How To Print Passport-Size Photos On A 4×6 Page?

Having a passport size photo being printed on 4×6 inches of paper is a very difficult thing. There is a wide range of printers to passport photo tools, and online software to generate passport size photos but most of them are accurate. But there are some simple techniques you can adopt to generate your passport size photos by yourself.

Having a passport size photo-generated is a very difficult and as well as expensive procedure. The price of passport-size photos is much more than average photos. Plus, it is very difficult to go to a studio and then wait for your turn to get your photo clicked, and then you have to wait until it is printed.

If you need urgent photos, you have to pay some extra charges for them. So why not adopt a few software and generate your passport size photos yourself easily at home or your office.

How To Take A Passport-Sized Photo?

Taking a passport size photo is itself a very tricky process; it is not so simple as taking a group photo or a selfie. Your face, as well as facial expressions, must be appropriate, and your features should be visible. Passport-sized photos are used for many purposes, such as visa or identity card or job CV, so it must show what you are and how do you look.

How To Take A Passport-Sized Photo

So, first of all, take a front-faced photo with a full face and your eyes open with neutral expressions. You don't need to be formally dressed because the photo is from head to shoulders. The background of the photo should be clear and visible.

Select a light-colored background such as White, off-white, or light blue. Keep your head and neck straight; a tilted neck shows that you are not confident enough, maybe or confused.

How To Print Through Windows?

Open Up the folder of your photos and select the photo that you want to make a passport size; right-click on the photo, and then select the print option. Then select your printer, the paper quality you want to use, and the paper size. 

On the ultimate right side of the window, there is an option given to choose the option of wallet and then click on print. This is the most simple and direct way to generate your passport size photos.

How To Print Photos Using MS Paint?

  • It can be done only if do you have a passport size photo. If you have a larger size photo, then you first need to set its size and background.
  • If you want to readjust, your photos open them with word MS paint. Once you have added your photo in MS Paint, click the option of resizing. This option is available just beneath the home tab; from there, select the pixels radio box then, and I enter the appropriate dimensions for your photos.
  • Simple steps to create passport-sized photos with any app or software
  • Choose the country and ID of the phototype. Click the start option.
  • The size of the picture is estimated to be less than 10 MB. It should be 3000 x 4000 pixels.
  • Cropped photo to adjust its size like a passport photo.
  • Change the background if it is too much bright. Select a light-colored background.
  • Now your passport-size photo ready to be printed on 4×6 paper.

The Benefit Of Printing It Yourself

If you print a passport size photograph yourself, you can save your money and time, just like you did by learning how to print business cards at home. You can create photos of your choice. Most of the people are not satisfied with their passport size photos, and there is agreement that they don't look like it. It is suggested that you should attach a maximum of 6 months old photo for a new document and not more than that.

If you know how to print a passport-size photograph yourself, the thing will get much easier for you. It can be observed that the method of taking a passport size photo and printing it is not much difficult. You can click high-resolution pictures yourself and can set the background different from the typical blue background it has.

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