10 Best Shipping Label Printer for eBay

We agree it is a challenging task to find a printer that best suits your needs for eBay; this is especially because different people use their home and office printers for different reasons.

Label printers, without any doubt, have a high demand because of the wide range of applications they offer. They also  create ease for users and fulfil other printing requirements of as well.

But if a fast printer is what you're looking for that doesn't lag and comes equipped with up-to-date technology then you have arrived at the right information source that will help guide your search.

Now sit back, relax, and read on as we provide you an insight into the ten best shipping label printers for eBay.

10 eBay Best Shipping Label Printers

1. Rollo Thermal Barcode Printer

Rollo Thermal Barcode Printer

On the lookout for a cost-effective shipping label printer that has the best thermal printing output? A compact printer with intelligent design, Rollo prints standard address labels, ideal for eBay shipping as it prints at a high speed of 150mm per second. In fact,  you would be amazed when the print labels come out because resolution is found as dots per inch or 300 dpi in the product description. This one is, without doubt, the best printer for product labels.

Moreover, there is no need for ink or toner in its direct thermal printing technology, the print resolution of which is relatively higher definition in comparison with others. And the best part is: this label maker is available on most major platforms so getting your hands on it is easy.

Rollo Label Printer is also compatible with both, Windows and Mac both, so you need not worry about the kind of PC you have. Nor do you need to worry about anything else: you can use labels in the form of a stack for printing, and if you wish for roller-type printing, you can go for that too. Print barcodes, ID labels, and much more using Rollo's printing technology.


  • High-speed label printer for eBay shipping
  • Light in weight and compact in size.
  • Highly cost-effective owing to thermal print technology.
  • No need for ink or toner.
  • Available for stack and roller type printing, best eBay label printer for thermal printing.


  • There is no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity in the printer.

2. MUNYBYN High-Speed Label Printer

MUNYBYN High-Speed Label Printer

If you are worried about the printer's compatibility with your Windows or Mac, then no need to worry anymore. This one is here to save the day due to its compatibility with both, offering high-speed printing of eBay labels.

As a matter of fact, one of the quality eBay shipping label can be obtained from this flash-looking printer. Additionally, the printing technology being used is thermal, so it can be called a thermal printer for eBay 2021.

It is also most suited for shipping label as it can save your time and cost both. You can customize the label as per your needs. It has direct thermal print technology so that you can print warehouse labels, barcodes, food nutrition lists, and much more. This can also work as a large font label maker for teaching purposes.

You don't need to take the stress of identifying the label to the printer; instead, it has an automatic label detection mechanism that would detect the label by itself, and your shipping label would be printed at high speed.

You can change the label rolls depending upon the quality, and its print resolution is relatively high. Whether it's an address label or shipping label, it has the best thermal label printing technology, so relax and enjoy.


  • Identification of label automatically.
  • Small in size and easy to use.
  • High-quality printing of shipping labels.
  • Fast label printing with 72 labels in a minute.
  • Environmental friendly label printing. 


  • There is no LCD for manual control of the label printer.

3. DYMO 1755120 Compact Label Thermal Printer

DYMO 1755120 Compact Label Thermal Printer

Your requirement highly relies on the printing device you buy or the application of that label printer. Sometimes you wish to use it for personal purposes, then you don't need some high profile one, and sometimes you need one that could work simultaneously as per the demand.

The Dymo Label Printer is small in size, and its design among its highlighted features is compact enough to be placed anywhere. But If you're still having doubts about its printing technology, we are pleased to inform you that this one too uses thermal technology, which means the pain of getting ink and toner again and again doesn't apply. Thus, you'll not have to look for the best printer with long lasting ink cartridges.

Moreover, the Dymo Label Writer can be printed to 4." and you can print warehouse labels, bulk mailing labels, barcode labels, and more, making it a preferred choice by many for eBay labels. It also lets you customize the labels, with its additional template.

As far as the printing speed is concerned, it can print 53 standard four lines labels per minute, which is quite fast for such a compact printer. FYI, the Dymo Label Printer also offers options for labels of different sizes. Need we say more?


  • Highlighted feature: high-speed label printing (up to 53 labels in 60 seconds)
  • Best suited for shipping labels
  • Labels of different sizes can be printed using Dymo Label Writer
  • Customizable templates for printing shipping labels
  • No need for ink or toner


  • Limited to a printing of wide label as it can only print up to 4."

4. Arkscan 2054A Direct Thermal Printer

Arkscan 2054A Direct Thermal Printer

Have you ever considered buying an all-in-one printer? If yes, then well done. If not, look no further. It's right here —  one of the most attractive label printers on our list: Arkscan

It can print shipping labels for Amazon, Shopify, Pirate Ship, ShipStation, and many other platforms. So no matter where you intend to ship, this printer will make your life easier with a decent quality output.

Arkscan 2054a has an adjustable label size mechanism through which you can print a maximum of 4.25" and minimum-till 0.75". So there is a wide range of eBay shipping labels that you can print without the need for ink, owing to the thermal printing technology it uses.

The additional software helps you easily use and even print graphical barcodes and other label with built-in design print to help you print shipping label. Arkscan 2054a takes almost 1 (per) second to print a label making it one of the best label printers.

The best thermal label printer has a USB slot for connecting it to Windows or Mac and a power switch for manual control of the printer. Moreover, the reserved slot for Ethernet makes it even more desirable to have it. You can use it for LAN purposes and have more connections along the lines as well.


  • USB slot for higher connectivity
  • The adjustable mechanism for the size of printing label.
  • Fast printing with one label in a 1 second
  • Free software for ease of usage
  • Broad range for printing shipping labels of different sizes


  • There are no templates for a first-time user or beginner.

5. MFLABEL Barcode Thermal Label Printer

MFLABEL Barcode Thermal Label Printer

Were you bothered by the jamming of paper in your previous label printer? Do you think of buying some new label printer that doesn't interfere with, or multiply,  your workload? Well, you may have just found your  match.

The printing paper is never going to be stuck in this label printer because of the paper cutter for easy removal of the shipping label. The thermal printing technology produces high-resolution label, so printed labels appear professional.

The eBay labels can be printed at a fast speed, so this buddy would never disappoint you if you have a high workload. Moreover, no need to be concerned about compatibility because it can be easily connected to Windows or Mac using the USB port. 

You can easily access the printer in case of any issue using the side button that only needs to be pushed up to start. With this sticker label printer, you can also change the sticker type: roller-based or fanfold-based.

There is an LED button at the top, which acts as an indicator of feed. It also has support for multiple versions of Microsoft Windows. Further, it also has the capability of printing labels of different sizes non-stop.


  • High-quality print output
  • Label printing of multiple sizes
  • Additional paper cutter to avoid the jam
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Among other highlighted features it is light in weight and easy to adjust


  • There is no user manual provided for understanding of printer.

6. Ziccga Shipping Printer for Windows and Mac

Ziccga Shipping Printer for Windows and Mac

If you want your printing problems to be resolved at home, this makes for an ideal choice. This printer is compatible with Windows as well as Mac. With this, you can print your labels directly from the Google sheets if you know how to set print area in Google sheets.

It is one of the best label printer for eBay, saving your time with its 150mm/s speed. Along with speed, the quality of prints is also not compromised.

This thermal label printer can make roll label and also fanfold label. It prints labels of various sizes. It is also used to print trademarks, barcodes, and shipping labels. Address labels, tags, etc., are also printed using the DL-770D printer.

Its compatibility with significant sales and shipping platforms like Shopify, PayPal, Etsy, and even Amazon makes it easy for you to get it. There is no limit to what this label printer cannot do. It is fast enough to keep up with the blinking of an eye.

Just forget about the worries you had previously. The money you are going to invest in this device would surely pay off.


  • Compatible with Windows and also to MAC IOS.
  • Faster printing for labels
  • Can print a variety of labels.
  • Light in weight and compact in design
  • Prints colorful label as well.


7. BEST EASY Thermal Label Printer

BEST EASY Thermal Label Printer

If you are looking for thermal printers, this is just the right one. It is one of the best label printers for eBay and makes warehouse labels, bar code labels, and Fanfold labels. The printer can print any preferred height and prints the best shipping labels as well.

Now you don't need to worry about if the printer might not connect your older or updated versions. This printer has perfect compatibility for your Windows 7 to 10 and even new ones for ease of users of all kinds.

Now you no longer have to wait; this label printer works at the speed of 150mm per second and saves your time. This high-speed thermal printer works fast compared to others of its competition. So if your demand is speed, then you have got it.

This label printer will not cost you a single penny for extra inks and toners. This direct thermal printer saves your money for inks or ribbons, making you stress-free and help you work for extended hours.

This label printer works in various ranges, including supermarkets, catering, and medical care departments. It is also used in producing continuous batches in the Industrial sector, making it highly desirable for labels printing.


  • No extra inks or toners are required.
  • Faster than others similar to it.
  • Has a wide range of use.
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Highly suitable for industrial usage


  • Non-compatible for MAC

8. NefLaca Direct Thermal Printer

NefLaca Direct Thermal Printer

This thermal printer meets all your demands in one. This high-speed thermal printer works up to 127mm/s. The quality of prints is all that matters. However, the 203DPI resolution makes sure you do not have to worry about the quality.

The best printer is the one that is compatible with all kinds of devices and software. This printer here fulfills the requirement and provides a wide compatibility range that includes all windows and Mac systems.

This printer is ideal for warehouse labels, barcodes, and ID labels. The auto label identification feature makes it even better than other printers. It is one of the best label printers because of this feature.

The quality of the prints this printer produces makes it appropriate to bring more benefit to your business. The 203 DPI print resolution makes sure of good quality prints and graphics. So just relax and enjoy its features.

You no longer need to get confused about the installation of printers. This label printer comes with a CD to drive the installation process. It is an affordable label maker that does not need any ink or any cartridges and functions on its thermal printing.


  • Faster printing speed.
  • Compatible with Windows as well as MAC System.
  • No ink or Cartridges required.
  • Auto prevents paper jams.
  • Easy to use and install


  • It has more weight than other printers for labels.

9. OausTect Thermal Desktop Label Printer

OausTect Thermal Desktop Label Printer

We are surrounded by many label makers that produce the best shipping labels and various others. Durability is a key that makes this printer distinct from others. It can print labels of width ranging between 0.78 to 4.6.

This label printer eases the problem of downloading the printer driver. A video in the USB flash drive is used to take guidance for installing the printer. This includes a set of videos and simple guidelines for the installation of the printer correctly.

This is one of the best printers for eBay in 2021 that shows compatibility with Windows XP and new ones. You don't need to think about buying some expensive printer while you have this as your partner.

It can produce a variety of types of labels, including barcode labels and bulk mailing labels. Shipping and warehouse labels are also made using this label maker. So you can say that it is highly compatible and one in all.

You can find it on all major sales platforms. These platforms include Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and many more that are commonly being used. The printer's lightweight and wide range of label printing make it highly desirable for home or office labels` printing.


  • Easy Installation.
  • Compatible with Windows XP and new ones.
  • Light in weight and easy to set up
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Easy to open for replacement of paper


  • No additional batter in case of power runs out.

10. Phomemo Desktop Barcode Printer

Phomemo Desktop Barcode Printer

If you are concerned about the cost in terms of buying a label printer, then this is the one you have been waiting for. The reason why it is so cost-effective is that it doesn't use any ink or toner, owing to its direct thermal technology which lets you save a lot of money.

Furthermore, for shipping labels of eBay, it is most suited due to the capability of adjusting to labels of different sizes. Thus whether it is eBay labels or any other platform like Shopify, Amazon, or others, it is suitable for all.

As far as the printing speed is concerned, this printer can exceed all. It prints 150mm/s and a bulk of labels per minute, so if you want a label after every second, then you have got it here. It has long working hours and the capability to work continuously without any break. This makes it highly efficient for someone of its size.

In a time frame of 12 hours, this best thermal printer can print almost 43,200 sheets that are massive enough to carry out significant platforms' tasks. The thermal printing makes it fast and smooth for extended hours of work without stooping as there is no need to stop it and change its ink or toner.

If you are concerned about this thermal label printer's connectivity, don't be; it can connect with both Windows and Mac. Moreover, the USB connectivity makes it even easier and smoother to use. This ease of use is only enhanced comes with the addition of a guide that helps users understand how to make it function.


  • Easy connectivity to PC
  • Breakneck printing speed
  • Labels of different widths can be printed
  • Flatbed design making it smooth and classy
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Easy guide with short videos


  • There is no LCD screen for manual control.

Things To Check Before Getting A Shipping Label Printer For eBay

It is a remarkable fact that we usually go for an item that is flashy in appearance, capable of undergoing multiple features, and is cost-effective. Many factors play a role when you are looking for the ten best shipping label printers for eBay. You should check the following factors.

Print Speed

One of the primary concerns for buying the best thermal label printer is the printing speed of the printer. The application of label printers also derives it. If you are using the printer for personal purposes, you might not be concerned with speed as work is less.

The description of printing speed can be found out on the brand's website or reviews which can give you an insight. If the application is in the office, then you need a fast printer. So before you buy a printer, it is essential to check the printing speed.

Shipping Label Printer for eBay

You just need to check the number of labels a printer can print in hours or seconds. The print speed is also derived from the technology being used. Just go into the depth of reviews, and you will surely get a good guide of the printer's speed.

Printing Technology

Printing technology is the method or device through which labels would be printed. It can be ink-based or thermal, or laser. Usually, it depends upon preference and results. Every technology has its pros and cons, but printing technology derives the cost and results.

Suppose you get an ink-based technology; it is cost-effective, but the problem is ink replacement. So, it's widely employed in screen printing film printer. Similarly, the other printing technologies have their perks and setbacks as well.  You can check the technology through the description of the product.

Shipping Label Printer for eBay

All in all, our personal recommendation is thermal printing technology. You ask why?

The reason is that it doesn't require ink or toner and is easily replaceable. Moreover, the result's resolution is premium as well.

Also, if wireless connectivity is something you desire, you can go for a wireless label printer.


You are always concerned about the cost, right? Let's be real: no one has extra money to spend. It is often assumed that a higher cost guarantees a higher quality output but that's not always the case. The aforementioned label printers are highly cost-effective and have a bunch of high quality features.

Remember: The market has several printers that cost less and are yet feature-rich. You just need to know where to look. And not all label maker will be able to print shipping labels, even if it's a top label maker for cables.


1. Can I print my shipping label for eBay?

You can easily print the shipping label using a label printer. You can also go to a services center and get it printed from there.

2. How do I print a Rollo label on eBay?

When you create a label on eBay, you have to click and enter the label creation preferences. The pop-up has multiple options from where you need to click 4*6 label printer. Afterward, you need to save the preference and continue.

3. What is the best printer for eBay labels?

Every printer has its own set of features. But according to our recommended list, the Arkscan 2054A is the best suited for the printing of eBay labels.

4. Is it better to print shipping labels on eBay?

It would be far better for you to print labels on eBay because it saves your time as well as money. The reason is eBay provides labels at lower rates than carrier service providers. So you can save money on eBay.

5. What shipping label printer should I buy?

The shipping label printer depends upon your choice and the money you are going to invest. If you are thinking about the best shipping label printer, then we recommend Arkscan 2054a.

Final Verdict

We agree that you are in search of the best shipping label printer for eBay, and we sought to help you in your conquest. The money you invest needs to meaningful and at the right choice.

You should go for the features of the printer as they are the first requirement. Fast printing speed and suitable quality labels are usually the first and foremost concerns.

Moreover, a printer's capability to print a wide range of labels is the primary feature that you should look for as well. We hope this guide helped you reach a reasonable decision. To learn how to create and print addresses and labels from excel and google sheets, give our previous post a read.

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