How Do I Print Checks on my Printer?

Printing checks for your business turns out to be cheaper than buying from banks. The process has also been made easier, thanks to the ever-advancing software technology. Today, you no longer need the mastery of graphic design to format your checks incisively. 

But, you need to gather the right materials for the task. Checks are sensitive financial documents, and the data has to follow the designated format. If this information sounds intimidating, you better breathe a sigh of relief. 

We’re here to help you familiarize yourself with the procedure so you can decide whether it’s worth a try.

How do I Print Checks on my Printer?

As said, check to print requires proper formatting. This is because financial institutions are very strict when it comes to money transfers via checks. Thankfully, the process is simplified today. You only need to have the following;

How do I Print Checks on my Printer


You can use almost any printer type, provided it’s compatible with MICR ink. Although you can liaise with a reliable firm for code printing, having a MICR-compatible machine will be better. Simply lookout for the best check printer. They come at competitive prices. 

Check stock paper

This is the only paper used for check printing because it bears extra security features. You should check out various paper types. Some come with perforations for convenience.  

Check stock paper

Formatting software

A good program will come at a fairly low cost. Alternatively, you can opt to print checks in quickbooks. The QuickBooks software is equally good for check printing and record tracking.

Formatting software

MICR font

You must have seen some writing appearing below all checks. Writing them requires a MICR font. It’s the only typeface recognized by check printing systems. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to get a pre-printed check paper. 

MICR font

MICR toner or ink

Laser printers use toner, while their inkjet counterparts use ink. MICR is the right check-printing grade ink or toner required. Laser printers are the most preferable in check printing, so you’ll need to buy toner. 

MICR toner or ink

That said, let’s now look at how to print your business checks on blank stock paper. First, get your computer ready, install the check-printing program, set up a printer, and then follow the below steps;

  1. Launch the printing software
  2. Click the File menu to open
  3. Go to ‘Printer Setup’ and then ‘For Check Printing’
  4. Choose the ‘Use Blank Check Stop’ option
  5. Tap ‘Update’ 
  6. Navigate through the main page
  7. Tap ‘New’ to add a check
  8. Choose the specific check you intend to print 
  9. Tap ‘Print’, and there you go! 

If you decide to use a printing firm for MICR line printing, it will make your work easier. You’ll get a pre-printed check, which will require less input, especially if you don't have the right printer. Yours will only be to insert the logo and other personal details and print. But, can any printer print checks

Although most printers can print checks, not all meet the required security and banking standards, if yours is compatible with MICR, this is how you fill in your company details in pre-printed checks.

  1. Install check printing program 
  2. Feed your printer with the pre-printed stock checks
  3. Open the software and add what you need to
  4. Tap the print button 

Getting a check rejected exposes you to unnecessary losses. If you’re just starting, you can try working with a free check printing template. It helps you get acquainted with the process before you eventually become perfect. The best thing is that templates are available across the internet. 

How to Print Checks in Word?

Printing checks in Microsoft Word is a simple process. But you need to have the right tools, Microsoft Accounting being a key tool in this case. If you’re ready for it, follow the below steps;

How to Print Checks in Word
  • Click to open the Accounting program on your computer
  • Tap the banking menu and then ‘print checks’
  • Look out for the account selection option and tap it
  • Key in the desired check number on the ‘Starting check number’ option
  • Tap the check box adjacent to the check you intend to print
  • Select ‘checks to be printed.’ Now tap ‘Print’ to do just that

Luckily, MS Word also has check printing templates. Simply look for a bank check printing software free download and use it for your practice. 

How to print checks in excel?

Excel check printing is a convenient method of printing payroll checks. Unfortunately, the common excel templates you’re likely to find won’t incorporate checks. You might have to engage a reliable firm. But, before purchasing, try out free online print checks pro software. 

How to print checks in excel

Once you get the right template, follow these steps;

  1. Open the template
  2. Select the account you’re disbursing to
  3. Fill in the particular client’s details
  4. Click print

Can I print my own checks on regular paper?

Using ordinary papers for check printing isn’t recommended. Checks require a specific paper for them to meet the set standards. Mostly, the paper you use for checks should meet the requirements below;

  • Weigh between 24 and 44 pounds
  • Have the paper grain running horizontally
  • It should be between 7.75x2.75” and 8.75x3.667”
Can I print my own checks on regular paper

But, this shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. Check printing papers are sold at the local office supplies at fairly competitive prices. However, always ascertain the papers you’re buying are compatible with your printer.

Final Words

If you want to start printing your business checks instead of buying, you’re charting a path towards greater levels. Printing personalized checks escalates your brand to a whole new level. Remember, you can even customize a customer’s details. At the same time, it makes accounting easy, especially if you’re printing from QuickBooks. 

If your business needs checks in bulk, you’ll also find this option economical. But, you only enjoy such benefits when you print your business checks on blank stock paper. Before starting off, take some time to calculate the cost and quantities you need. You need to be sure of the cost so that you weigh between several options. 

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