How To Print In Black And White On Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word doesn’t just let you create a digital document but it also lets you print it any way you want. You may have already got that message while reading how to create and print envelopes in ms word. With a wide variety of stylization options available, one can ornate their documents with different types of fonts, shapes, tables, charts, as well as colors to further enhance its engagement. 

However, your printer controls the color of how your document appears on paper, not MS word. Suppose you select the color in MS word to be black so the document will be printed in black and white.

And in the case of images, if mixed colors are present, a black and white printer will merge the colors to create high contract black hues on paper. To know the required setting learn how to print in black and white on mac, windows, and linux first.

That being said, here’s how you can ensure black and white printing on MS Word:

Open up your MS Word document, and then click the option of file at the top corner of the screen.

  • Click on the option of print.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the printer that you are using.
  • Then select the printer properties. Then select the option of 'print color' or 'advanced settings.'
  • This will show you two or three standard options like coloring with high quality, grayscale or black color.
  • Now, if you wish to print in black and white, then select the option of 'print with black cartridge only' or 'print in black and white'.
  • Save your settings by clicking the file option and then the saving option.
  • Preview the document prior to printing so you know exactly how it will look in print.
  • If you are satisfied with the preview, go ahead and print by selecting options 'file' and 'print'.
How To Print In Black And White On Microsoft Word

Printing In Black And White On Mac Using MS Word

If you a Mac user, you can follow the below steps to print in black and white using MS word, which is as easy as to learn how to print mirror image in word.

Printing In Black And White On Mac Using MS Word
  • Open a MS Word document then click on the option of 'file.'
  • When you click on file, you will see an option of 'print' appear; select it.
  • Click 'show details’, and it will give you a menu.
  • The menu is different with every printer, so you need to see the option of printing in black and white yourself, depending upon your printer.
  • Now select option of paper type or quality. Select the color option and choose black and white from it.
  • Then click on the button ‘next’ to save the settings for printing in black only; this button is present at the bottom of the color option.
  • Save your desired settings and then command a print out of it.


These are the two simplest of ways to you print in black and white using MS word. Technicalities differ accordingly for Windows and Mac users.

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