Cricut Print and Cut Size: Image Too Large?

When it comes to Cricut image printing and cutting, there is a specific size that it would allow. If your image or design exceeds the limit, then the Cricut maker will show the error of image size too large and not print it. So, you need to adjust the size of your image to get it correctly printed.

There could be a minor issue with your screen resolution, due to which the image appears larger than the actual. For example, if your screen resolution is more than 110, it would show that your image is large for printing. For this purpose, you need to set your screen resolution, and the Cricut printer would accept your image in no time.

Adjusting screen resolution

  • To change the screen resolution, make a right-click on your computer screen and then select the 'screen resolution' from the menu box that appears.
  • Now a Window would appear in front of you to make the text and images smaller or larger.
  • Select the 90% resolution from the scaling option and then click on the 'apply' button.
  • To activate these settings, you need to restart your laptop or computer.

Adjusting the background

If the image size is too large and you want to generate a printout of a specific area of the image, you can cut it by an adjust its background so that its size would automatically be adjusted and printed with the Cricut.

Cricut Print

You can use the image background and cut a specific part of the image using software, and then save your settings. But preview your image before printing. Previewing is most important in this case because it would tell you that the background has been removed, and your image is now ready to be printed.

Adjusting material size

You can adjust the material size from the project review screen. There is a specific size that the Cricut allows being cut and printed. So, all you need to do is to change the material size of your design. The background mat of the required design would be decreased in size.

Adjusting material size

So, the actual design would be fitted on that decreased mat size. As a result, the actual design size would also be reduced. So, it would not be rejected by the Cricut maker.

Adjusting the image size

Instead of readjusting other things like mat design space, it is better to change the image size itself. The benefit of changing the image size is that you would review the actual size that would be printed on the paper. So, you would get an idea of how exactly it would look.

So, the actual area of the image is 29 by 29cm. If you are image is greater than that, you need to adjust its length and width from the canvas. After you have readjusted the settings, save them and then go for printing.

Adjusting the image size

In modern Cricut, it does not give you the option of 'image too large' and simply generates a smaller version of your image. This condition is very frustrating as it increases your workload. To avoid this error, it is always advisable to check the length and width of your image that it does not exceed 29 cm each.

Breaking the images

if your image is large and does not fit on a single mat, then there is an option to divide the image into smaller parts so that it would fit on the mat easily. A standard mat would allow the image of 29 by 29cm to be printed. So, what if you want to print out a bigger image, for example, 35 by 35cm. You are going to need a bigger mat for it.

 But what if you could adjust the larger image on the same smaller mat? for this purpose, you need to cut the images and then rejoin them smartly in such a way that they get adjusted in a smaller space but are printed with a greater size. Cut your images into small pieces like about 15cm in length and width, and then join the pieces together.

Cricut Print and Cut

The piece size for images would be smaller, but the image itself would be larger, and as it is in the divided form, it would be printed easily using a smaller mat having less design space.


A Cricut maker is a simple device that can cut and craft almost everything ranging from paper to wood. You can design and create almost everything from it that you can think of. So, if you face the common issue of Cricut showing an error that the image size is too large for printing, try any of these methods to help you. Working smartly can help you get your desired result.

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