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How To Make An Envelope Out Of 8.5×11 Paper?

Papercraft is a great skill. It involves the creation of new things from paper using the simple methods of gluing, cutting, folding, and arranging. And while many have perfected this skill to extraordinary levels, there are still ways for all of us to engage in this craft! Let’s start by learning to make the perfect envelope […]

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Cricut Projects You Can Do At Home?

Cricut is an exclusive machine that does almost everything you want to create out of any material like plastic, cardboard cardstock and wood. It is used to make daily homemade items not only for décor but also for other valuable purposes. Cricut maker can cut, carve, sew and design anything that you want. Cardstock is thicker […]

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How To Print An Excel Spreadsheet On One Page?

Excel spreadsheet is an excellent tool to collect data and to analyze it using mathematical for calculations and statistical formulas. In a spreadsheet, data is contained in the form of rows and columns. As the data collection and analysis in it is easy, its printing is not so. In excel sheets, it so happens that the […]

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How To Print In Black And White On Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word doesn’t just let you create a digital document but it also lets you print it any way you want. With a wide variety of stylization options available, one can ornate their documents with different types of fonts, shapes, tables, charts, as well as colors to further enhance its engagement. However your printer controls the […]

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What Can I Do With A Cricut Maker?

Before knowing what to do with a Cricut Maker, you need to understand what it is. A Cricut maker is a machine used for crafting and creating things. It cuts and creates almost all things ranging from paper to leather and even wood. It can cut from softest to hardest thing. It not only cuts but […]

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How To Set Print Area In Google Sheets?

Google sheets allow you to have control over how you want your pages to be printed. You can select the layout scaling and format of your document manually. Remember: selecting the print area is an easy process, whether it is a word file, a spreadsheet, or an image.The need to set up a printing area […]

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How To Print On A Cardstock Canon Printer?

Printing on heavy cardstock paper can be tricky and result in malfunctioning of the printer if your printer does not support this function. There are many other means to print out card stock papers so if you are sure that your printer is able to do it, then go ahead with that, or less you would […]

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Can I Use A Cricut Cartridge That Has Been Linked?

Cricut cartridge is a very interesting thing and easy to use. Before going into the details of its usage, we must understand what it is. Cricut cartridge is a pattern carved in a little plastic box. There are a thousand Cricut cartridges for a single theme, for example, Christmas, birthdays, or Halloween. A linked Cricut cartridge is […]

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