How To Print Cardstock On A Canon Printer?

Printing on heavy cardstock paper can be tricky and result in malfunctioning of the printer if your printer does not support this function.

There are many other means to print out card stock papers so if you are sure that your printer is able to do it, then go ahead with that, or less you would end up making some serious issues with your printer.

Sometimes printers are not given the software to support all kinds of paper, so you should always check the specifications regarding what kind of documents and what quality of the paper can the printer can exactly print.

As far as cardstock is concerned, its media size is very thick, so it is an unusual thing for the printer, mostly because the printer is designated to print on a single paper at one time.

Before filling in haphazardly, the input paper tray of your printer changes its settings to make it accept the cardstock paper. Also, remove out the other papers from the input tray so that you make space for the cardstock paper.

As cardstock papers take so, try printing one by one or at least three at a time. Make sure that you do not push a stack of cardstock boxes in the input tray.

When you push in regular papers, there is less chance that they would be disabled, but in the case of card stock papers, it is not so. As they are thick, they can be crippled so make sure that they are smooth and not creased so that it would not cause any issues in printing.

What To Check Before Printing?

Before going on with the actual procedure of printing, it is advisable to learn and implement how to check printer ink levels canon. Then, go with the test print. If you are trying to print with heavy cards to boxes cardstock papers, then test print a single cardstock paper.

Check the specifications of your printer that how much media it supports. It would give you the exact idea of what quantity of cardstock papers you should print.

What to Check Before Printing

The standard sizes of paper The printer can print are A4, B5 and A5. Its width is about 4 to 8 inches, and length is about 5 to 14 inches. You can also print in portrait as well as landscape direction. These are the general specifications of a normal printer.

If the printer allows the printing of heavy papers done, you should put your papers in a multi-purpose tray instead of the paper drawer. It supports heavy paper from 24 to 44lb. But also keep in mind that the printing speed becomes slow while it is printing on heavier paper.

Step By The Step Printing Process

After you are done with the specifications, and you know that your printer is capable of printing with cardstock papers and printed a test page, then proceed on to the actual process of printing.

Turn on your laptop or PC and your printer. Make sure that cardstock papers are put in the multi-purpose tray in the correct orientation to print. The quality and quantity of the cardstock papers should also be taken into consideration. Now open up the file that you want to print.

A Cardstock Printing process

As the document is open up in front of you, select the option of either and then go to the option of 'print.' Prior to painting, you have to make some changes in the characteristics of print so that your printer would know it has to paint on cardstock paper instead of the usual papers.

Then right-click on the option of 'printer' here you would see 'printer properties.' Select 'printer properties' and then at 4th or 5th number you would see the option of 'paper settings.' now select paper type whether you want to use, for example, cardstock. Now change the settings according to the type of card stock paper you are about to use.

After all the required settings are done, click ok to save your settings and then click on the option of print to get your document printed on a card stock paper. If you have multiple printers, then select the option of Canon printer prior to printing. Typically, these printers are also some of the best homeschool printer 2021.

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