How To Print On Black Cardstock? A Beginner’s Guide?

Printing on black paper is very tricky. It is because of the reason that black is a very hard color and the printing ink has the ability that it gets absorbed in the paper. So, no matter whatever color you use on the black paper, it would get absorbed in it, and a blank black paper would come out.

You can print on cardstock only if your printer allows it and it has the specifications and software to print on cardstock. 

Printing on cardstock paper is not possible with every printer. It is quite obvious. The shades of black are numerous, and it is very difficult to get exactly what you want. So are the requirements with every color.

Let's take an example, have you ever had a black-colored shirt in your wardrobe? It becomes very difficult to match the exact shade of stockings or jeans with it sometimes.

This is because of the variety in shades of black. The same is the case in printing. While choosing the exact color to be printed on black, you have to be very precise, or you would end up wasting your ink and printing out black paper.

Making a black color itself is a very easy process, but matching and printing something on it is tiring.

So, you can try the following hacks to get your desired color is printed on black cardstock paper easily.

Black Ink Cartridge

If you have an empty or near-empty blank ink cartridge, then it suits perfectly for you. Suppose you need to print in white color over the black cardstock paper. All you need to do is to fill white ink in it and then insert the cartridge back into the printer.

Black Ink Cartridge

As the color code of the cartridge is detecting that it is black so the printer would think it is black, whereas the print would be in white. You can try filling in any color that you like and use the same method to print.

Using Paint

You can try printing with white on black with the aid of MS paint software. Take a blank page in MS Paint and then paste the text on it that you want to print and select its font color that you wish to print on the black cardstock paper.

After you are satisfied with the color, then select the background of black color. Then save the settings and generate a printout of the document. Now, you can use these to make cardstock boxes if you know how to make cardstock boxes at home easily.

Cut And Paste Options

The next option is not exactly the printing but involves printing, and just in case, if you don't know how to use MS Paint, this process is manual and will be easier for you.

To the print text of the color you want, for example, let it be yellow or green. So, select the image or document that you want to print and then generate a printout of it on white paper.

After the printout is generated, cut out the text using scissors and stick it on the black cardstock paper using a glue stick. Now the printed text would be stuck to your black cardstock paper. 

Using A Laser Printer

If you have a laser printer with you, then this task would be somewhat easy for you. As the ink gets absorbed in the printing paged during the printer process, the font gets disappeared in the black and resulting in your ink is wasted.

Using A Laser Printer

A laser printer can help you in this case because the way it prints is different. Its toner generates a thin layer of melted plastic on the printing cardstock paper, so you would be able to see the color on the black paper if you use a laser printer. But be careful to use a bright color so that it would be apparent.

A Laser printer generates glossy ink so that when it is printed on black paper, it is apparent.

Using Adobe Photoshop

Using Adobe Photoshop

You can use other software to help you; in this case, one of them is Adobe Photoshop. As with the case of MS, paint open with an open image with Adobe Photoshop and then select its background as black and then generate a print out of it.

It can be done with ms word too!

Using Different Colored Cartridges

The printer never prints using white-colored ink because white is no color. It would simply not detect any color, so your print won't be generated.

A manual method to do this is to fill the white ink in any other colored cartridge and then make the printer believe that this is not a white color so it would print it on your black cardstock paper.


These are a few simple techniques that would help you in generating the perfect print on black cardstock paper. Refer to this guide if want to know how to print with black ink only when the color is empty.

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