How To Fix The Hp Paper Jam Error But No Paper Jam?

Working with electronic appliances has made tasks easier and more convenient. Still, at the same time, machinery is machinery it can get stuck anytime, and error with it cause loss of time and money.

In the case of printers, there are several problems, and every one of them is very frustrating. Including the failure of the printer or the errors it shows.

Suppose that you have been working on a document for ages, and when it is time to print, the printer shows a paper jam error and simply refuses to do your task. The feeling of helplessness that you feel is unimaginable.

But there are a few simple tips you can adopt to avoid this error in the first place and then fix this error.

 While fixing the printer's paper jam error, keep a few things in mind.

In case if this error occurs, there is a possible range of reasons. It mostly occurs when your printer is not serviced regularly, and there is some distortion in its working.

Another reason is that the drivers installed on your device are old and outdated. If your ink cartage is old and does not work properly, then it might be the cause of the error. For that you must know how to override hp ink cartridge error.

If the placement of papers is not correct, then the error can also occur. The other reason can be not proper plugging in of the USB cable. If it is a wireless printer, then there could be a distortion in the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

There can also be an issue with the power switch; if the power supply is being disturbed, it will show errors.

Manual Cleaning Of The Printer

The first method to fix is very simple. Switch off the printer and gently remove its output tray.

Then remove all the papers from the tray and then remove any other paper residues from the tray. Readjust the papers and then put them again in the printer. Switch on the printer to start printing again.

Fixing The Rolls

The second method is to clean the rolls that regulate the paper flow. There might be some issue with the rolls. For this, simply turn off your printer and then open it up. Clean the rollers that move the paper in and out of the printer with the help of a semi-wet cloth. Then turn on your printer after a few minutes and try printing again.

Refreshing The Printer

Maybe there is no serious problem with your printer, and it is not working because it has been turned on for a long period of time, so the best solution is to refresh it and give it some time to cool up.

For this purpose, stop the printing activity and then turn off the power of your printer. Allow it to be cooled, wait for at least 30 minutes, and then start working again.

Sanitation Of Printer Rolls

Sanitation Of Printer Rolls

Other than the physical components of the printer, you can also try out cleaning the rolls of the printer. Turn on the settings button of the printer and then select the tools button. Now select the option of cleaning the printer rolls. If this function starts working, then wait for some time until the printer cleans up the rolls and then try to print again.

Things To Avoid While Fixing

  • If there is stuck paper in the printer, do not try to pull it out. Instead, turn off the printer and then remove the paper gently from behind. If you end up tearing the paper, you will only increase trouble for yourself.
  • Keep in mind that your printer needs cleaning after regular intervals; otherwise, the remaining paper bits and debris in it can create serious problems.
  • There is a difference in the components of every printer so make sure where the tray and other buttons are before removing the output tray.
  • In the case of a laser printer, the output page cannot be accessed until you have removed the ink cartage. So, gently remove the cartage first.
  • If the paper jam error is not eliminated, better call the hp helpline and get the error fixed or get a new printer. Getting a new technology is always better.
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