Cricut Projects You Can Do At Home?

Cricut is an exclusive machine that does almost everything you want to create out of any material like plastic, cardboard cardstock and wood. It is used to make daily homemade items not only for décor but also for other valuable purposes. Cricut maker can cut, carve, sew and design anything that you want. Therefore, there's no limit if you're wondering what can I do with a cricut maker.

Cardstock is thicker than paper and a type of cardboard. There are varieties of cardstock paper available, varying with thickness, colors and sizes. It depends upon your need that what you are making you would use the cardstock paper relatively.

There are many cardstock projects that you can do at home. You can create drawers, cardstock house, brushes holder, gift boxes, gift cards, decoration pieces, hangings, cardstock toys, cardstock games, photo frames, graduation caps and many more things.

Drawers And Cupboards

No matter how much space you have in your house, there is always a need for extra drawers to keep your things. If you are thinking of adding some partitions in your kitchen, cardstock in cabinets is the best choice. You can use multi-colored cardboard partitions as indicators for different things like knives and spoons are forks to be put in different folders.

If there is less space in your bedroom for keeping your child's clothes. Then making a small chest of drawers using cardstock is a unique idea. The benefit of making a card stock draw is that it is a portable device.

Unlike wooden drawers, it is not heavy; you can lift it and reposition it wherever you want. If you work smartly, you will make a spacious thing out of simple cardstock paper, which fits neatly into a small space.

A Cricut machine would definitely help you in cutting the cardstock paper for making the perfect drawers of the exact size that you want. If you want a more fancy kind of thing, then you can use the Cricut designs space to create new and unique designs on your drawers.


If you feel that your house is empty and colorless, then all you need are some decorations here and there. You can use a quick ok machine for this purpose.

Cardstock paper always better to make decorations because it is thicker than normal paper and has a long life. So it suits perfectly for decorations is your feeling that the cardstock is worn out, you can throw them away.


If you want more glittery or thematic decorations, you can purchase patterned and glittery cardstock papers from the market. A Cricut machine cuts simple designs like a butterfly shape or a triangular, rectangular, circular or tree shape.

A Cricut machine also cuts complex designs for your decoration pieces like floral printed mat or carved card stock boxes. You can get plastic readymade designs to be fitted and used with the Cricut machine directly, or you can choose online designs and create them using Cricut design space with the aid of your computer or laptop.

It's always a good idea to learn how to clean cricut fabric mat because it'll make sure your paper stays stain-free.

Wall Hangings

Wall hanging look beautiful on the walls and hides the empty look of your walls and also a defective paint for cracks in the wall. If you go and purchase wall hangings from the market, they are they would be very costly, so you have to be limited with them.

On the other hand, if you create the wall hanging yourself with the cardstock paper using your perfect Cricut machine, you can make as many walls hanging as you want to decorate your whole household.

If you are new to the Cricut maker and do not know how to use it, there are a few suggestions for your help. Cutting simple shapes with a cricket machine is always very easy.

So take a cardstock paper of any bright color different colors that you like and cut similar shapes, for example, circles of smaller and bigger sizes.

Wall Hangings

Now take a ribbon or a colored string and took some holes in your cardstock circles. Then cross the colored strings through those holes and tie the circle with each other.

You can use any format that you like starting from smaller to bigger circles are from big to small circles, or using different shapes in between. Join almost 5 to 8 circles in a single line and then attach to your wall.

Those cardstock circles will cover your whole wall and look unique, as well as give a colorful touch to your lounge or bedroom wall.

Cardstock House

Cardstock house is the most executive and exciting thing that you can make for your children. So you need stiff cardstock. You can cut different shapes using the Cricut maker differently for the roof and walls, and for the door of the house, make a single storey house so that it would be more convenient to make and safer for your child.

Cardstock House

Using brown cardstock, you can create the walls and roof of your cardstock house. For children, it always looks good if you use bright colors for making doors and windows. You can also attach a small wooden handle with the cardstock door. You can cut that small handle through the Cricut maker.

Cardstock Toys And Games

The next exciting thing that you can make with the cardstock is different theme toys or games for your child. For example, think about making a minion with cardstock paper. Everybody loves the yellow minion with a blue costume.

For this, take the minion shape from online Cricut designs and then use your Cricut to cut a perfect minion shape with your cardstock paper.

You can use the paint to color your minion, or if you want a perfect look, you can use yellow and blue card stock papers to cut a minion.

Cardstock Toys And Games

You can make different games with cardstock paper that would be unique and your style. For example, think about creating a racecourse for your child. Then cut some flat-shaped cardstock paper and then attach them using glue to make a big square.

Now you can use the brown cardstock paper at the bottom to make it look like a race track and use multi-colored cardstock papers at the sides to create a boundary of the racecourse.

If you want a perfect three-dimensional look of it. You can make tiny little dotted patterns with the cardstock paper and then attach them to the boundaries of the racecourse to make it look like the audience sitting around it.

Photo Frames 

A photo is a very precious thing as it creates memories and captures important movements. Everyone loves of photo frame in his room or the drawing-room showing all the family pictures. But the photo frames available in the market are very costly, and design is limited.

Photo Frames

So, if you want to create a photo frame of your personal touch, you can create it using a cardstock through the Cricut maker. You can also make a photo album using plain white cardstock paper.

After sticking the photos in the cardstock photo album, you can also create and stick a designed boundary using light cardstock paper of any color you like. Knowing all about cricut print and cut size limit will help you immensely here.

Brush Holders

Holders are always needed to keep many things like brushes, utensils or stationery etc. Cardstock paper is the best for this purpose. Using cardstock, you can make a circular or rectangular shaped box for holding the things.

Brush Holders

If you are a person who loves things around him, then you can make the multi-colored pencil holder or brush holder box. You can also create different designs if you want a circular hole in your pencil box or floral design using Cricut maker.

If you like to go with the theme, you can also make brown, white, silver, golden or any color that suits you and matches your theme. The design and making pattern are the same for all kind of holders and boxes.

Gift Boxes And Cards

Gift boxes and cards are really easy to make with cardstock using the Cricut maker. Gift boxes can be given on almost any event like birthday, Christmas, Easter or Halloween.

Gift Boxes And Cards

Instead of wrapping a gift is a simple wrapping sheet, it would look more good if you pack it in a gift box.

Similarly, there are thousands of online space design card templates that you can use to create fantastic printer like cards yourself easily at home. Not only wishes card you can also create invitation cards using cardstock.

Graduation Hats

Getting a graduation degree is such a point in life that everyone wants to celebrate. Now you can create unique and different graduate hat using Cricut maker and the wonderful designs that it offers.

Graduation Hats

If you are celebrating your graduation degree, you can also create a fun wallpaper as a theme for having beautiful pictures.


These are a few simple things that you can create with the cardstock using the Cricut maker. However, to excel at these crafts you need to learn about the blades that come with a cricut maker and what they do. And, of course, the perfectly made things depend upon the skill that how good you are at using the Cricut maker.

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