How To Do Foil Printing at Home?

Foil printing is a seemingly tricky affair. But, to be honest, it’s an easy-peasy DIY job. If ‘How to do foil printing at home’ or a similar question ever occurred in your mind, you are on the right page.

People usually consider printing foils to be a herculean task. I used to think the same before. But after a bit of research, I am shocked to find out how easy the process is. The required materials are easy to avail and buy.

If you are doubtful, then hold on. I will discuss the ins and outs of foil printing hereafter.

How To Do Foil Printing at Home? Step by Step Guideline

Adding foil print or foiling to your project simply means adding extra glamor. You can make a normal invitation letter gorgeous just by adding gold foil print. Foil printing on cardstock, sticker, or chipboard are also a good choice.

foil printing at home

But, you need certain tools to do so, don’t you? Let’s have a glimpse on the required tools for foil stamping.

Material to print on

You will need a base to foil print on. Card stock, chipboard, gloss paper, craft paper, sticker paper, polyester, and products similar to these are all okay to foil print on. To show you how to do it, I am taking cardstock.

Foil transfer sheet

Foil sheet and reactive foil or toner reactive foil are the same. There is a range of colors. Gold foil is the most popular foil color. Gold ink gives glamor to the print.

Foil transfer sheet


Laminator is the machine that does the main work. It generates heat inside of it while working.

Art files

You will need to make a file of the arts that you wish to print. You can get enough ideas by browsing online.

Art files

Laser printer

To foil print, you first need a laser-printed copy of your art. An inkjet printer will not work for foil printing. If you don't have a laser printer, you won't have to buy one. Go to your nearest FedEx, Office Depot, Staples, or any place that has a laser printer and printing service.

Now let's move on to the steps you need to follow for foil printing.

Step 1

At first, you have to print your art in white or color to your liking cardstock. You have to use a laser printer. The foil sticks to your art because of the toner that comes from the laser printer. It's plastic. So when you run it through the laminator, plastic melts and sticks to the art.

Step 2

Now cut the foil. You can choose different colors of foil. Gold is one of the most popular ones. Cut the foil according to your printed art size. You may keep some extra on the sides.

Then take it and place it on the art. Make sure the foil covers the whole art. Nothing is more pathetic than having a perfect foil print with a bit of defect. If the foil doesn't cover the whole art, defects can occur. Make sure the color side of the foil stays on top.

foil printing at home

Step 3

It's time to use the laminator. Place your art covered with foil in the transfer folder or a Cricut foil transfer tool. If you don't have a transfer folder, it will still work. Take the folder or your art. Turn on the laminator. Once heated, feed it your art.

Hold the art or transfer folder while it's going in the laminator. Follow this process 2-3 times more. This ensures perfect print.

Step 4

The last time your art comes out of the laminator, take it and place it on a table. Let it rest for a minute. Then slowly peel off the foil on top. And voila! You have the perfect foil print. It's this simple!

Can We Follow any Unconventional Method for Foil Printing?

By now, you should be able to understand that heat plays the main role in this process. So if you don't have a laminator or don't want to buy one, what can you do?

A simple household item can solve your problem. Have you guessed yet? If you have guessed iron, then you are right!

You can foil print with iron. Laser print your art. Then cut a foil and cover the art. Take a transfer folder or normal paper. Fold it in half. Place the art covered with foil on the paper. Cover the foil.

method for foil printing

Now take a heated iron. Place the art on a plane. Then start giving heat.  Apply heat evenly through the whole art. Give heat over a minute. Now take it out of the paper. Slowly peel the foil off. You have a beautiful-looking foil print done on its iron.

Laminators can not print on everything. There are limitations to it. But if you can give heat, then you can make metallic foil. You can do hot foil printing or hot foil stamping on parchment paper, printing plates, making business cards, and more.


1. Can you do cold foil printing?

Cold foil printing is not possible. The basic method behind foil print is heated. The cold foil will not stick to any art print. So you can do cold foil printing.

2. Can you foil with Cricut?

Yes, you can foil with Cricut. Cricut foil transfer tool allows you to transfer your holographic foil, aluminum foil, silver foil, or gold foil printing easily.

Can you foil with Cricut

3. What is foil printing on fabric?

Foil art or foil print is printing some pattern on any surface. You can do foil art on fabric also. Foil printing on fabric and foil paper is the same. For this, first, you have to foil print on paper. Then press the paper on the fabric. Gold ink foil art on white or black fabric is beautiful.


Foil printing is a simple DIY job. If you have the proper tools, you can do it in no time. Foil printing adds elegance to you and your work.

You just need to follow the given steps. And hopefully, you will end with a beautiful foil print! Voila, it’s now your turn to try it out.

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