Epson Printer Head Cleaning Does Not Work: How To Fix It?

If you possess an Epson printer, there is a common issue associated with it that the print starts to get blurry, or misprinting occurs after a few days. It can be a problem with the nozzle of the printer head. In Epson printers, a permanent printer head is used. The benefit of it is that it does not to be changed regularly and works lifetime. 

Whenever there is an issue in the printing process, most people opt for changing the cartage of the printer. But if you have changed the ink cartage and the printer is still not working, it means that there is clogging in your printer head. The clogging can occur due to dry ink patches or air bubbles.

With the advancement in technology, all the devices are shrinking, and all of us prefer things that are smaller in size and fit in a small place. The Epson printers have made it their foremost priority to make the print fine with all the things occupying a small space within it.

The nozzle, which is already very small in size, is much smaller in Epson printers. Due to the smaller size, the print is very fine, but the nozzle keeps blocking.

To add to the frustration, the nozzle is permanent and cannot be detached easily from the printer. So, fixing is not an easy job for most of us. Changing the nozzle is a solution, but it sometimes gets too much expensive that it is better to get a new printer.

How To Prevent Printer Head From Blocking?

So, there are a few simple tips to prevent the whole thing from happening, just like how to print on cardstock epson.

Keep Printing

Keeping the printer in use is a way to prevent nozzle blockage. The ink gets dry when you stop using the printer or use it after days. If you are not using the printer, remove the ink cartage from it. It would aid in not clogging the nozzle.

Turn The Printer Off When Not In Use

The printer has an autoregulated cycle which keeps the ink active throughout the nozzle. It keeps activating the nozzle when the printer is turned on or off. If you turn the printer off when not in use, the cycle would keep repeating itself, preventing the nozzle from getting dry.

Using The Right Type Of Cartage

Most often, this problem occurs when you go for cheap cartages. Never use low-quality or cheap cartages for printing. It is better to spend money on cartages than spending a lot of money to get yourself a new printer. 

Using The Right Type Of Printer Cartridge

In case if your ink cartage is blocked, use a new cartage would help. The old dried ink is flushed away when the new ink of the same color is forced out through the nozzle.

How To Clean The Print Head Nozzle?

There are many strategies you can adopt to clean the print head nozzle and make the printing perfect in no time. Do not clean the nozzle too much frequently; if the frequent cleaning does not help, it means that your nozzle is faulty and needs to be changed.

Cleaning Print Head Kit

A professional cleaning kit is designed specially to suit its purpose. So, consider thinking about getting one. A professional kit consists of syringes, sprays, and tubes, which help in the proper cleaning of the printer head. Follow the directions given with the kit.

Cleaning The Print Head Manually

If you do not have a professional cleaning kit, try doing it manually yourself. For this, you need a spray bottle, a syringe, a clean towel, and some alcohol wipes. It becomes much easier to clean using syringes.

You can use water through a syringe to clean the print head. It is a cheap way to clean. Throw some warm water into the nozzle using the syringe. Then print, obviously the printer will not print the water, but your nozzle will be cleaned.

Using alcoholic wipes for cleaning is more effective and beneficial. Keep an alcoholic wipe at the bottom of the nozzle. Spray the cleaner from above and then wipe out the ink residues ejaculated from the nozzle using alcoholic wipes. Your printer head nozzle will get to work in no time. Also, if you are wondering what does spooling mean on a printer, check out our previous guide.

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