How To Print Mirror Images In MS Word?

MS Office is a popular software used worldwide. It provides different functions so you can use it accordingly. In our previous guide, we showed you how to print envelopes in word. Here, we'll talk about another interesting feature that allows creating and printing a mirror image. Microsoft word can create mirror images if you just know what to do.

But printing an image of text is not so much simple as printing the document itself. There are several options for the selection of text, graphics, and their rotation, so you need to know what exactly do you want.

 Now to print a mirror image, you can use the following methods.

  • Open the MS Word and click on the insert menu; after selecting the insert menu its shows different options; now select the add image option. A dialogue box is opened on your screen. Now click on the insert option and then select a picture saved in your folder. The image would appear on the blank page.
  • Now resize your image according to the way you want to print. Then you can flip or mirror the picture in different ways.
  • Now click right-click on the image, and it would show different options. Now go to the format options at the top right corner of the word file. From here, you can change the direction of the image.
  • If you are satisfied with the direction, save to file and then click on the print option to generate a printout.

Using the dialogue box, if this method does not work for you, then you can try another much simpler way.

  • Open up MS word and then open up the picture by selecting the insert option given at the top right corner.
  • As your picture is now open, click on the picture style options, and a dialogue box appears on your screen. Now you need to change the x-axis value to 180 degrees simply.
  • Now you can flip your image with the help of a mouse, but it quite difficult to adjust your picture in a mirror shape.

Using The Printer

You can also use the printer to create a mirror image. Check if your printer allows it. Your job will become much easier. Open up your image with MS word and then go to the print option. Then select the 'printer properties' and then select 'advanced printing options.' Here check if the printer allows the option of 'rotate or mirror image.'

use the printer to create a mirror image

Select this option and then choose the option of 'print.' A mirror image print would be generated in no time.

Mirror Image In Mac Using The Word

If you are using Mac software, then follow these simple steps to create mirror images with MS word. Firstly, open up the word file and then go to the 'insert' option.

Mirror Image In Mac Using The Word

Then select the 'text box, and a box would appear on the screen. Type in the box and then save the settings. Then select the shape of the box and then choose the option of 3D rotation. Your mirror image is ready. To print black and white word, check out the linked article.

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