10 Best Printer for Infrequent Use – Which One To Buy?

Have you ever thought of a printer that you can use for all your needs? Well, it's a hassle to have all in one printer that is also the best printer at its game. For some time, we did not have those kinds of printers because the market did not need any.

But as the world is changing, so is our need to display our creativity. Many people want an all-rounder printing machine. It must be able to tackle all verities of tasks and more. It should be future proof so that whenever a new demand comes up, your printer is ready to go.

While some provide such flexibility, others just make you want to buy their printer. For this reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to help you, people, out in finding a printer . You need to have your photos printed with crisp quality or your presentation slides; these are catered for in this article.

We will be looking at multiple features like wireless connectivity and how much is it reliable. Does it print any good? What kind of support does the company give in terms of quality and much more! This way, you can rest assured we have got you covered.

So want to know which one are those types of printers? Let us get started and choose for ourselves which one is right for you.

10 Best Printer for Infrequent Use

1. Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer

Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer

Canon Pixma ix6820 is a highly recommended machine for people who need to print documents or photos once in a while. It is considered the best printer for homes and professionals as it yields outstanding results and isn't a space hog either. By the way, you can trust this printer brand for foil printing at home also.

This printer is easy on ink as well, occupies less space, and prints admirable quality printouts. Due to the low usage of ink, its overall running cost is also very less. Thus, it proves to be a very cost-effective option for occasional use.

Additionally, this printer offers amazing printing quality. The print media is glossy photo paper or scrapbook paper, and the results are far greater than the expectations. However, If you want a printer that will print on watercolor paper, then this is not the ideal pick for you

Not only that, Canon Pixma ix6820 is renowned for having decent reviews in the art world. The rich, vibrant canon color and high-resolution quality of output enable one to get professional quality printouts at a relatively reasonable price.

The best part is that you can easily find decent refill carts for drastically cheap rates. Moreover, precision in colors is the next best to Canon. It has been observed that this printer gives off extremely accurate colors.

It comes with an (ADF) that has a capacity of 150 sheets in a paper tray. It prints at 9600 x 2400 dots per inch maximum print resolution and 600 x 600 black dots per inch.

The ix6820 comprises fine print head technology and supports AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and Pixma Printing Solutions (PPS). Furthermore, this model is also compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac.

This machine's only drawback is its printing speed as it's not as fast as its competitors. But considering the professional quality of photos, it prints in monochrome and color, that one negative can be disregarded.

Canon Pixma ix6820, in a nutshell, is an appropriate option for people who do not need an all-in-one printer. It's a solid investment if you want high-quality printing with a low running cost.


  • Wireless connection.
  • Supports Ethernet.
  • Compact.
  • Vibrant colours.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Hard configuration and setup.
  • One paper holding tray with less capacity.
  • Lack of duplex print.

2. Hp OfficeJet-8025

Hp OfficeJet-8025

Another option for the best all-in-one printer is HP OfficeJet Pro, which comes with wireless capability—just like a wireless label printer—and can print, scan and copy. It's designed with inkjet technology and offer low running cost for light-duty printing needs.

This inkjet printer offers a 225-sheet paper tray and can produce high-resolution output with remarkable printing speed. Moreover, its Automatic Document Feeder has a capacity for 35 sheets and comes with an auto-duplexing feature.

In addition to that, HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 features Wi-Fi direct and hp smart app which means you can connect your smartphone directly to the printer for instant printing. HP smart app, Apple AirPrint and Morpia can be connected with ease.

You can use any Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS to configure this printer. To avoid any interruption, it offers self-healing Wi-Fi which enables a steady wireless connection while printing.

Therefore, also supports Ethernet and can be easily connected to an existing network. The best part is that you can control all the settings and modes from the front panel, which features a color touchscreen of 2.7".

It offers exceptional printing speed for both monochrome and color prints. It takes an average of 10 seconds per print which is remarkable as compared to other inkjet printers.

Another applaud-worthy thing about this printer is that it comes with a monthly subscription to HP Instant ink. The subscription cost is cheap and cuts down a great chunk of your running cost, especially if you use a printer occasionally.

One more worth mentioning feature of this printer is its sustainable design. It is made with recyclable plastics and other waste, so with these best printers, you'll also be combating pollution.

All in all, this HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is a sensible option as it comes with everything from compact design to all-in-one functioning. It's considered among the top printers for infrequent use because it offers a low running cost. Hence it's an ideal choice for small offices and workgroups, and households.


  • Excellent printing speed.
  • High-resolution photo and document printing.
  • Borderless printing.
  • All-in-one.
  • Low operating cost.


  • Only one paper tray.

3. HP OfficeJet 3830

HP OfficeJet 3830

HP OfficeJet 3830 comes in a compact size and lightweight. Along with that, it offers all the features that you need in any printer. It can scan, print, copy and perform all high-end functions at low cost.

Not only is it print speed and accuracy, hp envy it also offers all-in-one functionality. With its user-friendly touch screen interface, you can configure and control your printer with ease.

For ink system setup, it comes with traditional tri-color and black cartridges. For the competitive running cost, HP envy offers you a two-month subscription to HP instant ink. Therefore, you can save a significant amount on ink if you use a printer occasionally. And if you decide to go for after-market inks, check out our remanufactured ink cartridges review.

Due to its amazing features and low cost, this hp envy printer is among the best printers for infrequent use. It allows you to scan and print directly from various apps, including cloud printing and mobile printing.

To minimize the noise while printing, you can use its quiet mode. Plus, you can copy and print various media such as glossy paper, card stock, envelopes, etc. However, if you're hunting for a printer for sticker printing only, then this might not satisfy you completely.

This printer is entirely wireless and therefore saves you from physically connecting through various cables. You have to do the configuration settings and connect your smartphone and this printer with the same Wi-Fi network.

It comes with an automatic document feeder (ADF) that is used for copying and faxing. With a capacity of handling 35 sheets at one time, it can make copies real quick.

On the whole, if you're in search of a printer for occasional use that can perform all the functions, be it printing, scanning, copying, or faxing, then HP OfficeJet 3830 is your way to go. Plus, HP Officejet 3830 troubleshooting is extremely easy.

However, its only negative is that it doesn't support duplex printing, but that's not a big deal for people who print once in a while. But all things considered, HP OfficeJet3830 is a worthy purchase if you need a versatile, cheap, and dependable printer for infrequent use.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Low running cost with HP Instant ink.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Outstanding printing quality.
  • Touch screen feature.
  • Automatic document feeder (ADF) with 35-sheet.
  • Good printing speed.


  • Lack of Ethernet and flash memory.
  • High ink cost.
  • It is not able to print duplex.

4. HP LaserJet Pro M29w

HP LaserJet Pro M29w

Talking about the viable all-in-one printer choices for occasional use, HP LaserJet Pro M29w steals the deal. Not only this printer offer a competitive price in comparison to other laser printers, but it also comes with outstanding functioning.

This compact monochrome laser printer is an all-in-one device, which means it's fully capable of printing as well as copying and scanning. However, it lacks colour and duplex printing, but you get an all-in-one laser printer at such competitive rates. Thus, it makes a strong case of being used as a printer for homeschooling.

Hp Laserjet Pro m15w looks attractive in a compact design that measures only 14.2 x 10.4 x 7.8 inches, hence does not occupy too much space. Due to its compact size, it proves to be an ideal printer for the home.

Furthermore, it also offers remarkably fast printing speed and can print up to 19 pages per minute. Plus, similar to other HP devices, it too can be handled via the HP Smart app. You can connect your printer via Wi-Fi, WiFi Direct, or USB and print through your smartphone or laptop.

Like other laser printers, HP LaserJet Pro M29w also contains a toner cartridge instead of the ink cartridge. In the long run, the replacement cost of cartridges proves to be economical as it can print around 1,000 pages in one cartridge.

The bottom line is, HP LaserJet Pro M29w is undoubtedly a worthy investment and a best printer for home, but if you need color printing or have a lot of multipage scans or copies to make, it won't work for you.

Since it lacks an automatic document feeder (ADF), you will need to place every document face down on the glass plate to scan or copy. If you frequently find yourself in this situation, then another model can be a better choice for you.


  • Compact design.
  • All-in-one printer.
  • Low cost.
  • High print speed.
  • Wireless printing.


  • Lack of duplex print.
  • Monochrome print style.

5. Canon Pixma TR4520 Monochrome Printer

Canon Pixma TR4520 Monochrome Printer

Having the best silent work ethic, canon Pixma tr4520 delivers a superior quality inkjet print results. A sturdy look with an ergonomic design suits the black and white theme. Whether you want to run it at home or office, the print style makes it a sure buy for anyone. And, We sure as heck enjoyed the service of this beast along with the text recognition scanners that we already had lying around.

Such quick connectivity with USB 2.0 also enabled makes this one printer a companion for infrequent use. You can create several pages per minute with no jamming or any ink spills whatsoever. The automatic document feeder is here to help with auto duplex printing.

Such superb print copy is achieved after easily connecting with mobile devices. The canon Pixma tr4520 offers wifi direct connectivity in ultimate form for occasional use around your home. Now roam freely around, and ink system are taken care of.

That is because the amazon dash replacement allows for refill automatically when you got the best printer for home. Dual-sided printing offers a cost-effective solution to saving cost . Canon Pixma tr4520 is able to print, scan, copy whenever needed.

Thus overall running costs are to a minimum while getting the highest print speed at all times. The presence of a USB port makes for convenient print and infrequent use. The canon Pixma tr4520 is able to deliver astonishing pages per minute with duplex print running smoothly.

A high-quality color printer for two-sided print results is accurate with consistency. You can get it for your home or office and get the job done. Such a compact design is a technical marvel and gives wireless connectivity so that you can use it anywhere in your home.

The automatic document feeder also supports identifying pages and sizes so that whenever you need to print high volume, it does not malfunction. Thus canon Pixma tr4520 grabs everyone attention due to its start-up agility and print speed.


  • Air print with a mobile device.
  • Superior high quality printouts.
  • Best printer for infrequent use because of Wi Fi direct features.


  • The LCD is an old design and does not offer any help to tackle modern-day issues.

6. Brother HL-2350DW Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother HL-2350DW Monochrome Laser Printe

Whenever you want an occasional printer that has a good paper capacity to accommodate, don't wait, and just get it. The same is the case for brother hl l2350dw monochrome laser printer. Getting high-quality standard maintained throughout is a technical marvel in itself.

The sheet capacity is more than 250 sheets at a time which is more than you can suffice. Thus this color laser printer is a super-efficient printer for infrequent use. Showcase razor sharp prints with 32 pages per minute. With brother, you can have a reliable and comfortable experience for a long time.

Such a printer for home use has a manual feeding tray. Using mobile and wireless printing has never been easier. Just send the file to the hl l2350dw printer, and it will be able to recognize and print in high color quality in no time.

The two-sided print makes for saving on the running cost of pages. Thus helping on saving the environment too. The variable option makes you able to print for infrequent use. Whether it's envelopes or business cards, duplex printing is a lifesaver. 

Either uses a USB 2.0 or wireless connection; the print quality will remain the best. Such a compact laser printer with mobile or desktop, you will love it all the time for all the occasional use. Such flexibility to accommodate multiple types of designs of paper sizes is superb.

Whether you are on a budget or want to have a solid performing printer for infrequent use, brother hl l2350dw is here for all those needs. Print copy of this machine is unlike any other on the market. From paper capacity to auto duplex printing and scanning, you are getting the best all in one churning machine.

Such high fidelity results are hard to achieve from a black and white printer in this day and age. While the USB 2.0 port option is present, you will be using its splendid wi fi connection all day long. As a bonus, it will not be heating up anytime soon.

However, you may face brother printer black smudges on paper issue. But that's an easy fix anyway.


  • Multiple paper printing types, e.g. envelopes, etc.
  • Compact size for sitting along on desktop, working silently.


  • Automatically goes in deep sleep mode, which does not turn up when needed at critical times.

7. Canon 2986c002 Pixma Ts6220 Photo Printer

Canon 2986c002 Pixma Ts6220 Photo Printer

Reducing the running cost is any printers dream. Here, you don't need to worry about that anymore. Get the highest quality printouts and one in one wireless printer. The sleek design and handy button setup ensure the user to have a comfortable overall experience. You'll have a lot of fun printing the scanned photos by medium format film scanners with it.

Print with five canon color ink system, which allows for a vivid printer for home use. Such one printer for occasional use is hard to come by with efficient use of ink. You can print out studio-level passport photos with this just by learning how to print passport size photo. The canon 2986c002 Pixma ts6220 will never compromise on performance and print speed.

Such speed in delivering 30 pages per minute is proof of its durability. That is the reason for it to be named the best printer for infrequent use. The small size and easy setup make for a convenient printer for home or office needs.

The wifi direct features allow for multiple sessions from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, two-sided printing is a must, so by doing this, canon takes the lead. The google cloud print makes for your scanned copies to be printed in no time.

Many printers allow for seamless connection with wifi which is a great tool for easy, on the go. Now others can also connect and benefit from this service in no time.

Thus the overall saving cost per page and on energy too. Such a superior monochrome printer makes for excellent prints. These auto duplex features are a staple of canon color printers. Among others, the USB 2.0 port allows for super-fast files transfer.

The google cloud integration with this scanner/printer comes in handy all the time. You can keep those important documents that you scanned while also print them wherever you need them. Therefore, the best printers for infrequent use is here to help solve all your problems with ease.

The printer does not seem any different even if you use this printer for infrequent at home or office. The simple design may fool you for its power and precision in delivering those crisp results on the go.


  • Mobile printing with easy connectivity.
  • Different page print sizes for different creative needs.
  • High-quality ink system for photo print sessions.
  • Easy user interfaces touch screen for newbies and professionals alike.
  • Front and back separate paper feeding tray for different paper sizes.


  • You cannot use other manufactured ink cartridges.

8. Canon TS5120 Wireless All-In-One Printer

Canon TS5120 Wireless All-In-One Printer

Multipurpose printers provide users with features beyond printing. That said, it is one of the best low-end multipurpose printers by Canon. If you are looking for an all-in-one printer, Canon TS5120 is geared with all such accessories.

Being a lightweight and compact printer, it is well suited for your home or home offices. Given that, if you are looking for pocket friendly, with the best photo printing results, then Canon TS5120 is a go.

Getting beyond the multiple choices, you can make a list of features you require in your printer. You will surely find all those features in this superb printer. It is far most the best printer with simple, attractive rounded corner designs. With the black and white prints, scan and copy, you can also get high quality scanned photos.

With the low running costs, this inkjet printer can hold up to 200 sheets. Built-in sheet tray and the 100-sheet rear feeder fits up to 20 sheets of letter-size photo paper.

The flatbed scanner has duplex double-sided printing, which prints on both sides of the printing sheets. With that, it certainly lacks an Automatic Document Feeder. You have to manually put asides the paper for printing, scanning or faxing purpose.

This is so far the best printer for a home that is also compatible with computing devices. With the built-in Canon Pixma app, it lets you connect with social networking, photo-sharing, and storages sites.

Unlike the high-end Canon printers, it lacks Ethernet connectivity, whereas fully functional with the USB. It has hassle-free connectivity to Windows 10, Cloud 4, and Bluetooth. Being the wireless all-in-one inkjet printer, you can draw top-notch best quality photos, as well as scan them whenever you want.

Provides fast-speed printing with 4.8ppm for the Word documents and 2.1ppm of the entire suite. It also gives out the best High resolution scanned photos within seconds with good graphics. These features make it an average but multipurpose inkjet printer.


  • Compatible with cloud print and mopria.
  • Holds up to 200 sheets in the tray.
  • Auto switch on/off mode.
  • Wireless with Ethernet connectivity.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Easy control panel for Document removal reminder
  • Fax, scan as well as high-quality prints.


  • Low-quality holding tray.
  • The plastic body makes it a low-quality printer.

9. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Print Wireless

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Print Wireless

Your hands are full, and you need to scan/print your documents ASAP. Among the best inkjet printers, Epson EcoTank ET 2720 is the all-in-one multipurpose printer. With the low cost, it manages to become the best printer for occasional use and infrequent use. A solid option for your home or home offices. 

It is a lightweight and compact color printer that turns out to be amongst the best top-notch high-quality printers. With that, you can draw exclusive prints as well as scans at a very low cost. By being compact, these printers for infrequent use takes a very low space, thus sitting on your Computer Desk.

You can share, scan and copy the documents via the Google cloud services or with the SD card storage. Epson has managed to compete with the high-end products with its low cost, but with the multipurpose features.

They offer a wide range of printing and scanning services. These printers have a built-in control panel of 1.44 inches LCD. You can control the printing process by pressing the arrow keys, Back copy, Cancel or enter keys, OK, Home key etc. these keys have a wide variety of functions of which you can draw high-quality prints.

Unlike those high-end printers, it is geared with modern tech but lacks an Automatic Document Feeder. You will have to flip the printing sheets yourself. Thus being time taking and a long process, but gives you the quality that no other budgeted printer offers in that value.

The paper handling is geared with the 100 paper capacity, which pulls up and out according to the capacity from the rear of Epson EcoTank ET 2720. With the whooping print speed of 10.5ppm. This monochrome printer comes with fully packed ink cartridges.

This ergonomic multipurpose EcoTank ET 2720 is designed as the best printer for occasional use. With the top-notch inkjet quality, this printer has reduced our bulk load of work with its super-fast speed and offers a great deal with the higher volume printing.

The bottom line is that it lacks some features despite that it makes up with the best HD photo quality and low running costs. If you intend to use this printer irregularly, this printer is compatible with any frequently used paper size. It can print up to 8.5*11", 8.5*14", on the A4 paper, and A6 paper. On a side note, epson printers for screen printing are widely popular just because they are a master at providing top-notch features at an affordable running cost.


  • High-end print quality.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Multipurpose printer.
  • Low printing costs.
  • Compatible with the Google cloud.
  • Stable Wi-Fi connection.


  • Lacks automatic document feeder.
  • No auto-duplexing with the low paper tray capacity.

10. Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer

Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer

At this platform, we have already discussed the most user and budget-friendly printers. This color printer is designed to perform multi-functions. With that, you'll also get high-quality photo printing along with two other functions. You can draw HD quality prints or scan your essential document as well as along with faxing.

Among black and white-coloured printers, this printer is a coloured laser printer. It is well-suited for your home, home offices as well as low volume offices. If you are looking for a cost-effective coloured laser printer, Lexmark C3224dw is your option.

This monochrome color laser printer is a very compact and lightweight sheetfed printer. Moreover, it is very easy to install due to its straight forward features. A simple printer with little to no-walk-up options.

The control panel is geared with the two-line monochrome LCD, with the addition of a navigation toggle. There's a back key, cancel button and a power switch. Among these, it can fit anywhere on your desk.

With the dimensions of a tray capacity that holds up to 250 print papers. With that, it has a built-in Single sheet feeder so that you can relax while it will draw the prints for you.

Wi-Fi compatibility makes it more obvious in infrequent use. Along with that, you can also connect the USB and with the Ethernet. By the installation of the Lexmark mobile print app, it supports Mopria, Air Print and much more.

The maximum duty cycle of this ergonomic printer is about 30,000 prints per month. It lets you set up 10 PINs from which you can deny or accept the users' request. With this, you can secure your documents by preventing third party access. Thus making it a printer for infrequent use.

In addition to the confidentiality of the printer, it can also duplicate your documents. This keeps the document stored in the memory so that in the future, whenever you need them, they become available to you.

With the super-fast print speed, it draws about 24 pages per minute. With this color laser printer, it prints up to 13 ppm. Despite that, the print quality of the pages is extraordinarily intricate, and the objects are well-delineated.


  • Duplex double-side printing.
  • Stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Laser color printer with HD quality imaging.
  • Best printer with a USB port.
  • Low budgeted printer.
  • High and Maximum volume ratings.
  • Confidential documentation.
  • Delicate 600*600 dpi with color imaging.


  • High printing costs.
  • No direct Wi-Fi connectivity.


1. Which are best printers for infrequent use?

Canon Pixma iX6820 is considered the best one for infrequent use. However, HP OfficeJet 3830 is also quite competitive in functioning.

2. What is the easiest printer to set up and use?

Among all printers, HP OfficeJet 9015e is the easiest to configure and manage. That is becasue of the ink system is easy to replace here.

3. What is the best printer that uses the least amount of ink?

The best printer for low running cost is Brother MFC-J995DW. You can churn out a great number of prints before the ink cartridges get dried out.

4. Are laser printers better for occasional printing?

Yes, laser printers are better for infrequent printing as they use toner powder that lasts longer, unlike ink cartridges that get dried out if not used for a while.

5. What does DPI mean?

DPI is the number of ink dots that a printer deposits on each square inch of paper. So when we say that the printer 600, it means that your printer will print 600 minuscule dots of ink on every square inch of print paper.

Buying Guide

There are many brands out in the market of almost every range. If you are looking for something unique and with a low budget but covers almost all the essential features, then read along. You will get quite an idea of what to buy.

Make yourself a list of items that you are going to check in your printer. We have researched those features, which you might be needed for getting a printer for infrequent use. For that purpose, we have made sure to get all the information on a single platform to ease your search.

Follow along, and the right one will come to you.


You must have heard about the two common types of printers; laser and inkjet printers. These print have versatile distinguishing features. If you are looking for your business purpose, you need to clarify both of them.

1. Inkjet printer:

There are many low to high-end inkjet printers with multiple features. These printers are specifically built for commercial use, where you use them every day.

Inkjet printer

But if you are infrequently using them after some time-lapse, then you are going to end up in the market for new cartridges every time you intend to use them. They are not very suitable for your home purposes.

2. Laser Printers:

Laser Printers

If you are looking for printers for your home-based purposes, then the laser print is the best one you've got. The toner cartridges produce HD quality prints along with the scans. The ink doesn't dry very easily. It gives you an option whether to use them frequently or not. Oh! This technology is also popular in laser check printer units.

So, the choice between laser printer vs inkjet printer is really up to you.


With the advancement in technology, the modifications are in the wireless feature of theese printers. With the passage of time, wires are becoming a hassle nowadays, so these printers are a life saviour.

With the Wi-Fi direct, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB compatibility, you can print them wherever you want. You can also take them with you while going on a ride or for business purposes.

With the built-in battery, they can work wirelessly. Make sure the one you are getting has a wireless feature.

Image Quality:

For the longevity of printed photos, the printer's quality matters a lot. These printers for occasional use give pictures that are the assets of your happy moments.

Without the HD quality, no one could be able to tell about the minute details. But with these printers, the prints will be more versatile and impressively vibrant. Each detail will be presented in a professional way to you.

Final Verdict

It all comes down to what are your preferences in terms of looking for a quality printer. If you want to save up on the running cost of a printer as a whole, you have it here. All of these printers come from reliable brands which take customer satisfaction very seriously.

Sometimes there are perks and disadvantages to everything, but you have to make a checklist of what you want from the best printer for infrequent use. You can have a quick go through all these and find the one to your liking.

You might like using them infrequently, and it won't cause you any trouble. That is the quality we are looking for. These printers are one of a kind in every aspect. Just take our word for it and relax. We have gathered all the pros and cons of the ones listed above.

So it does not cause you any much trouble in finding one that best suits your needs. Whether it's a different page size or speed, you are sure to find one best printer for infrequent use for this list.

If you have any suggestions, write us with "next time I comment" so that we can add your useful feedback on our articles. Until next time, thanks.

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