Laser Printer Vs. Inkjet Printer Key Differences?

The printer is a hardware device connected to the computer externally. The electronic information stored in a computer is transferred to hard form with the aid of a printer. It is an output device used almost everywhere in schools, offices, firms, and houses as well.

Evolution Of Printers

The history of the printer is very interesting. Charles Babbage first introduced the printer in which the alphabets were carved in metal rods, and they were pushed on paper with the aid of a device, and they printed whatever was pressed through the device buttons.

Then came the dot printer where the needle was embedded in a metal piece, and there was a ribbon below it. When the buttons were pressed, the needle passed through the ribbon and printed a dotted pattern on the paper rather than images text odd numbers. The new convention in the printer was that it could write as well as create images.

Inkjet Printers

In the late 1950s, the inkjet printer was introduced. The inkjet printer was a later evolution of the dot printer. As the dot printer used needles and ribbon, the inkjet printer opposingly used to shot the words directly on a paper without the aid of anything.

Inkjet Printers

The images were clearer with inkjet printers, and they were very fast in their printing work. However, issues like, epson head cleaning not working, are pretty common on this type of printers.

Laser Printers

In the 1970s, there came laser printers. These printers lessened the importance of other printers; they were extremely superior in their work, so they began to be widely used globally.

Laser Printers

Laser printers utilize laser technology to print large images as well as small images efficiently. Laser printers took the place of dot printers and inkjet printers. Now, you can find laser printer for foiling paper as well.

These units typically don't work with after-market ink cartridges, and that's why you may have faced issues like- hp printer won't recognize refilled ink cartridge

Key Differences

  • Laser printers, like the best laser printer for foiling, are more in cost than inkjet printers.
  • Laser printers are more productive than inkjet printers, but when used excessively, they get heat up and need time to work again, whereas inkjet printers are somewhat slower but do not get heated up. For this high productivity, you'll find many laser printers in black and white photo printers reviews.
  • Laser printers have more storage space in them so they can hold a large bundle of papers, whereas, in inkjet printers, the number of papers they can hold is limited. 
  • Laser printers have small trays attached to them, which are movable and go inside; it helps put papers, but in the case of inkjet printers, there is no such item.
  • Laser printers utilize laser technology to work efficiently, where was inkjet printers spray small dots of ink on paper to print.
  • The cost price of ink for a laser printer is low because it uses dry ink, so if you are not using your printer, the ink will not get wasted what but in inkjet printers, the liquid ink is used, which get dries up if not used for a long time.
  • The typed text will be printed to a laser printer in a black and white mode, whereas if you want colored images or colored printing, inkjet printers work best for it.
  • If you have a laser printer and are not using it, it will not cost you any price, but if an inkjet printer is not used, there are many things in it that need to be changed regularly, so it costs more if kept unused.
  • As for as printing result is concerned laser printer produces best quality results as compared to an inkjet printer.
  • A laser printer uses toner to print; on the other hand, inkjet printer uses liquid ink to print on paper.
  • A laser printer uses heat to transfer the ink on paper so that the paper that comes out of it is hot; contrastingly inkjet printer uses spray to sprinkle the ink on paper full stop. It does not use any heating technology.
  • The quality work is ensured by laser printers; conversely, the images produced by inkjet printers are not of such a high resolution, but they can be colored.
  • If you want to use a printer for business purposes, then a laser printer suits you the best because it does efficient work in less time. It uses dry ink, which does not need to be changed and filled very quickly. On the other hand, if you want to get a printer for your housework or assignments, it is better to get an inkjet printer because it would produce colorful images as well as it is somewhat cheaper.

Working Process

An inkjet printer works using liquid ink. The liquid is pushed through the nozzle of the needle, and hot air is passed through it. The hot air bursts the ink droplet, so it becomes printed on the paper. A laser printer, on the other hand, works using laser technology.


In terms of efficiency, a laser printer is better than an inkjet printer to use for office work. It is estimated that a laser printer can print up to 25 pages per minute, whereas an inkjet printer prints 6 to 10 pages per minute.

laser printer is better than an inkjet printer

As far as quality is concerned, inkjet printers print good quality-colored images, whereas laser printers print in excellent quality while working with black and white text.

So, for office work, laser printers are better because they have to print black and white documents mostly.

Which One Is Best?

Both inkjet and laser printers are a form of technology, and both have their own purposes and working efficiencies, so it cannot be said clearly which one is better. Both laser and inkjet printers are good with their relevant fields of colored and black and white printing.

The reason why you should purchase an inkjet or laser printer is your requirement. If you want a printer for assignment and homework purposes, an inkjet printer is better.

But if you want to print documents and PDF files and a laser printed suits better for this purpose. A laser printer is much better to use for office work because of its efficiency.


Both inkjet and laser printers are made for our benefit, so they cannot be numbered or prioritized. All these advancements in technology have made our life much easier. We can do our work more conveniently because of them.

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