How To Print Text Messages From iPhone For Court?

Generating a backup of messages important messages is required for many purposes, including evidence for Court. You can simply select the backup option of various apps that you use like WhatsApp, Messenger, or SMS of your phone directly.

But sometimes, this information can get lost if your phone is broken beyond repair lost or stolen.

So, it is a wise option to generate a printout of that conversation and keep it with your important files at home. With the aid of various tools available, you can generate a print of important text messages and the senders' and recipients' phone numbers and details.

It would also give extra information about when the text was sent and received its time and date, as well as the images and emojis used with it.

Install Backup

First of all, install the backup option app from the Play store. By using the app, you can back up SMS from your Android phone. For iPhone, if you want to print out SMS for Court, the decipher Text Message is an experimented solution.

By installing desorption, this program runs directly on Windows or Mac computers. It generates a separate folder of the history of text messages, so it creates a backup of your iPhone messages and then saves the text as a pdf file.

The next step is to send the text messages to the other device like a computer or tablet from where you would generate a print of it.

Establish a connection between your iPhone and computer, then go to the 'my devices' option where you would see the option of information right-click on it, and the messages would appear in front of you. There is a list of messages that there's on that screen.

The next step is to choose the messages to export to that device, and for the generation of a separate file, this file is a backup to your text messages. Click the save button to save this backup file on your Mac computer.

The third step is scanning your iPhone. When your phone is connected to your Mac computer, there is an option for Syncios data recovery. Select this option, and it would start auto scanning your iPhone. The scanning process would automatically scan the messages from your phone.

Wait for some time till the scanning process is done. Then preview the messages that have been scanned and recovered if you see that all the messages have been recovered, then choose the 'message' option and select the option of 'message attachments' to preview. Generate a printout of those messages.

How To Print Out Screenshots Of Iphone Messages?

How To Print Out Screenshots Of Iphone Messages?
  • If you have a screenshot of messages generated and actual messages are deleted and or not be able to restore by a simple recovery method. So, there is a way that you can generate screenshots of that message for the court trials.
  • Open up the ‘messages’ app on your iPhone.
  • Open up the conversation that you wish to print and scroll down to the exact portion of messages that you require.
  • Take a screenshot of messages. Preview the screenshot to make sure that you have included all the relevant messages in it.
  • Open up the gallery of your iPhone and select the screenshots that you want to generate a print.
  • Connect your iPhone with your Mac computer and then select the option of sending from the gallery to send the desired screenshots to your computer. If you fail to do so, learn how to add printer in iphone.
  • Open the photos app and tap the icon of device folders and then open the screenshots album from it.
  • Select the specific screenshots and then enable multiple choosing from the album holding the screenshot.
  • Then tap the share option and share the screenshots at the email address of anyone.
  • Now open up the images from the gallery of your computer and then see at the top left corner that there is an option of print.
  • Click on this option and preview the final look of the screenshot. Then click ok a, and your printout is generated.


iPhone messages can serve as a record to be used in Court. In this digital world, crimes are also becoming digital, so electronic and digital proves the need to be provided against them. For official purposes, you may also require to learn how to print passport photos on 4x6 paper. We have covered that as well.

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