How To Clean A Cricut Fabric Mat Effortlessly?

A Cricut is a device used to cut craft and create anything you like. It cuts materials such as wood, paper, plastic leather, and fabric. A fabric mat helps cut the fabric or cloth perfectly with the help of a Cricut maker. It is quite an effort to keep the mat clean, and most people don’t like that.

Keeping the fabric clean can help you cut the fabric more appropriately and adequately: here are a few simple ways for you to clean a Cricut Fabric Mat effortlessly. 

Using Surface Cleaner

It is the fastest and most convenient way to clean your mat almost instantly. Plus, the benefit of surface cleaner is that it is readily available in every superstore.

When using a surface cleaner, start by putting your mat on a flat surface and then spray some surface cleaner on it with the help of a sprayer bottle.

Allow it to sit for almost 10 to 15 minutes, and then wipe it gently with a scrub. Be gentle with the scrub. Do not put too much force on it, or you could end up tearing your fabric mat.

Using A Soap

If you do not have a sofa cleaner at your disposal, it is absolutely fine. Grab any soap or dishwashing soap available at your home.

First, deep clean your mat with scrub and water and then pour some liquid soap over it. Once done, let the mixture sit for 20 to 30 minutes.

Using A Soap

It takes more time to do this using a soap, as opposed to a surface cleaner, because there is less concentration of chemicals in it.

So it needs some time to clean. Keep scrubbing gently for best results, but do it sparingly as excessive scrubbing can affect the the sticking power of the fabric mat.

Using A Scraper

You can use a scraper to peel off dirt particles from the fabric mat but using the scraper is tricky. You have to be extremely careful not to destroy the sticky layer of the fabric mat or to make holes in it.

Using A Scraper

Scraper is not a good option, but if you can't wait for the surface cleaner or soap to do its work, you can go with the scraper.

Using Alcoholic Wipes

Alcoholic wipes work best in removing stains from almost all surfaces. After using a scraper to remove dirt and washing the fabric mat with the surface cleaners, you can also use alcoholic wipes for a thorough cleaning of the fabric mat.

Using Alcoholic Wipes

The benefit of using an alcoholic wipe is that it can be used repeatedly till you are satisfied with the stain removal, without worrying about the deterioration of the sticky layer of the fabric mat.

Using Warm Water

Warm water is an effective way to remove stains from all surfaces; but that does not mean necessarily mean you have to boil your fabric mat in hot water. Take some warm water in a bowl, and then dip your fabric mat in it for 6 to 12 hours.

The stains will get softer and less resistant, after which you can easily remove them by rubbing the mat with your hands. This is a safe Cricut Fabric Mat cleaner technique as it prevents the destruction of the mat’s sticky layer.

Using A Cleaning Roller

You can also get a cleaning roller from any supermarket and try cleaning the fabric mat with it. The benefit of using a cleaning roller is that you have to put significantly less energy into cleaning; instead, the cleaning process becomes much more efficient and effortless.

If you apply an appropriate level of force and work at a medium pace then the fabric match will be emerge cleaner than ever!

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Tips To Remember

  • Please be gentle while cleaning. Do not put extra force, or you can obliterate the whole thing.
  • There is a sticky layer with the fabric mat so avoid disturbing it while cleaning.
  • Do not use cutlery for cleaning. It is better to use a scraper than a knife.
  • While cleaning, take care of the time of cleaning. The surface cleaner and water require different time for cleaning. So, allow the cleaners to work correctly; otherwise, you might end up doubling your work.
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