How To Set Print Area In Google Sheets?

Google sheets allow you to have control over how you want your pages to be printed. You can select the layout scaling and format of your document manually. Remember: selecting the print area is an easy process, whether it is a word file, a spreadsheet, or an image. 

The need to set up a printing area is simple. You set up the print area to mark the importance of your work as well as saving your paper. If a small patch of work is printed, whereas the whole paper is blank, it might look strange.

The Copy-Paste 

The first and easiest step is to copy-paste. This purple simply opens up the file and selects the document or rows in case of a spreadsheet. After selecting the desired material, go to the option of print and take a printout of it.

Copy Paste

To ensure that the exact selected area is printed, it is advisable to copy and then paste the selected area on a separate document and then print it. This will give you an idea of how exactly the print will look.

Adjust Paper Size

The second option is to adjust the paper size. If your data is less than one page or if it extends to two pages, you can change the paper size from the settings and then generate a print of it.

Adjust Paper Size

Open your document, go to the 'print' option, and then to the 'page layout' option. Now select the option of 'paper size' and choose the size you want. It is, however, advised that you choose one of the standard sizes, as that will be easier to print.

Adding The Page Breaks

This is a pretty straightforward method to follow. It so happens that you have your data compiled within a half-page, and you need only required data to be printed out, not the entire page.

But when you select the specific cells in a spreadsheet, sometimes half of the cells are printed. To tackle this, you can try inserting page breaks.

How? Open up your Google doc, select 'file' and then go to the 'print' option. Now select the option of setting custom page breaks. After this, select the area and drag it to the cell where you want to add the page break.

If you are satisfied with the page size, click 'confirm the break.' At this point, a proper format of the page will appear in front of you with your desired data.

Inserting Headers And Footers

The fourth option is to insert a header and footer on each page. The header and footer make it easy to search for your printed version. Open your sheet with the Google doc. Select the 'header and footer’ options, present on the right side of the screen.

From the desired data in the header and footer of every sheet, you can copy-paste data to every sheet of the document. This will help you print your Google spreadsheet efficiently and effectively. A

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