Can I Use A Cricut Cartridge That Has Been Linked?

Cricut cartridge is a very interesting thing and easy to use. Before going into the details of its usage, we must understand what it is. Cricut cartridge is a pattern carved in a little plastic box.

There are a thousand Cricut cartridges for a single theme, for example, Christmas, birthdays, or Halloween.

A linked Cricut cartridge is one that has been already connected and used with a Cricut Maker. Suppose someone gives you a bunch of Cricut cartridges that have not worked for them well. There is no need to throw it away. You can use it perfectly if you know what to do.

So, a Cricut cartridge can easily be used and reused if it is intact. You can definitely use a Cricut cartridge that has been linked. There are two major types of Cricut cartridges, physical cartridges, and digital cartridges.

Physical cartridges are those which are available in plastic boxes and are fitted in the Cricut maker to make patterns, themes, and designs.

Digital cartridges are those which are available online, and you can download and use them. The benefit of using digital cartridges that they are vast in variety, and you do not need to worry about the results.

It makes the exact color and theme as shown. You can also use physical and digital cartridges simultaneously.

How To Connect Cartridges With The Cricut Maker?

In a simple electronic maker, you need to insert the Cricut cartridge in the cartridge holder, which is present on its top usually. With the aid of a keyboard, you can connect them to the Cricut craft space and then edit and make the design on your computer screen.

How To Connect Cartridges With The Cricut Maker

If you want to access digital cartridges, they must be linked online with the Cricut craft space so you can easily access them. So, to establish this connection, log in to your Cricut design space and then click the menu option and select the option of link cartridges. Ensure that the Cricut explorer is on and connected with your device, i.e., laptop or computer.

Then from the option of 'link cartridges,' select your required Cricut. Then select the option of 'insert cartridge.' After the Cricut cartridge is recognized by the Cricut Maker, it would blink the light to give you the signal. Then start using the Cricut cartridge.

How To Locate And Use A Linked Cricut Cartridge?

In the case of digital ink cartridges, people find it difficult to access the cartridges they have already linked and used. In the case of physical cartridges, you need to find out your Cricut cartridge from the list of images that are being displayed on your computer screen.

If you can not access your cartridge, then there can be some issues with it, and they need to troubleshoot at once. To find out the required Cricut cartridge, first, log in to your digital Cricut space. You would see an icon showing a person, click on it and then click on 'my account.'

Your account information will be displayed on the screen. At the ultimate left corner of the screen, you would be able to see the option of 'linked cartridges.' The information relating to it would be displayed that when did you use it. Select it to reuse it again.

In the case of physical cartridges, the cartridge, when installed in the Cricut cartridge holder, there will be a list of images displayed on your computer screen when you open canvas digital space. Then click on the option of 'my cartridges' to see the cartridges that you have. Select the required design.

Troubleshooting Linked Cartridges

If your cartridges are already linked and not working for you, then there are three possible solutions:

  • Your cartridge must be linked with some other device, but there are options that you can still access. Try all those options like connecting your device with the other device or contacting customer care.
  • If the Cricut cartridge you have purchased was already used and purchased, it would not be accessible for you. You can contact the former owner to link it with you.
  • To avoid this, use new cartridges or, in the case of physical cartridges, make sure they are original even if they are old.

That's all for today. You can check out previous article to learn what blades come with cricut maker.

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