How To Add A Printer To Ipad And Iphone?

It is often thought that for office work computers and laptops are much better as compared to phones and tablets. But the functioning of a small-sized tablet and phone is the same as that of a computer.

However, it has a disability that cannot be connected directly to a printer as a computer or laptop can.

A printer can be connected to an iPhone or tablet if a printing app is installed on it. The printer app is relevant to the company of the printer that you are using and its model.

After installing the app, the files can be printed directly from the iPhone or iPad through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you already know how to print text messages from iphone for court, it'll come really handy.

iPad is much better for this purpose because it has many features that make it suitable for business purposes. The most impressive feature of it is air printing; it connects the printer directly with the aid of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to print out the files.

But there is a condition with it. The printer that you are using must be compatible to do error printing; full stop the latest printers of different companies like Canon and HP or Dell supporting the AirPrint feature.

But there is a condition that your iPad and printer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi source.

How To Install A Printing App On Your Iphone Or Ipad?

Start the printing process; you need the printing app to be installed on your iPhone or iPad. In case if you don't have one, simply follow the steps and install the printer app in no time.

First of all, open up your iPad iPhone and then select the option of application launcher; here, you will see an option of market.

As you select the option of the market, you can see a search bar. in the search bar, write the name of the desired printer that you want to install. Click the install button to download the app and then run it.

The next step is to establish a connection of your tablet or Android with the printer. While connecting the printer within the office network, you can share the printer with all Windows. For this purpose, go in the start menu then search printer from here.

After selecting the printer option, you would see many other options for enabling the printer. Select "properties" from it and then select the "sharing tab." It would give you many options about what to share; select the option of "share the printer."

How To Set Up The Printer For Use?

For an iPad, we are going for the AirPrint option, so there is no need to set up the printer in the typical way that we connect it to the computer.

Check that your Wi-Fi connection is secure and connect you are iPhone or iPad and printer with the same Wi-Fi source. This is how they are connected.

How To Set Up The Printer For Use?

Now, as you have the app installed according to the instructions mentioned above, you are now ready to print. Open up the document that you want to print on your device. Exactly the exact print method is not similar for all but to the slight variation. Search for the share feature of the app, then shares the document with your printer.

As you share the document with the printer here, you can see the print icon where the printer is made. Click on the printer option. A-List of AirPrint devices will appear. Select the option of the relevant printer from which you want to connect and the number of copies that you want to generate.

Also, select if you want a colored copy or a simple Black and White copy. Now click on the print option, and your print would be generated in no time. We recommend learning how to print test page on mac to print your important documents without any error.

Also, if you're looking to print double sided pdf, learning how to print double sided pdf effortlessly on Mac and Windows would be necessary.

How To Connect With A Wireless Printer?

If you don't have the option of AirPrint, you can also print with a wireless printer, but it is not so convenient. Follow the same procedure as for the AirPrint, but a wireless printer would better be connected with a Bluetooth device.

So, there are two options for printing. You can print either with the aid of a Bluetooth device or through AirPrint, but AirPrint is a more convenient and reliable technology. 

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