How To Create And Print Envelopes In MS Word?

Microsoft word is an amazing software that enables you to create the designs of your choice. There is a vast range of functions that MS word enables. It can be cover letters, CVs, or envelopes. Creating envelopes with the MS office is a very easy process, just like learning how to mirror an image in word. What is the point of spending money on a simple envelope if MS word allows you to create it for free according to your wishes?

Before the development of MS word, printing an envelope was not an easy task. The shape of the envelope is different from standard size paper, also that text written on it is different from the text in documents. So, it had been a challenge to print envelopes yourself. With the aid of MS word, it has become very easier to make and edit a proper and professional envelope.

Step By Step Guide To Creating An Envelope On MS Word

  • First of all, turn on your PC and open up the MS office.
  • As you open up the word, select file here at the center of the right corner, you can see a box named as mailings.
  • As you click on the mailings option, see the top right corner just below the file option. Here you can see e envelopes. A picture of the envelope is also given there.
  • Select the envelope, and it would appear on your screen.
  • The most important thing in an envelope is the senders and the receiver's mailing address.
  • Type the receiver's address in the delivery address option if you have got the receiver's address saved, selected from your contact list, and insert.
  • If you are expecting to get a reply to your envelope, there is an option to add your own address to the envelope too. For this purpose, you can see the option of return address box where you can type your address manually.
  • As all the addresses are written, the formal start run of your and develop is complete now you can select the size of your envelope.
  • Prior to moving towards the print option, it is better to preview your envelope so that you would know exactly how it would look and what size it would be.
  • Now go to the envelope option and select the option of the preview. Here you can see the option of envelope size in your menu. There is a standard size available, so if you want that size, you can select the custom size option.
  • If you want a different size of your envelope, you can select the size from the options of sizes given in it. Keep choosing the sizes until you are satisfied.
  • You can also adjust the font size of delivery and return address from the same option of envelope size. Now select the preview section again to get an idea of the size and look of your envelope.
  • If you are satisfied with the preview of your envelope, go to the save options to you save your envelope.
  • An envelope looks empty without a postage stamp and cannot be delivered to your element address. For this purpose, you need to add electronic postage to your envelope. So go into the option of envelopes and labels in the center; on the left side, you would see a box labeled ad electronic postage, select that box and add your postage.
  • Now your envelope is ready to be printed.
  • If you are satisfied with the direction of your envelope, then it is ok to select the print option. If you are not, then and there are options named face up or face down, which would develop your envelope style in the direction you want.

How To Print The Envelope?

  • Now your envelope is ready to be printed. Select the "add to document" option to make any changes in the design that you are previewing. At the side of the "add to document option," there is an option of print.
  • Click the option of print to print out your final envelope


So, to make a professional envelop, the only tool that you need is Microsoft word. It offers the best way to make your envelope yourself and then prints it with the aid of your printer. Not only that, you can adjust the size and style of your envelope.

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