How To Add A Printer To Chromebook?

Adding a printer to a Chromebook is one of its online services to enhance your digital adventures. A Printer can be connected to a computer easily using a cable or USB. A wireless printer is connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your device.

If you are a Chromebook owner, you can easily add a wireless printer to your device without the need for any cables or USB. Before adding a printer for Chromebook, ensure that you have logged in to your Chromebook and your Wi-Fi connection is secured. The printer, as well as the Chromebook, should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. We were guilty of not ensuring these while connecting our ebay label printer.

Suppose you wish to print through a USB that is connected directly with the printer in aid of a USB cable. Painting through a room book is a great option and has got easier with the passage of time and advancement in technology.

Connecting Chromebook With A Wireless Printer

There are a few simple and easy tips you can follow to connect your printer to your Chromebook. 

  • Your printer and Chromebook are connected to Wi-Fi; go to the ultimate right bottom corner of your Chromebook, here you would see an icon of settings.
  • The 'setting' option is available; just decide the time of your Chromebook. Scroll down until you reach the bottom and click the option of 'advanced.'
  • Under this option, you would see the printing option. Select 'printing' and then choose the option of 'printers.'
  • It would give you multiple options, then select the option of 'add a printer.'
  • Now the printer popup appears in front of the screen. Select it and then add it. If the popup does not appear, you can search it by choosing the option of 'add nearby printers.'
  • After you have selected your required printer, select the option of add printer so that it is connected to your Chromebook.
  • Select the files that you want to print from your Chromebook and then choose the option of print by clicking the printer icon, which appears on the top right corner of the screen.

Connecting a printer through USB or cable

If you have an older version of the printer and it is not connected to the Chromebook like an advanced wireless printer, there are a few simple strategies you can adopt to connect your printer to Chromebook through a USB or a wire.

Connecting a printer through USB or cable
  • Take a cable and fix one end of the cable with your Chromebook and the other and with your printer. There are many ports given at the side of the Chromebook. So, you can choose any one of them.
  • Open your Chromebook settings from the bottom right corner of the screen and then search the printer option.
  • Select printers and then click on the 'print' option then on the 'add printer' option.
  • A popup would appear to send the function of printers showing the option of printers. Connect your relevant printer to the Chromebook.
  • Select files that you want to print and click on the button 'print.' Get your print generated in no time.
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