How To Print With Black Ink Only When The Color Is Empty?

Many colored cartridges are installed in a printer if it allows colored printing. When you choose font color, the printer ultimately makes the settings that it accesses your relevant colors. If any ink cartridge is empty, it gives the option of using black ink. It so happens that the color cartridge is empty, and you get a black and white print.

But what if you want to wish a black and white document intentionally if there is less ink in the other cartridges. We had the same dilemma while reviewing the best printer for vinyl stickers.

There are certain ways by which you can make the printer choose a specific color of ink. To print with black color only, you can make your printer write in black only or black and white or greyscale.

By choosing the mode of printing black and white, only your printer will give the command of printing in black only so there would be a black and white document.

By choosing the greyscale mood, your printer will merge all the colors of the cartridges to make a jet-black color and would print using it. By selecting the

If your ink cartridge is empty, the printer will not allow you to print with a single cartridge. It is the most frustrating experience, especially when you do not have any other cartridge to refill.

It happens as your printer has a memory of the cartridge and the number of papers that you have printed using a specific ink cartridge.

This memory is created by the printer to keep in check the amount of ink it has. So, if you make it forget how many pages it has printed, you would be able to print more or fewer pages with the same color. All you need to do is to turn off the page count settings of the printer.

How To Change The Printer Settings?

There is a simple way to do it, just like knowing how to fold cardstock paper. Pull out the other ink cartridges other than the black ink cartridge and try printing. But most of the printers do not work if all the cartridges are installed in. so, you need to change the settings of your printer to make it print with blank ink only.

You can choose any software you like to print files. Let it be MS word. Suppose you want to print out a word document. Open up the document, then go to the 'file' option, there you would see the option of 'printer.' Right-click on it and then select 'printer properties.'

How To Change The Printer Settings

It would give you multiple options about how to print. There can be the option of print frequency, print color, etc. Choose that option and then select 'print greyscale.' Your black and white print is generated.

If you want to enhance the quality of your print or print in HD quality, there are certain options you can choose from. Click on the option of 'advanced' and then choose 'print in HD greyscale.' To save the settings, click 'ok' and then click the option of 'print.'

Selecting To Print In Black Only

If you want to print a bulk in black and white, then you need to change the settings permanently. Changing the color for every document is not possible. So, you need to make some modifications to the print settings.

Selecting To Print In Black Only

Go to the printer settings, then right-click on it and select 'printer properties.' Then click on print features and select 'print in greyscale.' Then choose the option of 'print in black only' or 'print in black and white.' Click 'ok' to save the settings and then select the 'print' option.

After completing this task, you may need to learn how to print on black cardstock. You can follow our guide for that as well.

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