How To Connect A Cannon Printer To A Laptop With A USB Cable?

A printer is a very useful device to create physical documents in the form of spreadsheets, presentations, or word files for your business and home task purposes. Although the features of printers differ with their companies, the purpose of every printer is the same. It provides you the best document printed pages for your convenience.

A printer converts data from soft to hard form. There are two ways to connect your printer with a laptop. In the case of a wireless printer, we use Wi-Fi, whereas, in the case of a wired printer, we use the USB cable to connect it to the laptop once your printer is connected to your laptop the Windows or any operating system of your laptop guide you through the procedure of installing printer and the printing process.

Steps To Connect Canon Printer With The Laptop

  • First of all, turn on the power button of your Canon printer.
  • Take a USB cable according to the long distance between your laptop and your printer, and then fix one end of the USB cable with your laptop and the other with the printer.
  • Now turn on your laptop and go to the start menu. Click the start menu and then select the option of 'control panel.
  • 'Click the option of 'hardware and sound.' A list of options would appear in front of you.
  • Now choose the option of 'printer and devices' from the selected option of 'hardware and sound.
  • 'From the printer's option, right-click on it, and it would show you different ways to connect your printer. Select the 'Add a printer option and then choose 'local printer.
  • 'Then type the name of your printer, i.e., cannon printer, and then click 'next.
  • 'Now select the option of 'connect with other devices' if you want to connect your printer with more than one device.
  • If you don't want to connect any other devices, then click the option of 'next.
  • 'Finally, click the option of 'finish,' and your printer is connected with the laptop perfectly.

Advantages Of A Wired Printer

There are few advantages of having a wired printer instead of a wireless printer. Although the wired printer is considered old technology, it is better as compared to wireless printers in many aspects.

  • They do not need a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to be connected with your device.
  • There is no special cable for the installation of the printer with your laptop; any good USB cable would do the task.
  • They are easier to install as compared to a wireless printer.
  • If a network distortion occurs, the working of a wireless printer is stopped instantly, whereas, in wired printers, it is not so.
  • The data transfer process is much easier and faster in a wired printer. You can print your documents almost instantly with your wired printer instead of going into the long procedure of installation and then Wi-Fi connection and AirPrint.


By following these easy steps, you can get your Canon printer connected with your laptop in no time. Learn how to add a printer to ipad and iphone since that might come handy as well.

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