How to Create and Print Double Sided Document on Word?

Has it ever happened that you end up with an empty wallet just from buying offset papers for your paperwork? Printing on one side of the paper only is such a waste of money and not to mention, the environment.

So, if you want to be efficient, switch to double-sided printing of papers which reduces your monthly cost nearly to half. But first of all, you should know how to create and print a double-sided document on Word.

Microsoft has done quite a remarkable job for dual printing on a single piece of paper over many years. And by reading through the article, you are sure to find your way through the procedure.

You will also need a quality printer, and if you are looking for one, you can go through the 10 best printers with long-lasting cartridges.

Benefits of Double-Sided Printing

Printing personal documents on single sides produces too much paper waste. And if you are working on a project requiring a lot of print documents, all the waste will add up to cost a substantial sum.

Benefits of Double-Sided Printing

And an easy way to reduce your paper consumption is double-sided printing or also called duplex printing. So, let's see below the benefits you will enjoy just by adopting double-sided printing.

  • It cuts the amount of time of your printing to half. Many printers come with an automatic duplex printing option. If it is not, then you will have to put some extra effort into initializing one.
  • It saves an enormous amount of paper and, therefore, the cost.
  • Double-sided printing also reduces the amount of space required in your bookshelves.
  • When printing double-sided, the printer has to do less work as the number of papers to be processed reduces to half. So, it reduces printer power consumption. 

How to Create and Print Double-Sided Document on Word?

The updated versions of the oldest and till now the most popular document processing software, Microsoft, support the duplex printing option. However, you will have to check whether your printer has a double-sided option or not.

Also, duplex printing in 2007 word performs the task somewhat differently than that of 2010, 2013, 2016, and many more.

How to Create and Print Double Sided Document on Word

Below we have included the different instructions for each version. Take a look!

Microsoft 2007

To begin the process, first of all, check if your printer supports automatic dual-side printing. So, press on the logo bar on the top left corner. Among all the tabs listed, if it has the option of 'two side printing,' then press on it.

Then enjoy your coffee while your printer automatically prints the whole document on both sides of your pages.

Microsoft 2007

Make sure to have enough and good quality ink left in the printer. If you face any problems choosing the type of ink, feel free to surf through the 10 best-remanufactured ink cartridges reviews to reshuffle your ideas.

If Automatic Duplex Printing Is Not an Option: 

In that case, you will have to do the operation manually, and below are the instructions to be followed:

  • First, search for the print option exactly as stated before and look for the divisional options
  • Under print, locate the manual duplex option and enable it by selecting the tick icon.
  • Click on OK.

After that, you will find the printer will print the first half of the document and wait for your command to turn the pages over and stick it into the printing frame once more.

In this way, the printer will print the other half and complete the whole process.

To Print on Even and Odd Pages 

Following this procedure may confuse you about the page number, and it may be difficult to process the document. To maintain this order, we have a second method ready to be presented in front of you.

  • After looking for the drop-down menu of print, execute the command 'print odd pages.
  • When the odd numbers are complete, flip the stack of papers and put it into the frame again.
  • Now execute the command 'print even pages.'

Microsoft 2010, 2013, 2016

In these versions of Microsoft, when the printer is done with printing on one side, it will ask for your permission by itself, telling you to flip pages and restart the process all over again.

Or else, you can also print according to the commands 'print odd pages' and 'print even pages. So, you can see they offer you more options among which you need to choose one method which you are comfortable with.

In auto duplex printing, the option drops down to 'print both sides; the printer simultaneously prints two sides at once wherein every cycle the printed rolls twice to make this task successful.

Microsoft 2010, 2013, 2016

These types of high-rated printers are available on a commercial scale, such as in offices, schools, etc. If you are up to the task of buying a suitable printer for your institution, have a look at the best printer for homeschool for some intensive research.

Setting Your Default Printer

Nowadays, printers are connected through Wi-Fi; this process is much more efficient, allowing you to print your documents under a distanced range. This helps you to set one specific printer as default.

The printer will be automatically connected to your device. In case you want to print your document using a different model, you will have to choose your desirable ones from the drop-down menu while executing an operation.

Default Printer

The procedure for the default setting is different in Windows and Mac; if you want knowledge in this area, then feel free to read about how to set a default printer in windows 10 and mac.

Time is non-refundable; make sure not to waste them by setting printers one-by-one over and over again.

Questions You Might Ask

1. What are the procedures of printing two pages on one side of the paper?

Using the short command 'Ctrl+P,' open the print dialog. Then go to the print window and search for the option 'Two-sided.'

When all these commands are executed, you will get a four-page print per offset.

2. Why is duplex printing not available in Word?

If it is not available at first, go to the Print option and look for the layout menu. After noticing the two-sided dialog box, you may find it off.

Switch the option to 'Long Edge binding' or 'Short Edge binding' to initiate duplex printing successfully.

3. Which is the best printer for printing double side on one page?

We don't want to start a riot by answering this question directly. If you read this article thoroughly, you will come across several links to the different printer models.

Look for them, choose the best model that suits every need of your paperwork.

4. Why does the size of the font changes when we print on both side of the page?

You might see the font size changes when duplex printing. This is because Microsoft Word manages auto-resizing of the documents to maintain smooth double-sided printing. To avoid this problem, turn off the 'Automatic Printing Resize' option.


Next time someone asks you how to create and print a double-sided document on Word, make sure you shower them with the knowledge they seek to gain from you.

We have explained multiple procedures throughout the article to help with your duplex printing on different word versions. And whether or not your printer supports automatic printing on both sides, you can set it up manually.

So now that you are saving half of your money after reading this article thank us while you look at your double side printed document.

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