How To Print An Excel Spreadsheet On One Page?

Excel spreadsheet is an excellent tool to collect data and to analyze it using mathematical for calculations and statistical formulas. In a spreadsheet, data is contained in the form of rows and columns. As the data collection and analysis in it is easy, its printing is not so.

In excel sheets, it so happens that the sheet is apparent on a single paper, but when we print, it is printed on multiple pages. It is a very frustrating experience, plus wastage of paper and economic loss. The result is pretty similar to the ones we get with a multiple page flatbed scanner.

So, to avoid this, you can fix the spreadsheet to make it printed on a single document. We'll lay it all out for you, just like we did when describing how to print Google slides with notes.

Here are a few strategies to help you:

Adjusting The Size

If the data you entered in the sheet is very less and simple, occupying a single line, you can easily adjust the size of rows and columns. It means changing the height and width of rows and columns, respectively.

For this, open up the excel file, and there is the option of 'view' at the top center of the screen.  Here you would see the possibility of 'page layout' in third place at the top left corner.

Select this option and then click on the column that you want to adjust the size. Click on the top of the column and then drag to readjust the size of the column.

Sometimes while you pull, the data seems to be disappearing. To rectify this error, you can select the option of 'wrap text.'

Learning this step may also benefit you if you're interested in knowing how to print a Google doc with comments.

Adjust The Scaling

You can change the layout scaling of the overall excel sheet to make it fit into one page. This process is the simplest of all. Simply open up the excel file and then click on the 'file' option on the top right corner of the screen. Then go to the option of 'print.'

From there, select the option of adjust scaling and then click on the choice of 'fit sheet on one page. The file is automatically compressed and printed on a single page.

Deleting The Extra Portion Of The Spreadsheet

Be smart and work intelligently; you can make use of the simple deleting or cut options. When you are done with the data entry, and you have adjusted the column and row sizes but still fear that it might be printed unnecessarily on more than one page.

Deleting The Extra Portion Of The Spreadsheet

Use the option of 'cut' or 'delete' to delete the extra rows and columns. For this purpose, make a right-click on the empty cell. Here it would give you many options like 'cut, paste, copy or delete.

Select the option of 'delete.' It would further give you three options 'delete the entire row,' 'delete an entire column,' or 'delete cells.'

If there are more than one rows and column that you want to delete, then select the option of 'delete cell' and then drag all the cells that you want to delete.

Then choose the option of 'delete.' Then save your settings and select the 'print' option to generate a printout.

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