Different Types Of Cardstock Papers Available On The Market?

Cardstock is a type of paper that is usually thicker than the average printing paper. Its thickness varies according to its types. It is more durable as compared to regular printing paper and can absorb different types of liquid and high quantities of toner and inks while printing.

There is different type of cardstock paper available in the market, varying in terms of texture, surface, finish, and appearance. In fact, they also differ in terms of size, color, and design.

These range from glossy vs matte cardstock paper to acid-free cardstock paper and more, all of which serve different purposes based on your stationary needs.

But first, let’s cut to the basics:

Coated Vs. Uncoated Paper

Exclusively, there are two types of paper. They are either coated or uncoated. A coated paper has a layer of clay or cement particles over it, making it more durable.

They are best for printing images and photos as they are long lasting. They work best with laser printers. They manage the colors well on them, making them suitable for image printing. They have a variety ranging from matte to glossy.

An uncoated paper, on the other hand, is pure and not coated with anything. They work best with inkjet and laser printers.

They are best for printing text and documents and are widely used for official and work purposes. They are highly absorbent, so the print gets etched on them. They are comparatively low in price than coated papers.

Cardstock Paper

It is often used for making scrapbooks, business cards, and brochures through the use of cricut setting for 110 lb cardstock. It is thicker than the standard printing paper, so it is more durable. Take your pick from the many kinds of cardstock paper out there:

Types Based On Texture

1. Matte Cardstock Papers

Matte Cardstock Papers

Matte cardstock papers have a kind of rough surface which makes them a better absorber of ink. They are best suited for generating a printout quickly as the ink is absorbed and dried in it. They are best suited for formal documents and official files.

2. Glossy Cardstock Papers

Glossy Cardstock Papers

Glossy cardstock papers are somewhat thicker as compared to the usual cardstock paper. They have a glossy surface which makes them best for gift cards, birthday cards, and invitation cards. Laser printers work the best with glossy cardstock papers. By folding cardstock paper of this type, you can attractive boxes.

3. Acid-Free Cardstock Papers

Cardstock paper, like all papers, is made of wood pulp. But there is also an acid-free cardstock variety available in the market. It is mostly found in white color, which makes it the perfect choice when making scrapbooks.

Acid-Free Cardstock Papers

They, however, also come in other shades and possess a rough texture with spotted patterns.

4. Bright White Cardstock Paper

Bright White Cardstock Paper

Bright white cardstock paper is generally smooth surfaced and non-texture paper. It is generally thicker than the actual white paper and is ideal suited for double-sided printing documents. Inkjet printers are recommended when printing on white cardstock papers.

5. Patterned Cardstock Papers

These are the most exciting and unique types of cardstock papers. They are available in a variety of themes and shades. They are quite versatile as you can make anything from a card to big cardstock boxes with them as they come in rough, smooth, and glittery textures.

Patterned Cardstock Papers

Their patterns may be blocked, stripped, crisscross, floral or multi-colored. They are also available in themed birthday, Easter, and Christmas patterns so having a pile of patterned cardstock paper is sure to come in hand in anyone’s home from time to time.

6. Cotton Cardstock

Cotton Cardstock

Cotton cardstock is more organic and has a smooth texture. It is a very refined form of cardstock. So, its price is comparatively high.  It is not used for official and work purposes; instead, be used for making gift cards and invites.

7. Canvas Cardstock

Canvas cardstock is the toughest type of cardstock paper. They have an interwoven pattern of fabric, which makes them somewhat rough. Being the strongest, they are more durable than all.

Their price is relatively high because of that feature. They are available in a variety of colors and are suitable for high-level projects.

8. Parchment Cardstock

Parchment cardstock is a kind of semi-translucent paper. It is dense and has a marble-like appearance. It gives a unique look to your things. It is highly suitable to use with all types of printers, either inkjet or laser.

However, there is a small limitation with it that it does not come in many colors.

9. Linen Cardstock

Linen cardstock has a texture like fabric. They are soft and flexible but relatively less durable than canvas or parchment cardstock paper. They also give an artificial or synthetic leather-like appearance, so they are suitable for making business letters for official purposes and menu cards for restaurants and hotels.

Types On The Basis Of Size

Cardstock papers are available in many sizes. The cardstock paper weight differs too. If we measure the cardstock paper in size, there are four sizes used extensively. They are 6-by-6 inches, 8-by-8 inches, 8-by-11 inches, and 12-by-12 inches.

6-by-6 cardstock papers are smaller in size and less in weight. They are preferred if you want to print out a very small image, not for official purposes. The most likely cardstock paper for printing purposes is 8-by-11 inches paper.

Cardstock papers can be extensively used for making gift cards, scrapbooks, brochures, business letters, wedding invitation cards, and official invitation cards, depending upon your needs.

Why Would You Use Cardstock Paper?

There are several reasons why you would use cardstock papers for printing – perhaps you’re impressed with their appearance, owing to texture, sizes, and colors, or you just simply want to.

And while those are all legitimate reasons to do so, here are a few more practical reasons to continue using cardstock paper:

  • They are durable as compared to regular printing papers.
  • They look more professional as compared to an average printing paper.
  • They are highly affordable due to the variety in them.
  • They become more low cost if you are printing cardstock paper yourself at home or in the office.
  • Due to the variety in them, there is a lot of choices for you to pick the best for your task.
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