How To Print Business Cards At Home Effortlessly?

A business card is a complete package explaining yourself and your job. So, its impression must be perfect. It should state what you are and how you work.

It should include all the information that you think is necessary to explain your purpose. There is a huge difference while you print a card yourself or get it printed by some company.

But now, with the aid of many software's available, you can make a formal business card if you know just what to do, similar to knowing how to print passport size photos on 4x6 paper. There are many websites and software programs offering business card templates and ideas. If you in a hurry, try using them, and you will get your work done in no time.

Suppose if you have just got the job and the first task you got is to make your business card yourself, you must make an impactful card to ensure your seniors that you are intelligent enough to make it.

First of all, choose a template using canvas or Microsoft word. Then, if your company has a logo, paste it at the top right corner of the card.

make your business card yourself

Keep the card as simple as possible. Use a single font size and style. Avoid giving headings other than the company's name. You might consider making the text bold where necessary. Add the information first and then go into the decoration process like making borders and adding colors to it.

Most people make this mistake; they focus on the look and outlining so much that the original purpose of the business card is forgotten.

Font size, style, and setting, border alignment, colors, and pictures are all secondary things. The thing of prior importance is your information.

A typical business card includes your name, contact number, email address, name of your firm or company. You can also add your picture if you want.

Making A Business Card With Canva

Canva is a website that enables you to have free templates online. They include CV templates, cover letters, e-book, and business card templates.

So, choose a template of any color or style that you like. A normal frame of 3.5 widths and 2 lengths is available in business card templates. You can readjust the size if you want a bigger or a smaller one.

Making A Business Card With Canva

After selecting the template, fill in all the basic information that you think is necessary. Then select the template size. Add a border if you want but better keep it simple. Avoid fancy stuff and colorful linings in it.

Now a single template can be copied ten times on a paper, so make sure not to make more than that; otherwise, it would not be well in the printing.

Making A Business Card With Microsoft Office

You can also try using the templates from Microsoft office. You can also add online templates to it. Fill in the information and then adjust the size of the template.

Make it a standard size. Add additional borders if you like. Now the card is ready to be printed.

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