How Long Does Infusible Ink Last

Infusible Ink. Proudly made by Cricut, this ink has changed the t-shirt printing space by bypassing the limits of the heat transfer vinyl method.

In infusible ink vs iron-on comparison, infusible ink gives you permanent results. It also gives you smooth designs with vivid and vibrant colors.

Once your transfer an image to your t-shirt, it doesn’t crack, peel or flake. It becomes a permanent part of the fabric, stretching and bending easily, even on a highly flexible fabric.

That being said, one of the most commonly asked questions about this Cricut’s special ink is how long it lasts.

We have discussed more details about the infusible ink pens/markers (and infusible inks in general) longevity in our guide below to help answer this question.

How long does infusible ink last?

Infusible Ink Pens/Markers will last a minimum of four full 8.5 in x 11 in pages of writing or drawing. This is according to the Cricut official website.

Though the pens have a different working mechanism than the infusible ink transfer sheets, they still let you create your desired designs on various surfaces, including coasters, shirts, totes, and more.

Cricut infusible pens feature a 0.4mm thick tip, enabling them to create thin lines. On the other hand, markers are 1mm thick to allow them to create thicker lines than pens.

How long does infusible ink last

While the pens will work great for drawing or writing outlines, the markers will be ideal for coloring your designs. You can get both pens and markers in basic and neon colors.

As for their shelf life, this ink can dry with time, just like any typical pen or marker. However, this will not happen because you don’t use them daily. But the ink will dry out over time. Or the pigment will start breaking down and result in colors that don’t look as vibrant as when your pens/markers were new.

With all this in mind, it is also important to note that infusible ink is made to last permanently once you use it on your projects. This is because this ink simply involves sublimation. It infuses with your project (or, if you like, it becomes one with your project).

Asking about infusible ink longevity is simply asking, “how long does sublimation ink last.” If you use the correct Cricut infusible ink temperature, your project won’t show any signs of peeling, flaking, or cracking with time. Simply put, infusible ink lasts a lifetime on your fabric.

But you may still want to show good care to projects you make with infusible ink. Cricut advises you to wash the fabric projects inside out and use cold water and a mild detergent. After tumble low and hang the fabric to dry.

How long does infusible ink last

They also advise against using fabric softeners, bleach, or dryer sheets. If you want to, you can iron the infusible ink projects. Make sure you use a low-temperature setting to prevent the ink from reactivating.

As for the coasters, wash them with warm water and glass cleaner. Avoid using any colored cleansing agents since the color transfer might occur. Above all, avoid using harsh scrubby items, e.g., steel wool or a scrubbing pad, on the project.

Do you mirror infusible ink?

You need to mirror your infusible ink design before cutting, whether you’re using the markers and pens or the transfer sheets. It is just like in the case of iron-on and HTV projects.

If you skip this crucial step, your design will appear reversed or in backward design when you finally transfer it to your intended surface. Thus you’ll need to draw them in backward (mirrored) design for them to appear correctly on your final project.

Luckily, the mirroring process is pretty easy, and anyone can do it. You just need to put your infusible ink transfer sheet onto your Cricut machine mat, with the liner side facing down. Next, go to the Cricut software (if you’re using the Design Space), and mirror the image. If you’re using Cricut Joy app, mirroring is done automatically, so you don’t need to do it manually.

Do you mirror infusible ink

Now, this mirroring process also means that you can’t do infusible ink projects using your handwriting unless you’re super-talented and can write perfectly in a backward manner.

TIP: If you forget to mirror your image and only realize it when your machine is cutting, pause it and turn it off immediately to prevent wasting any more material.

What is Cricut infusible ink used for?

To know what crucible infusible ink is used for, you should understand the series of products featuring this infusible ink. These include infusible ink pens, markers, and ink transfer sheets.

Infusible ink markers and pens allow you to use your creativity to create unique designs. You just need the Cricut drawing features and a blank transfer sheet to use these pens. And if you’re super-confident in your skills, you can draw freehand!

Infusible transfer sheets are available in various solid colors, except that there’s no white infusible ink and printed patterns. This gives you tons of choices for your project design. These pre-printed sheets are also designed to work with your Cricut machine.

What is Cricut infusible ink used for

There’s virtually no project you can’t work on with this Cricut special ink. All their infusible ink blanks work with the infusible ink markers and pens. They allow you to work on a wide range of items, including shirts, tote bags, coasters, mugs, and onesies, to name but a few!

The good thing about Cricut infusible ink is that you don’t need to use any ink efficient printer or simply any printer. The sheets come pre-inked with this ink. The debate of “does toner last longer than ink?” won’t be applying here!

Final Words

The Cricut infusible ink is truly a game-changer in the creative space. This ink bonds with your project to deliver long-lasting results with no signs of peeling, cracking, or flaking.

You can expect an infusible ink marker/pen to last up to four full 8.5 x 11 inch pages of writing or drawing.

When not in use, store your opens or sheets in proper conditions to prevent them from degrading with time.

And be sure to take care of your infused ink projects to ensure they retain their vivid, vibrant looks for years to come.

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