannot be placed, which might lead to a halt in work.

What To Look For Before Buying A Printer For Homeschool?

There are certain requirements for you before buying a printer for homeschool, just like a edible image printer or the best laser printer for minc. It can be the demand or use of printer meaning the application, and you probably wish to invest where you could get the best output.


It is important to first check out the cost of the printer. The reason is that you have to decide on the best printer for the given amount of money you have. You can adjust the printer depending on the cost. You probably go for a printer that has less cost and good features. The units we have listed are all low-cost compared to the performance they provide.

Choose the Best Printer Technology

Printing technology is one of the key factors in determining the buying guide of a printer. Sometimes you want high-speed printing, and for that, a laser printer is good, but it is costly.

Printer for Homeschool

Similarly, inkjet printers have evolved, and results are also exceptional. And they are widely used in silk screen film printer units. But the replacement of ink is an issue. So, carefully decide between laserjet vs inkjet printing technology according to your use case.


1. What is the best printer for home office use?

The demand for printers is quite high in the office or school so you should go for a printer that has laser-based technology. For home inkjet and laser, both can work as the demand is quite less.

2. Which is the most economical printer for home use?

The cost of a printer is derived from the features you require. As features keep on increasing, the more it becomes costly. We would recommend Espon WF 2860 auto document feeder printer for use as it has multiple features and is cost-effective.

3. Which Printer brand is most reliable?

If you are thinking about considering the best brand for printers, then we recommend HP is the most suitable one because from daily use to high use their printers are quite reliable.

4. Which printer is best, Canon or Epson?

In our view, Canon is better than Espon as it is more cost-effective and yields higher efficiency. And our verdict remains the same in case of printer for architects as well.

5. What are the disadvantages of the Inkjet printer?

If an inkjet printer is not used for a long time, then all of the ink gets dried up, and changing it is another problem.

Final Verdict

It is difficult to find out the best printers for homeschool as you have to consider several factors. This can be the printing technology, reliability, and cost of the printer. You should choose the one depending upon the workload.

We hope that this guide would have helped you enough to get to a better decision. You can also give us a suggestion. Thanks.

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