InkSaver – Support


Q. Do I have to use InkSaver for only the default printer?
A. No, you can use InkSaver for all the printers connected to your computer.

Q. I have two printers. Can I use different setting for each printer?
A. Yes, InkSaver can manage the setting for each printer driver. For example, you can set printer A for document printing with 60% saving and also can set printer B for photo printing with 20% saving.

Q. I need to print with a Windows shared printer, which computer do I have to install InkSaver?
A. Install Inksaver on each computer that print with Windows shared printer.

Q. When I print, a dialog box appears and says “Speciality Paper Detected”.
A. When you print on a specialty paper, InkSaver detects it and ask you “Print with InkSaver” or “Disable InkSaver”. This is for avoiding to encounter an insufficient memory message or receive poor printouts. We recommend that you disable InkSaver by clicking the “Disable InkSaver” button.

Q. Is there any problem with using InkSaver that a printer driver controls and displays the possible number of sheets that can be printed?
A. There is no problem at all. In general, printer driver controls the possible number of sheets that can be printed by calculating the remaining amount of ink or how much ink used by printouts. However, InkSaver runs before the printing information pass to the printer driver; therefore, InkSaver is not influenced by this process.

Q. When I install or uninstall InkSaver, a dialog box appears and says “You must have Administrator rights to install or uninstall InkSaver”.
A. To install or uninstall InkSaver, you must have Administrator rights. Switch to a user with Administrator rights then install or uninstall InkSaver.

Q. I cannot uninstall an old version of inksaver so I cannot install 妬nksaver for Windows7 How can I uninstall the old version of inksaver?.
A. You need to change the registry to uninstall the old version of inksaver.

How to change the registry by using 的S-clearinstalled.exe

   1. Double click 的S-clearinstalled.exeand decompress
       的S-clearinstalled.reginto any directory.
   2. Double click 的S-clearinstalled.reg
   3. Click Yes in Registry Editor.
   4. Click OK in Registry Editor.
   5. You are ready to uninstall the old version of inksaver.

Q. I cannot register inksaver for Windows7 even I enter a valid license key.
A. If you enter a valid license key and cannot register inksaver for Windows7 properly, please follow the procedures below.

How to change the registry by using 的S-clearinstalled.exe

   1. Download “ISLicenseCheckerEN.exe” from this page
       and save it into any directory.
   2. Run “ISLicenseCheckerEN.exe” as administrator.
       Right click on “ISLicenseCheckerEN.exe”
       and select Run as administrator.
       If User Account Control window appears, click Yes
       to proceed.
   3. InkSaver registration utility window opens and click
       on Register product key… button.
   4. InkSaver Trial Activation window opens, enter User
       Name and Registration Code, and click OK button.
   5. To confirm activation, open Configuration window,
       select Help menu, and select About InkSaver.

Q. I forgot to enter Product Key and Registration Code during the installing InkSaver.
A. Open InkSaver’s Configuration and select Enter Registration Code in Help? menu. And enter the Product Key and the Registration Code.

Q. I cannot print.
A. Do the following procedures:

   1. uninstall InkSaver
   2. uninstall printer driver
   3. install printer driver again
   4. make sure that you can print without InkSaver, then install
       InkSaver again

If you still cannot printout, uninstall all the printer driver and repeat from procedure 3.

Q. When I printed a color photo, it printed black and white. What should I do?
A. Check the color ink cartridges are properly installed.