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HP Printer Won’t Recognize A New Ink Cartridge: How To Fix It?

While working on a document and going through the printing process, the printer printed out a blank page, and while troubleshooting, it was found that the ink cartridge was empty. Now you installed a new cartridge, but the printer has simply refused to accept it. This is a common issue faced by many printer owners. And we faced this while reviewing good printer for envelopes.

It mostly occurs when there is some issue with the proper installation of a new ink cartridge or when the ink cartridge is of low quality. Your printer would show the error of cartridge recognition failed. It is not only your issue. It is faced by most people when they are refilling or reinstalling the cartridge after learning how to check ink levels on hp printer.

The printer may give you signs that toner is not recognized or the ink cartridge is empty or by giving warning lights. It also gives the most common error that cartridge protection is blocked. There can be various reasons why it would occur. But fixing the error is pretty easy.

Primary Fixing

For primary fixing of the ink cartridge, there are some simple steps, and it is very likely that the printer would work properly after this. Keep in mind that whenever you remove a cartridge, wait for about 5 to 10 minutes before the installation of a new one. After you have inserted a new cartridge, check if the printer has accepted it.

primary fixing of the hp ink cartridge

Ensure that the power supply to the printer is cut off during the whole process for safety purposes. If the cartridge is not recognized at first, give the printer some time to rest and then reinstall the cartridge again.

There is sometimes a problem with the printer that the dirt gets accumulated in it, and then it does not recognize the cartridge. Try cleaning it with an alcoholic wipe and then insert the new ink cartridge. If properly installed, the printer would definitely recognize it. 

At this stage, some printers may show spooling status. If want to know what does it mean when a printer is spooling, check out the linked article.

Proper Toner 

If there is still an issue with the printer, then check out a few more things. Check that you have removed all the coverings and bindings from the cartridge and installed the cartridge perfectly so that it is accessible to the printer. The toner has a significant impact on the hp printer cardstock.

removed coverings and bindings from the cartridge

While purchasing the toner, keep in check the quality of the toner that your printer wants. If you are going to buy some new toner, then first check that your printer has the software updated to accept it. Buy the same cartridge as your printer. Some other company's toners are often not supported by your printer. And maybe that's the answer behind your query of why is my printer only printing blank pages.

Proper Removal Of The Old Ink Cartridge

Before installing in a new cartridge, make sure that the old cartridge has been removed before installing it in a new ink cartridge.

If the old cartridge is removed and the cartridge holding space is cleared, the new cartridge would be installed perfectly. If you are refilling the old cartridge, then make sure that the ink is of the same color, and the ink has not dried up.

Cleaning The Cartridge Holder

Manual cleaning helps to solve 85% of cartridge-related issues. First of all, turn off your printer and plug out the power cable. Then carefully remove the ink cartridges and place them in a corner.

cleaning hp ink cartridge holder

Put a cloth or tissue with them just in case if the ink leaks out of them. Then, take some alcoholic wipes or wet cotton balls to clean the whole area of the printer thoroughly.

Be gentle with it as the parts of the printer are very delicate. Take care not to break anything. After the cleaning is done, allow it to rest for some time, and then install the cartridges. After 10 to 15 minutes, turn on the printer and start the printing process again.

Adjusting Refilled Cartridges

You can try another method to make your printer accept the refilled cartridges. For this task, go to the settings of the printer and then select the option of "preference."

Choose all the options that allow the printer to access data and show various errors and responses. Turn off the access to it.

So, by doing this, the printer would lose access to have control over the cartridges, and it would not be able to give errors and generate responses. It gives the printer a symbol that now the cartridges are being controlled manually. Lastly, you should learn what printer ink lasts the longest to ensure the frequency of ink changes is minimum.

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