How Does inksaver Work?

InkSaver is a software product that you install on your PC. It cooperates seamlessly with your existing printer software and hardware, giving you an unprecedented level of control over your ink usage.


Sitting between your printer driver and your printer, InkSaver intercepts and optimizes your print jobs. Its patented algorithms are able to reduce a print job’s ink requirements while still maintaining quality.

When you click “Print” InkSaver automatically goes to work, extending the life of your ink cartridge.

Set up is easy. Simply install InkSaver, and then set ink savings slider to the level of ink reduction you prefer — from 0% to 75%.


To help you choose the level of ink reduction that best suits your needs, InkSaver allows you to print a Sample Page on your printer. This page illustrates how documents look when printed at various ink reduction settings.

Because it works automatically, you can set InkSaver up once and never worry about it again. Just print the way you normally do, and let InkSaver go to work and save you ink every time you print. Or, if you prefer, you can confirm your ink reduction settings every time you print — so that you can tailor your settings to fit the quality needs of the document you’re printing.