What Size Frame For 11*17 Print?

It’s not necessary that the frame for 11*17 print must have an area of 11*17 inches. Instead, the size can vary with a significant or slight increase or decrease of length or width.

Can’t understand what size frame would be suitable for your printed 11*17 picture or document?

Let’s help you out with the recommendation of the most popular sizes of all time.

What Size Frame For 11*17 Print?

Here are our shortlisted frame sizes for your 11*17 print considering their propriety and popularity.

Against every size, we also have recommended a particular frame brand based on its elegance and durability.



12*18 inches


11*17 inches


Let’s give you a comprehensive detail of each so that you can pick one easily and wisely!

Sindcom 12*18 Frame 

The frame is equally usable in your home, studio, office, and art gallery with its decent look. You can even gift it to friends and relatives on different occasions with confidence.

Sindcom 12*18 Frame

Perfect dimensions

Although the specific mat opening size of the frame is 10.5*16.5 inches, which is too good for an 11*17 picture, it can hold a 12*18 picture perfectly if you don’t use the mat.


Simplicity is the real beauty; the developer has imposed a slim design upon the frame with this vision in mind. Besides, the charcoal gray color is gentle enough to fit the most popular wall paint.


To help you make your presentation a bit different from others, the built-in hanger allows you to hang the frame over the wall horizontally or vertically.

Quality making

Being manufactured with premium-grade plastic, the frame is hardly fragile.

Most importantly, the glass used on the front is shatter-resistant. It has the quality to protect your treasured picture or document against moisture and dirt.

Sindcom 12*18 Frame

Furthermore, the overall weight of the entire structure is significantly less to ease your carrying.


  • Fits to most of the ambiances and occasions
  • Usable with or without a mat
  • Able to house both 11*17 and 12*18 pictures
  • Flaunts your good taste with design and color
  • Lets you hang horizontally or vertically
  • Made of top-notch plastic and glass
  • Facilitates your carrying


  • Not eco-friendly

MCS 11*17 Frame

If you are a perfectionist who looks for perfection in everything, then this MCS frame is undoubtedly for you. It, with 11*17 size, holds your favorite picture or invaluable certificate leaving no blank space.

MCS 11*17 Frame


After the size, the first thing that is important for any frame is its look, which is a combination of design and color.

From this perspective, we assure you that the frame with simple design, black wood grain color, and wood grain finish is too gorgeous and classy.


The frame has been kept utterly simple, giving the topmost priority to user-friendliness. Turning the provided buttons, you can open it effortlessly.

Thereby, your addition and removal of memorable photos or certificates is a breeze.

Exclusively durable

No matter how gorgeous and user-friendly a frame is, it is of no use if it lacks durability.

Fostering the thought seriously, the manufacturer of this MCS frame has equipped it with top-grade MDF wood and front glass.

The wood is rough-and-tough enough not to be attacked with termites and broken by frequent hits and falls.

Again, the glass used is shatter-resistant means it doesn’t shatter inward dangerously.

Sawtooth hanger

The built-in sawtooth hanger makes sure that your picture or document is securely mounted. It even allows you to make the mounting horizontally or vertically.

MCS 11*17 Frame


  • Matches your home, office, entryway, gallery, etc.
  • Comes with a simple design and natural colo r finish
  • Eases your adding and removing of photographs
  • Guarantees service for an extended period
  • Being made of wood, it is eco-friendly
  • Features a shatter-resistant front glass
  • Allows both horizontal and vertical mounting


  • Not an ideal choice for photo studio

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Final words

In short, the size of the frame for 11*17 print isn’t definite. You can use any size bigger than 11*17 or exactly 11*17. But, the things that mustn’t be overlooked are the suitability of the design and color to the occasion or ambiance, durability, and user-friendliness.

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