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How To Create And Print Addresses And Labels From Excel And Google Sheets?

Google sheets are used for putting the information into uniform printed tags and labels. The google sheet spreadsheet can edit and format the information and then transfer it to google docs documents. You can also use the print to label it in other documents.

Creating Labels With Google Sheets

First of all, install the "create and print label" option to your Google sheets. After it is installed, allow it to function. Now the creating process becomes easier. If you have a spreadsheet made that consists of the name and address of the people, the process would be much easier.

The next step is to start the creating process. For this purpose, click on the "Add-ons" option available in the top menu and then select the option of "create and print labels," then further choose the option of "create labels."

The third step is to choose a label template. It would show how your label would look like. The standard templates are good, but you can select other templates if you want.,

Now, if you are satisfied with the template, the next step is to enter the data and addresses. We will proceed with the data from the spreadsheet we choose earlier. Now go to the "mailing list" option and select the spreadsheet that contains the relevant addresses which you want to use.

The layout will give various options like name, address, city, or area. Fill in the information according to the layout provided. Now above the top left corner of the box in which you are inserting information, there is an option of "add a merge field." Select that option and choose the last option of "zip code."

The last step is to save the labels in google docs. Now click the "create label" option to save the label. Your label had successfully been created and is ready to be printed. Review it once again and then print.

Creating Labels With Excel

First, create a spreadsheet having information like name, address, city, and area with the zip code. This information should be organized into columns. Each column should be given a different name like name, address, and city.

Now, it doesn't have to addresses. If you're intending to print labels with a label maker for electricians, then assign the relevant column heading.

Give this name to the top column and then fill in the relevant information in the respective columns. It would help to create a list and to sort out the information well.

 First, open up the word file and go to the file option, then select the 'mailings' tab from the top menu from the mailing options select the option of 'start mail merge.' You would see a list of options from there select option of labels.

From labels, you can select the option of 'label vendors' from the label information. Now there is an option to choose a product number where you would select the number of labels you want to print. Once you have selected, it chooses ok and then saves.

Creating Labels With Excel

You are now done with your labels. Next, you need to add your contact information to the labels full stop; for this process, go to the top menu and select 'start mail merge' from this option; you would see many options select the recipients' option from it.

As you want to use the data which is already saved on your spreadsheet, you need to get the option of using the existing list. After choosing this option, you would select the file that you want to add data from. Choose your spreadsheet from there.

The third step is to add fields to your contact list. For this purpose, go to the "write and insert fields" option. Now select the "insert address block" option. From this, you are allowed to designate your address information. Now from the option of "specify address elements," choose the option of inserting the recipient's name in the format.

The final step is updating your labels. For this, go to the initial option where we started to go to write and insert field option from the top menu; now, from the options of labels, select the option of update labels. From here, you can preview your labels. The benefit of previewing labels is that you can see exactly how they will look prior to printing.

As your labels are now ready to be printed, choose the print address label and printer paint them you can print according to your wishes. You can print all the labels at once or one by one.

If you want to print all at the same time, then choose all options and select ok. You are done. Remember label maker for school supplies will function a bit differently than  cable label makers. We decided to print all at the same time while doing the avery label printer reviews.


With the aid of Google documents or Excel sheets, you can easily create and print your labels. All you need to do is follow the simple steps mentioned above. You can print professional shipping labels at any level of productivity; it covers a wide range of labels ranging from standard tables to branded labels.

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