How To Print A Google Doc With Comments?

With the Google doc, there is a facility that allows comments on it. Full conversation and comments can be displayed with the Google doc, which is impossible for word files.

So, the writer or the sender has difficulty having the facility to get remarks on his document. But the problem arises in the printing process of the Google doc.

Google docs allow the users to share and receive files with multiple users. By the comment option, they can easily leave a comment which does not disrupt the originality of the document shared.

Along with these benefits, there is a little flaw. In the printing process, the document is easily printed, but the comments disappear in print.

So, if you want to print the Google doc with the comments in it, here are a few simple techniques for your help. We tried to make it as comprehensive as the guide to print a poster sized picture on a regular printer.

Taking A Screenshot

The easiest option is to take a snapshot or screenshot of the google doc and then generate a printout of it. It is the most convenient method of getting the document and comments at the same time.

But the process is somewhat less flexible. Plus, the pages of screenshots always get mixed up and confusing while printing.

Generating A Webpage

Open google docs and select the 'file' option. A drop-down menu will appear. Now make a right-click on the option of 'download.' At the third or fourth place, you would be able to see the option of 'create the webpage.'

Now select the option to make it a webpage and a zipped file. As a webpage is created, its all components will be printed easily if you choose the option of 'print.'

Creating A Word File

The third option is to create a word file of the Google Doc. For this, save the google Doc from your google drive. Open up the Google Doc and go to the option of 'file' present at the ultimate left corner of the document. Then go to the option of 'download' and right-click on it.

Creating A Word File

It would give you options on how do you want to save your document. Select the option of 'MS word,' and a word file will be downloaded to your device.

Open up the file and go to the option of 'file' and then see the options. At the fourth or fifth position, there is an option of 'print.'

Choose this option, and a printout of your Google Doc will be generated with the comments in it. MS office also gives the option of generating a PDF file. You can also convert it into a PDF file and get it printed in no time.

Saving It As An Open Document

Another option that Google docs give is to save it as an open document. Choose the option of 'file' and then select 'download.' It would give you a list of options on how you want to download your file; choose 'open document.' It would be saved as an 'open document.'

Then open the document from the folder of your computer and then see how it looks. If the comments are visible, then go directly to the option of 'print.'

If the comments are not visible, then go to the option of 'view comments.' Then save the settings and generate a print of the document.

Now it's time to print. Speaking of the print, you should learn how to print a test page in windows, mac, and linux to keep printing documents without any error.


Printing Google docs with comments seems to be a difficult process, unlike Google slides print notes, but these are a few simple techniques to help you get the work done. 

Printing the google docs directly is not possible so that we can convert it into a webpage, a PDF file, or a word file.

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