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HP Printer Cardstock Settings For Printing Thick And Heavy Cards?

It is always a good idea to get customized invitation cards for your clients. It gets really expensive if you go to a printer for this purpose, so it is better to make it yourself conveniently and cheaply.

So, there are some ways that will help you create designs on any cardstock paper if you just know which tool or printer is required for this purpose.

Printing with cardstock is not as easy as printing with regular A4 papers or printing with a printer for checks; you need to make some adjustments in the printer settings, and then you will be able to generate a print on heavy cardstock paper.

But it’s not as difficult as it sounds so read on to enlighten yourself with a step-by-step tutorial on printing thick and heavy cards with your HP Printer, just like you did for the epson printer cardstock setting!

Step By Step Printing Process

Follow these steps to print on heavy cardstock papers:

  • Place your cardstock in the printer tray and adjust its position. Place them in the manual tray located just above the main printer tray.
  • Now go to the menu of your printer and select the type of paper through the 'paper handling' option. You can use the arrow keys given on the printer menu to adjust the paper size instructions for the printer.
  • Now open up the desired document with any software you are using, before going to print options. Now you have to direct the computer to print on cardstock paper.
  • Select 'printer properties,' and it will show you various printing options.
  • Choose the option of 'paper type' and then 'cardstock paper' from the paper quality.
  • Then save your settings and click 'print.'
print on heavy cardstock papers

Checking The Paper’s Thickness And Quality

Prior to printing, you should check the paper medium to avoid any issues in the printing process. This information is often provided in the printer’s manual, which guides you on the thickness of paper the printer can sustain.

Checking The Paper’s Thickness And Quality

Since there is also a generous variety of cardstock paper in the market, it’s important to know the particulars of the one your printer can handle.

Printer Tray Adjustment

Adjust your printer tray into accepting your cardstock papers. You can do this manually through the control panel of the printer by selecting the option of 'paper handling' and then selecting the 'heavy paper' or 'cardstock' option from the menu of the printer tray.

Then to close the menu and save the settings, press the 'resume' button.

Paper Adjustment In The Tray

You should also keep check of the paper adjustment and placement in the printer tray. However, the HP printer supports multiple loading of printing pages or cardstock into its tray. But that does not mean you should haphazardly stock your cardstock paper into it.

printer tray into accepting your cardstock papers

If you take a minute and arrange the cardstock paper in a small pile properly in the printer tray, it will help you in the printing process and the chances of paper jam in printing will be reduced.

Orientation Of Papers

The correct orientation or direction of cardstock papers is also essential for proper printing. So you need to keep check of the direction you want to generate a print of. While stacking cardstock papers, make sure you put them in the right direction to print. However, this is not the cause of hp printer only printing blank pages.

What Is The Benefit Of Printing On Cardstock Paper?

If you want to send formal invitation cards, it is better to print them on cardstock paper instead of regular printing paper. This will offer value-addition to your invites and instantly uplift the perception of the event people are being invited to as well.

Cardstock papers are thicker than usual printing papers, so they are more durable. If you know how to print on them, it can actually turn into a long-lasting memorabilia.

Cardstock papers are not only used for legal or official purposes. Instead, they can also be used for informal purposes like making gift cards or gift boxes. You can print different themes on the cardstock papers to make them effective and professional.


Inkjet printers are better for printing on cardstock papers because their toner is sticky and adheres well to the cardstock paper. If you don't know what does printer offline mean, follow the linked post.

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